A Fairy Tail Roleplay That Died Before Its Time

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  1. Hello, all!

    Rain here! Before I begin, I really hope that I'm doing this right: I may be mentioning another roleplay, but I am not necessarily advertising the roleplay itself. I am making a reference to it, so this should be the correct category to put it in (as in Interest Check and not Group RP Advertising).

    I think I've embarrassed myself enough...

    Anyhorse, I have a proposal - a group Fairy Tail roleplay! I had two roleplays over on Fanfiction for Fairy Tail because the first one suddenly died. The second eventually fell to the same fate, but it was making so much progress that I just have this urge to restart that one. We technically completed two arcs - The S-Class Trials and traveling to Edolas, but after that it suddenly... stopped.

    So I would like to rekindle the beautiful flame that was once a Fairy Tail roleplay. The reason it would be a group roleplay is fairly obvious - there are just so many canon characters XD Who doesn't want canon interaction with their OCs?

    So, is anyone interested in rebuilding an almost three-year memory?
  2. I too have fond memories of RP's past, that i, someday, would like to rekindle. Count me in.

    You mentioned cannon characters interacting with OC's. Does that mean we can choose between the two or we will be oc's in their world?
  3. You're allowed to be either or, but my hope is to get everyone that joins to at least be one of each. I'd rather not have a Fairy Tail roleplay just full of OCs.
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  4. I'm intreasted I'd like to be in a Fairy Tail Rp that dosnt die in two weeks time.
  5. Ah, I hope so as well. That's why I'm not rushing to start it now. I'm trying to wait for a few more people to join.
    That, and for people to not drop out in the waiting process ^^'
  6. How many people do you hope to have?
  7. You can count me in. but I have some key questions!
    1) What time zone is this set in? (eposide wise or arc wise)
    2) What sort of strength are we aimed to be at? IE are we normal fairytail members, are we the B-team (gajeel, Lucy ect) or are we up there with Erza, Natsu and them?
    3) How will OC vs Cannon be done, IE will those playing cannon characters be forced to play them as they are in the anime, or will they be allowed their own take on them?
    4) What are the rules on magics such as forbidden/forgotten/legendary magics, all the -slayer magics?
    5) What are the rules on OC's magics?
    6) Do we have to play a cannon character if we want to play a OC character?
  8. So far, the people who agreed in this thread. ^^'

    1) I... honestly don't know. When I last did this, it was set some time after the Tenrou Island arc. I guess that'll be up for discussion.
    2) This isn't about rank... at least, when I did it last. It's not like we're building FT teams. Normal Fairy Tail members with normal interactions and custom arcs.
    3) When I mention "canon", I would much rather it be "canon".
    4) I usually decide which magic is viable by it's general description and weaknesses. Last time I did this, there weren't many Dragon Slayers, but I'll set a limit on them if need be.
    5) Similar to 4; understandable explanation of both abilities and weaknesses. Should not be OP.
    6) No, but I would rather you not be building billions of OCs when there's like... only five canon characters claimed. Last time I did this, the canon and OC slots were limited to five per person, considering there were never many people who joined. I may drop it to three each.
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