INTEREST CHECK A "Eat your heart out Prometheus Like" Rp

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  1. Before I begin, I had this idea before I even watched the actual movie, and to say the least when I did watch it I was disappointed. Anyways..... I am just wondering if anyone would be interested in joining it, I already have it in the Sci-fi forum area already typed up for the plot, and the charqcter sheet a well. Again just curious. Thank you all and have a wonderful day n.n

    P.S. The Title for it is "The Flight of Icarus"
  2. Erm..ya Asmodeus is a mod and he already had this idea and had the RP set up before you so...maybe you should check his out.
  3. Don't be silly, Hunter. My roleplay in which a single revelation disproves popular notions about space, precipitating a ship with a mythological name beginning with "I" to be designed with a faster-than-light drive to investigate mysterious alien signals and learn about the origins of life, is NOTHING like this RP.