A Dynasty Warriors RP?

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  1. if anyone is interested in this fandom a group rp would be great and enjoyed
  2. Uhm....... I Have no words.

    Fu Xi, Lu Bu, And Sun Ce. HAIL The pouwer of the young Conqueror! D:

    I miss Zhou Yu.
  3. I love Zhou Yu
  4. Masamune works?

    Oh lordy.. I like this!
  5. Sweet more people and Masamune is samurai warriors lol
  6. Then I will be that badass.
  7. This is Dynasty Warriors lol but I'm game for Samurai Warriors too n.n dibs on Mitsunari
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  8. No issue. Sorry 'bout that!!
  9. This is a Dynasty Warriors thread though so please pick a Dynasty Warriors character I'll make a Samurai Warriors thread in a bit you can post your claim to Masamune there sorry for the confusion
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  10. Samurai Warriors? Then Miyamoto Musashi, and Sakaki Koujirou Are MINE. :3

    Grr. I also Want Nagamasa Azai. And If I feel like Being Date's Brother in Arms, Probrably Sanada Yukimura.
  11. That will work. Sorry 'boutthat!
  12. It's no trouble n.n
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