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  1. A new girl moves into town, for multiple reasons-- her mom has gotten a better job, and also because of the school she was attending. She doesn't know anyone in this strange, lonely, harsh world. Because of that, she just doesn't smile. Her heart is just filled with sadness and sorrowness. She's never had any real friends from the start. But, will that all change when she moves into the town? Will this be like all those other lonely times, or will she actually, for the first time, enjoy it.

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    Name: Faye

    Last Name: Seriavo (sEr E a vO )

    Byname: It is most common for her to get called Seri. But she just prefers to be addressed by "Faye".

    Age: 16

    Sexual orientation: Pansexual

    Personality: Faye is a quiet, shy and timid girl. She barely speaks to anyone, except for her mother, because she knows she can obviously trust her own mother. But anyone other than her mother, she will barely speak a word. Although she is actually a sweetheart, she doesn't show it. But if you gain her trust, it is more than likely that she'll show it. If you lose her trust, you're going to have to chase after it and try very hard to get it back. She gets nervous and nauseated, being around people she doesn't know at all. That explains why she sometimes hides behind her mother like a duckling.

    Appearance: image.jpg

    Background: Faye actually used to show her happiness, until her father just left her and her mother without saying goodbye. But that was only at age 6. As Faye grew older, about when she was only 12, her mother finally explained to her what happened, and why "daddy" was never at home. Faye fell into great despair, and that's when she started to grow into depression. As she grew even older, she delt with peer pressure, and also bullying, because of her extreme quietness. At age 14, she even tried to take her own life, but her dear mother was lucky enough to barge into her room, and talk her out of it. It had to take at least 1 hour, before she finally believed what all her mother said. Today, in the presence, she is still in great despair, just hoping it was all a dream, and that she'd wake up. But of course, she knew it wasn't.

    ( Feel free to join. Actually, this is my first one on one, but I'm not new to roleplaying, but I haven't done it in a while, so please bare with me, and if I make a mistake, please don't fret to tell me. )​
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