A fandom Roleplay that functions like Xenoverse?

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  1. So, basically, I was looking at Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and found the concept intriguing. You go through time and interact with the timeline of the series, arc by arc.

    And I thought - why not make an RP with a similiar concept?

    Basically, I'm thinking of making a fandom RP where a certain crew/society/organization goes back in time to fix anomalies and such. I haven't decided on a fandom yet, but I would prefer something more... arc'd. Like a shonen series with loads of fighting. I don't really have THAT much knowledge on some of the fandoms I've planned, so perhaps, if you have knowledge about some fandoms, do feel free to heed and help, then take the wheel.

    Or you could drop in fandom ideas.

    While I would prefer completed series, incomplete series are fine too.

    Possible fandoms I have sufficient knowledge about:
    1. Ben 10(until Omniverse)
    2. Date A Live(iffy)
    3. My Little Pony FiM(still very, very Iffy)
    4. Sword Art Online(still very Iffy)

    Possible Fandoms I have very partial knowledge about:
    1. Raildex(we're exploring Railgun, Index and MAYBE New Testament. Maybe we'll explore anime-exclusive content)
    2. Shakugan no Shana
    3. Fate/Series(Zero, as well as UFOtable's UBW. We'll sometimes sidetrack to Apocrypha, Extra and even Strange Fake)(Really iffy)

    Possible Fandoms I have close to zero knowledge about
    1. Nanoha
    2. Jojo(Generations, generations...)

    Well, feel free to drop in any fandom ideas, or even adopt this idea.
  2. So umm... any suggestions?
Thread Status:
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