A Fairytale Wedding... and Booby Traps?!

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  1. Once Upon a time....

    There was a princess in some kind of peril, whether a curse or a villain or such. Next the dashing prince arrives to stop the evil deeds and win over the princess. Then they lived Happily Ever after.

    The End of it. Right?

    Just what happens After the Tale, and do they really live Happily Ever After??

    Set in the kingdom of Elmyst, everyone in the kingdom is preparing to see the princess of Elymst and the prince of Felsted to be wed in front of the castle. Then there shall be a party about which even people's granddaughters will hear! The inhabitants of the land and fairytale characters from across the seas have come for this Magical event. Everybody in the kingdom is invited: whether they be fairies, elves, monsters or even troublemakers, the king spared no expense to turn this day into the most brilliant day of his daughter's life. It will be remembered and honored as a blessing to the kingdom. However, when planning the party, people forgot to account for the fact that the king really likes his pranks, not to mention that some of the guests are quite the troublemakers as well. Will there be a happily ever after for the prince and princesses wedding or will this fairytale turn grim?

    Fairytale creatures and human characters are expected here. The wedding has only a few modern twists, keep in mind, think Shrek movie. All are invited, be family and friends, creatures, guests, exes, or a few villains. Also keep in mind that there are jobs and such open for the wedding, including a few bridesmaids and groomsmen and such.
    Characters can be made here or guests are welcome to pop in anytime available.

    September the 29th
    in the Roleplay Lobby, 1 - 6pm Iwaku time
  2. Some Spots are already filled...

    Princess Bride:Ms_Wrong
    Prince Husband:Amethysteye
    Best Man:Malkuthe
    Maid of honor:
  3. Princess Karlotta(Lotti) Belleme

    Species: Female Human
    Title: Royal Family: Princess
    Personality: Lotti was brought up to be proper and polite infront of the other royals. She is actually quite Fun loving and naturally curious of the world. She also grew up with abit of a bi polar tendency, but is able to control it most of the time. She isnt quick to judge and tends to ask a million questions on something she doesnt know about. She acts her true self with Prince Eldwyn and loves to joke with her father, though they make her abit paranoid and sneaky.
    History: She was always wandering around and she reluctanly got captured "Typical" she thought. While waiting for someone to rescue her she became fed up and decided to rescue herself. She sneaked away from her captor, seeing as a princess should never be tied up, and bumped into the prince that was to rescue her. She left him to fight the villian while she continued to sneak away. She was then escorted back to her castle by the prince of another kingdom. They talked through their EPIC JOURNEY(not included) and decided to get hitched. The marriage was instantly approved by the two kingdoms.

  4. Name:Tye Sephyr
    Age: 22
    Species: Human Male
    Title: Head Knight
    Personality: Ambitious and hard working, Tye clawed his way up here from the rank of a lowly page. He loves to make other people happy and is very light hearted and easy going person but knows when to get down to brass tacks
    History: He started work as a stable hand on his fathers farm at the age of 6. He was later recruited as a page, then squire, then knight, then made his way to Captain of the White Knights. He fervently defends the princesses kingdom from neighboring kingdoms and wizards and villains to be. All of this with Hard work and dedication. He loves his job and all the people in his life even if they don't see eye to eye. He was invited to the wedding as he is a captain and a close friend of the King
  5. [​IMG]
    Howard Belleme

    Age: 55

    Species: Male Human

    Title: King

    Personality: Howard is difficult to describe most times, as he is clearly one of the sharpest minds in the land, yet he is also the one who proudly holds the title of “The Idiot of the Century.” Instead of turning his genius into inventions, or making his people’s lives better, all that he cares about are pranks, often executed in ridiculously over-the-top fashion. He likes to laugh at the expense of others and he tries to turn every event he makes into chaos with some semblance of order. He is also a bit cowardly, and will usually try to get away if someone confronts him about his wrongdoings.

    History: After spending nearly thirty years on the throne, people still cannot figure out how Howard became king, or how he managed to keep the position ever since, especially because of his attitude. The only thing that is known about him is that he manages to keep order, except when it came to his daughter. He largely neglected the education and training of his daughter, which is why she got kidnapped and why their relationship is not at an all-time high. However, in order to make up for his bad parenting, Howard decided to approve the marriage of Karlotta to the prince Eldwyn, on the condition that he was the one who would be organising the event.