ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST F x M 『 a fandom search 』-- canon x oc doubling only! *tokyo rev or khr crave*


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disclaimer: i use proper caps when roleplaying!
hello there, welcome to my little thread of fandoms! feel free to browse through anyway and see if anything catches your eye.
before anything else though, please read through my rules for some important info! thank you. ♥️

-:- rules -:-
- i prefer to play through pm but i can be convinced to do email.
- i don't have or use discord, so please don't ask! (i get tired of this question. xD)
- do note that i can't post everyday, but i'll always try to reply at least once a week!
- lgbtq+ friendly! while i prefer m/f for myself, i can do anything for your half, including oc/oc.
- i may need to be convinced for canon/canon pairings but you can still ask about them!
- i do ghost; sometimes my muse or motivation dies, anxiety hits, or other times life just happens. i apologize in advance! 🙇🏼‍♀️
- on that note, i also tend to take extended breaks a lot due to family responsibilities. if i seemingly disappear, know it's always unintentional.
- you're always free to message me again whenever if you want!
- as for everything else, i'm super chill! post length, speed, grammar, mistakes, portrayals, etc.
- just give enough details (1 para min.), do your best, and be fair/enthusiastic, and i'll do the same!
- because it keeps happening, i'll just say that if you seem to only care for your own pairing/side, i will drop without warning.
- edit: i'm really not looking for long posts atm since i've been having trouble keeping up! just a paragraph or two per side would be ideal.

-:- possible tripling -:-
i'm always up for tripling as well if you're willing! the way i triple usually has three different options (not including choice d) and usually always involves love triangles by default:
a) we both play two love interests, giving equal attention to both and seeing how things play out. (polyships possible)
b) we both play two love interests with one of them getting more focus as the 'main' end game interest. (could always change down the lines or result in a polyship)
c) we play only one main love interest and any chosen secondary character, for the added jealousy/drama. (i'm guessing only love triangles for this one)
d) split combinations (i.e. you may go with choice b while i may choose choice c) we can discuss, so if you're interested in tripling, let's talk it over! ♡

with that, let us get on to the fun part!
i'll be listing just my current main cravings/muses. this list will be updated periodically so feel free to check back!

-:- fandoms -:-
katekyo hitman reborn! :
- looking for byakuran, hibari, or mukuro.
- can play anyone aside from the first three listed!
( it's been a terribly long time and i'm super rusty but i love this series to death! fine with au's, canon-divergence, etc. )

danganronpa (all games except udg) :
- looking for byakuya or rantaro mainly. secondary choices are kiyotaka, leon, or shuichi.
- muses are selective atm so i'll be a bit picky for this one.
( i'm way more familiar with the subbed version.
it's been a long while though so i'd prefer an au or something not involving the future foundation pls lol.
we can mix timelines/games/etc. though! )

tokyo revengers :
- looking for mikey mainly. secondary choices are draken, kazutora, or chifuyu.
- can try pretty much anyone besides mikey!

bleach (up to the fullbring arc only) :
- looking for ishida mainly, or gin.
- can play ichigo, sado/chad, rukia, renji, byakuya, hitsugaya, ukitake, shunsui, nemu, matsumoto, urahara, ulquiorra, grimmjow, harribel, kira, yoruichi, and kenpachi.
( i'm rusty as heck so please be lenient with me. )

sweet fuse :
- looking for shidou mainly, or wakasa.
- can play anyone except for shidou.
( it's been yeeeearssss but the premise always seems fun?
we can canon-diverge though, just because i'm fuzzy on a lot of the details! )

corpse party (all main games) :
- looking for yoshiki, yuuya, or morishige.
- can play anyone aside from yoshiki, morishige, naomi, and yuka.

persona 4 (golden+arena) :
- looking for yosuke or sho/minazuki.
- can play yu/souji, yukiko, naoto, kanji, adachi, and kou.
( i know i don't have many muses for this, sorry!! but i'll just leave this here. )

-:- closed fandoms -:-

currently not feeling these at the moment but you can maybe inquire about split fandom doubling or crossovers!
i can't make any promises, but it's always worth a shot, y/y? c:
edit: if asking about split fandoms, please include who you're looking to play against!

❥ persona 5
❥ my hero academia/bnha
❥ yugioh duel monsters
❥ dead by daylight
❥ prince of tennis
❥ final fantasy 7
❥ final fantasy 15
❥ mr. love queen's choice
❥ code realize (will be added back as soon as i finish all games)
❥ kuroko no basket
❥ haikyuu
❥ fire emblem 3h/fates
❥ jojo's bizarre adventure (parts 3-5)
❥ durarara
❥ fate series
❥ demon slayer/kny
❥ jujutsu kaisen
❥ death note
❥ voltron
❥ kingdom hearts
❥ resident evil (1-6)
❥ obey me! shall we date?
❥ yu yu hakusho
❥ amnesia memories
❥ free iwatobi swim club
❥ one punch man
❥ digimon
❥ gintama
❥ sk8 the infinity
❥ black clover
❥ tokyo ghoul
❥ fullmetal alchemist
❥ toilet-bound hanako-kun
❥ shiki
❥ 07-ghost
❥ piofiore (i have the game but haven't played it yet)

if anything caught your interest, just message me instead of posting here please! xoxo ~​
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still searching!