A Fantasy based, and maybe even Romantic roleplay!

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  1. Its been one of my life long dreams, to live in a world of magic and dragons, knights and wizards, all of the Fantasy based things. So, I'm looking for just that! Really, the only restrictions are for the characters to take an active part with each other, maybe even a physical relationship. So, all I'm going to do really is do my best to start one with somebody I think would fit best. Or even start a few, or even a group? I plan on making it as realistic as possible, worrying about big things like food and water, health, injuries. To the little things like emotions, simply discomforts, as close as it can get to real life.

    So! With this, I hope that somebody out there is willing to take an interest!

    And character details will be added in the actual roleplay its self, but what I can tell you, is that she's going to be quite difficult to earn a friendship with.
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  2. Interested. :) Do you want to have someone post a character sheet for it?
  3. Of course, I'll try to make up a character within the next hour. But I'm slightly busy working on two other characters. P.S. I love Cheshire.
  4. Name: Marina De'Cluse
    Race: 3/4 Human. 1/4 Elf.
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Black hair, Dark chocolate eyes. Soft, quite voice.
    Picture (open)

    History:Marina, is part of the Noble family of De'Cluse. Limited in everything she does, has little experience of the outside world. Her only skills are dancing, singing, and a small amount of sword work, during private practices. Having heard tales of ancient heroes, evil villains, and powerful dragons. Wants nothing more than to break her self away from this life of nobility. The only family she has ever known was her father, who had always told her of these tails, showed her around the castle grounds, and privately trained with her. He was always there for her, and she thought him to be the greatest man in the word, despite being an Elf. Her mother, died a week after her birth. All she knows, as that the castle was once raided, and her mother killed. She was human, and is who she gets her looks from, but the chocolate eyes are her fathers.
    Personality:Mostly, Marina is a very shy, and very lonely girl. Keeping herself locked in a shell in the presence of other people. When around people she trusts, is a very open, very giggly, and very rude to a 'kindly' extent, mostly with flirting, crude remarks and behavior.
    Misc (open)
    She's not great with love, having no actual relationships through her entire life, and still being a virgin, is often afraid of large and rough natured men. But, if they are kind at heart, she is usually more rougher than them.She mostly wears white, and will always wear a white dress if available, having been fascinated by the color because of her fathers hair.Its rumored, that she can easily tell a persons general personality by just looking at their eye movements. Depicting if they are good by nature, or evil.
  5. I may add more before the roleplay is started. Also as a side note it MAY have mature content in it, but that depends on how things play along.

    Also, I'm not limiting people to one character, its up to them if they want to use just one, or many. No more than three is preferred however

    When the actual roleplay starts, rules, locations, factions, ect ect will be added.

    If possible, I would like the races to be kept to generally Human like appearances, things like Orcs and goblins are discouraged, but if they have no 'serious' interaction with Marina, they're allowed.Examples are, they kidnap someone, attack, or are just a passing friend.
  6. Shiny, I'll work on my own character. :) I might even have one I've made up before.

    ICheshire is one of my favorite characters. XD Always makes me smile. Glad someone else is a fan. :)
  7. sorry it is going slower than i thought....gar..
  8. No problem, took exactly an hour to get Marina out.

    Too busy fighting with my internet, it decided not to work again.
  9. Name: Edward Jackson
    Race: Shape shifter (of the cat family)
    Age: 23
    Appearance: [​IMG] Primarily Chestnut Brown hair, Deep Green eyes. Mischievous/Playful voice.
    Edward, was born to a family of travelers who played for the masses to get money. He learned he was special when he grew agitated and turned into a Tiger to protect his family from robbers and thieves. He had been gravely injured in the attack and still has a scar on his abdomen. At first the travelers had feared him and would have left him to die had it not been for his kind hearted mother. He had received the gift of shape shifting from her though she’d learned to hid it through training and discipline. She had told them she would teach him to control his power and that he would never use it against them. He could take on the form of any animal apart of the feline race. His abilities would match that of the animal in which he took. Most of the time he loved to roam around as a cat, it made slipping away much easier when he wanted to be alone. His father had helped as much as possible but could do little to help the woman and son he loved.
    Edward is a mischievous type and can get into trouble doing some pretty silly things. He mostly gives in to his curious nature which also gets him into trouble though he is not, in fact, a trouble maker. He lives on instinct and does what he feels he must though it would seem odd to most. He is sneaky when he has to be and can be the most charming person in the world on very rare occasions. (not that often) He is outspoken and not shy at all. Gentle and kind to anyone he trusts and will protect them with everything he has. Shows little to no mercy to anyone who would dare hurt those he loves but that is his only ruthless quality.
    He does not understand women, though he wishes he could. (like most men) Like most house cats he does not like water that much and avoids it if he can. Has many catlike tendencies and can “communicate” with cats when he wants to. Though that is more he gets their mannerisms and things like that, nothing psychic. Loves to play and laugh and climb. He usually wears green linen shirt, brown hose, brown jerkin with braded ties, tall brown boots and sometimes a cloak made of various shades of greens and browns.
  10. Finally!! Yeah, my internet is being a bit evil to...i think it might be one of those days... *sigh* This character alright?
  11. Of course! I actually never expected something like that. >w<

    Give me maybe.... An hour .-. To get this thing started. Maybe not an entire hour, but I hope its not longer
  12. YAY! :) I shall wait patiently and have Edward play with a ball of yarn in the corner. lol ;)
  13. Well, I started the thread but I didn't exactly start the actual roleplay yet. You can go ahead and start here: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/tanaria-taken.31633/ But it might take me a while, to get the actual landscape in, and make a first actual post. Also! if you could, keep general chit-chat in here? Like questions, suggestions, ect ect. Keeping the link only to the Roleplay?
  14. I can do that no problem. :) I have this link saved as well for easy access.
  15. I have the starting area finished, so if you want to post now you can go ahead.
  16. I'm going to be re posting my character in the roleplay, mostly for easy access. Could you do the same? owo
  17. Also, forgot this last thing.

    Don't be afraid to hide things in it, I know not to take things personally in a roleplay.

    That said, the first thing my character might do is insult you, so please, don't take it to heart! >w<
  18. I can do that. :)
  19. I posted, I hope it is alright. Let me know if I need to change a few things.
  20. Its allot better than my opening, didn't know where to start so, excuse the lack of details ^w^
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