a family school like seeing it was on his way home yeah

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  1. a family school like seeing it was on his way home yeah to make you happy yet they make me veryhappy I'm glad I didn't like you ever learning look like well you have to rely iPad you since youwere born in at seven pounds airliners yeah a liking for why this is such neuro3x a bethe United its hearings and he gets here and cell sometimes Ijust don't feel that from you I really didn't realize she felt thatway and it was the shot my personality is not going to just be over-the-top come in and crying everyyear you now this is something like this even mightlike a few hung I don't think it's growing as a momlike who's been wanting me to do this would really fight last 20 years I wouldthink that you would just be like the like just shot maybe don't know to do I don't sorry it's hard when someone as close to youas your own mom can open up to you and tell you how they really feel andreally show you how happy they are you really want to know how I feel I amsuper excited for you this is a really happening you have losta hundred pounds and you can stay with him like that ifthat's how you really feel that how I really yeah you are doing a greatjob.
  2. Damn, for spam messages, this is just made of pure gold.
  3. I think my brain is bleeding after trying to read that.
  5. Let me help you with that. Here.

    Dear god that was surprisingly hard.
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  6. My sinus infection must be going to my brain, because I actually listened.
  7. Your world, @Nydanna.

    Also, that wasn't a sinus infection.

    It was a cordyceps infection.

  8. What the fuck did I just read? O__O
  9. A subliminal message about iPads and cell phones.
  10. I was hoping to see someone actually trying to debate this.
  11. we're debating what we just read

    weren;t you paying attention to @Alexa ??
  12. No. This is shit. >___>
  13. Well, in my canonical retelling of this grandiose tale, it's about a seven pound airliner that used an iPad to drop one hundred pounds via consuming excessive amounts of dick "package" enhancers. During this tale the airliner got into a fight with its mother, the blimp. However, as we all know, blimps lose to airplanes, meaning that the airplane wins. This is all retold by Stephanie Meyer's Google Translate.