A ever growing love

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  1. Name: Carson White
    Personality: He's stubborn, wild, weird,funny and out going. He has a big heart but dose not show it. He is told that he is cold and mean but its only because he doesn't want to be hurt.
    Bio: He only had one true friend and that was a girl growing up. He was always getting in to fights and trouble. His father wasn't in the picture and when he was he would be a drunk abusive man to him and his mother. He father would be gone for years then come back. He had to learn how to be a man on his own. The last year of high school his mother got realm sick so he moved away for that year to be with her. Once high school was over and she was better hr moved back to go to college.

    Study: Game development and 3D animation.
    Eyes: Blue
    Voice: Cold and mean alot. But can B soft and sweet and sexy.
    Body. Skinny/muscular ( nice body)

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  2. Name: Harley Leigh Monnette
    Age: Twenty
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Very shy, but outgoing and silly if you know her. Is very sweet and kind hearted.
    Mini Bio: Harley moved with her aunt to the us at an early age to get away from her abusive parents. Her aunt Suzy raised her, and shes been in love with Carson since about 4th grade, but would never tell him. She would always date other guys, or his friends and they would always treat her like crap. Was a dancer and cheerleader as child.Shes moved to the city next to Carson called Brantford, to attend Durham college to be a 911 dispatcher, she is in a relationship with a male named Ryder who is currently abusing her.
    Study: 911 disptch
    Height: 4'11
    Eyes: Green
    Body: Very tiny child like short, small hands and feet.

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  3. Its was a normal day for Carson. He worked the 3rd shift so he would be sleepy when at school, but he didn't let that stop him. He still went to parties alot and was wild. Who could blame him he was a 21 year old college student. He was running let for class one day and noticed a girl, who looked familiar. Stopping Carson stared at the young girl. It looked like his child hood crush and friend Harley. He walked over to her and lightly tapped her shoulder. " hmmm...miss!" He said
  4. Harley woke up that morning to Ryder her abusive boyfriend screaming at her to cook him breakfast she got up and did it knowing if she didn't he would only beat her as he did the night before. She made him breakfast and sent him on his way to work, as she got ready getting dressed in baggy clothing and doing her make up to cover the bruises, she than left for school.
    Harley was on her way to class walking slowly being exhausted from the night before barely getting any sleep, when she felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned to see a young man standing there he looked familiar she blinked a few times before a huge smile came to her face "carson" she said to him, Carson was her bestfriend before moving for college, and everything she had always loved him but would never tell him.
  5. Carson smiled as he was right. It was his childhood friend Harley. Its been a long time since he's seen her. She was still beautiful as ever, looking at her brought back feelings. Harley was everything a woman should be and what he wanted...but she has always had a boyfriend so he never told her. " HARLEY hey how have you been...didn't know you went here...you going to class. I can walk you there so we can catch up?" He asked