INTEREST CHECK A established world with a gaming twist seeks intrest and advice

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  1. I have a gaming world that I and some friends have been working on almost forever. We want to bring it here after New Years so as not to try to start during the holiday season.

    Here is the twist. We are actually starting three games in the universe; two will be post by post or mostly so and one will be run live once a week on an IM, probably Yahoo IM. Then after the games have been going awhile there will be times when the post by post games will either crossover each other and/or the live game. The live game logs will be posted on it's own IC thread so the others can keep track of what's going on if they wish.

    I know it's a bit complicated but each game will have it's own GM and all three of us see each other everyday off line so we will be collaborating pretty much constantly. Also we hope by New Years to have all the materials for the game world that we've accrued over the years on it's own website. And that will be posted regularly on the OOC thread.

    I'd like to know what you all think about this idea of making a game and some advice on how to organize it best on this forum since I'm quite new here and I'll also have my IM on to answer questions and spitball ideas live. My yahoo id is and I'm usually available so don't hesitate to message me.
  2. I look forward to seeing how this goes. Especially since I'll be GMing one of the games.
  3. Ermm well this sound like a cool idea. Unsure if I would want to join though; would need to know the setting :P
  4. We are still roughing out everything and we have three scenarios as I said. One will start in a D&D world, one with the team From Leverage and one that involves Doctor #10. And the first theme will be something of a post-apocalyptic nature. I really can't explain anything more until we are more ready. With the holidays we are trying to plan between all sorts of other things.