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    • Everyone wants to be a hero.

      It's a simple fact of life. Everyone wants to be the main character in their own story, the hero that saves the day and achieves their goals. As young children we dream that we can change the world, beat the bad guy, and save the damsel in distress.

      Reality, however, is a cruel mistress.

      You have never been the hero as you so dreamed. You've never accomplished your goals. However, all of that can change.

      The world of Disney is in danger. Darkness clouds its optimism. The heroes you dreamed of being like are fading with each coming day.

      Only you can change that.

      Become a Guardian, and save Disney as you always dreamed.

      ~~~Tb Kbba Vlr~~~

      Hello! This is a Disney Universe Rp!
      You my fellow roleplayers play the poor suckers who are going to save the world of Disney from the evil darkness! This roleplay will start with all of you being dumped in some room, waking up from a sleep you don't remember falling into. Afterwards, we'll start our adventure! You all will be able to choose your weapons and can fight with them, but remember you all are just humans. I will play your guide to help you navigate the world of Disney!

      We will visit whichever movies you guys want, however I may not get to all of them. We will eventually run into the big bad, so I will try and get as many movies in as I can. Though, some may have already been consumed by the darkness by the time we get there.

      There will be combat in this story, just a bit of a warning. Some themes may start to delve into some dark stuff, so if you have some issues you need me to avoid, I will be happy to accommodate as much as I can!

      Well, I guess that's all I really have to say here... I'll list the rules and the character sheets down below. See you there and I hope we all have fun with this!

      ~~~Axohkbpp Fp Zljfkd~~~

      Alright those were a lot of rules...
      Here's our lovely character sheet!

      Nick Name:
      Favorite Disney Movie:

      And that's that! If you have any questions, please message me!

    • ~~~Pxsb Rp~~~

      Da Rules
      • Please adhere to all site rules.
      • No Godmodding, Mary-suing, Gary-stuing, and perfect character creating.
      • All characters must be approved by me before you start doing anything rp related.
      • A maximum of 8 non-GM characters are allowed.
      • 1 character per person.
      • If you want or need to drop out, please send me a notice.
      • If you do not respond to the rp after 2 weeks, I am kicking you out and reopening the rp.
      • Respect your fellow roleplayers. We're all here to write and have fun so don't be a party pooper like that.
      • If you have an idea, please share it! I want this to be as much my rp as yours. I would love to hear any and all ideas you guys have. :)
      • Last but not least, HAVE FUN! This is for you guy's enjoyment!
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  1. Everybody is going to Disney
    • Find out what is going on.
    • Get to the first Disney World.
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  2. Accepted Characters

    • Mallory
    • Zi'Ana Milo Michelson
    • Haneul Hyeon
    • Tanith Gray
    • Tokola Ellison
    • Willow Anne McTavish
    • Justin Galloway
    • Doriane de Boyer des Roches
    • Ryder Ellesby
    • Maximillian Gharn

    Active Characters
    • Mallory
    • Haneul Hyeon
    • Tokola Ellison
    • Willow Anne McTavish
    • Justin Galloway
    • Doriane de Boyer des Roches
    • Ryder Ellesby

    Inactive Characters
    • Tanith Gray
    • Maximillian Gharn
    • Zi'Ana Milo Michelson
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  3. Name: Mallory
    Nick Name: Mal
    Age: Unknown, assumed 18
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Mal is a clumsy person. She often makes mistakes that get her in trouble with her superiors. Though naïve and gullible, she is fiercely loyal and will fight for those she trusts. Mal is passionate, wanting to help the chosen Guardians to save Disney's world. Insecurity plagues the young woman, so she tries to hide it behind a cheery smile and a confidant attitude. She tries her best at everything she does, hoping to prove she isn't the mistake the others believe she is.

    Likes: Watermelon, Her Disney Friends, The Color Green, Hugs, Making New Friends
    Dislikes: Fighting, Being alone, The Color Gray, Spicy foods, Her Superiors
    Favorite Disney Movie: Can't choose.
    Weapon: A Dagger
    Other: Often considered the reject Guide
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  4. I would love to join this. Give me a few and I will have a CS up.
  5. Alright! Take your time. :)
  6. [​IMG]


    Haneul Hyeon

    Nick Name:

    (Sometimes called a girl. >.>)




    Haneul loves to sing and dance. Since he loves doing so, he loves being in front of audiences and performing. He's even in a Korean boy band. Haneul poses as if he's a brave boy, but in reality he hates taking risks. Haneul tries not to cause trouble because he's afraid someone would hate him. However, he doesn't hesitate to help them out if it is within his range. Haneul usually doesn't think of himself as the best, therefore when someone compliments him, he puts himself down - saying he isn't what they think he is. Haneul refrains from lying, and truly is an innocent and honest boy.


    Kittens, Disney, Singing and Dancing, Reading, and composing


    Writing, Studying, Chocolate, Cherries

    Favorite Disney Movie:

    "Froz-- I mean, Tarzan!"


    Singing - puts people to sleep AND hurts their ears if he's depressed or trying to sound horrible.
    History - Puts you to sleep if Han is feeling sleeping. SIDE EFFECT: Makes you dream about your past. (lul)
    Overdose - Makes you feel light headed and distracted if Han is feeling extremely happy. SIDE EFFECT: Hallucinations.
    Growl - Inflicts damage to the ears and warps eyesight. Used when Han is scared or angry. SIDE EFFECT: Well... kinda obvious.


    He dyes his hair a lot as well as changes it frequently.
    He always has a song up his sleeve to sing.
    Dancing as well. ^
    His English is bad due to living in South Korea. (Not mine, his. >.>)​
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  7. pbxUFth2ie0.jpg
    Zi'Ana Milo Michelson

    Nick Name:


    Zi'Ana, or Ana, is a free spirit, fast thinker. She goes where the wind takes her, and loves to explore dangerous and adventurous situations. She is kind hearten, but can sometimes speak her mind without thinking first. On occasion, she seems to forget what she was talking about mid-sentence; however, remind her and she will talk like she never stopped in the first place. She is bubbly and energetic, there is literally no place she won't adventure to.

    Monkeys, the heat, music, dancing, hot coco, Disney movies, Animals, Adventures.

    Feeling of falling, White Chocolate, Cinnamon, Huge books, Forgetting things, material-girls/guys, breaking something, jerks.

    Favorite Disney Movie:
    Aladdin and Tarzan it's a tie!

    Bow and Arrow

    She can speak two languages, English and Romanian. This is because she lives in Australia half the year, then Romanian the other half.
  8. @Autumn_Burns_Red accepted! Welcome to the rp!

    @Sinful Han looks good, and could you elaborate more on the whole singing as his weapon? Like does he just randomly start singing or does he sing spells that can cause various effects?
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  9. Because I literally just took a guy from the EXO band, it'll be easy to pick a song or two.
    I guess I'll pick two to four songs and assign a spell to each one.
  10. Alright, thank you! @Sinful you're accepted! Hopefully we'll get some more people and be able to start this up soon. In the meantime, why don't you guys tell me some of the movies you guys want to visit?
  11. [​IMG]
    Tanith Gray
    Nick Name:
    Tan, Tanny
    Tanith has a reply for everything, and it's usually impolite and borderline antagonistic. She is a fast thinker and is able to assess the situation quickly and efficiently to find the best solution. Despite this, Tanith puts up a front for everyone and always pretends to be fine even if she's on the brink of bursting into tears. She hates to appear weak, so she adopted a bold and flawless personality. Tanith craves socialization, but her abrasive personality often alienates her from potential friends, and because she doesn't want to look pitiful, she often goes with the flow and pretends to not value friendships when that's all she really wants in life.

    Likes: Knitting, cats, dogs, sour candy (only sour), Dystopian YA novels, rom coms, pop (music).
    Dislikes: Rap, reptiles, spicy food, greasy food, being alone.

    Favorite Disney Movie: The Lion King 2

    Weapon: Thread Manipulation via use of yarn. She can't generate the yarn and thus must carry balls of yarn with her, but she can strengthen the yarn and use it for binding people, lassoing and as a whip. She can also use it to make bridges (not very stable ones though...) or just as a rope.

    Other: She had a crush on Kovu when she was a kid (and she still does!).
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  12. @Dreamever accepted! Welcome to the roleplay. :)
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  13. Name: Tokola Ellison
    Nick Name: Never had one, but might respond to "Tokie" or "Toko" if comfortable with somebody.
    Age: 22

    Appearance: Long, straight black hair, dark skin with a pink-ish tint, brown eyes. Tokola's mother was white, but his father was native. That said, he never learned about his people, heritage or traditions, and he wouldn't trust a disney world to provide much in the way of accuracy. His body is lean due to work keeping him moving about and on his feet, but he doesn't go to any gyms, so he doesn't have visible muscles.

    Personality: Tokola is essentially a theatre dork with a hero complex and just enough self-awareness to realize there isn't much to be heroic about. Or, there is, but heroics aren't really praised because it's a complicated matter and people are vengeful creatures. So he gets a little too into his adventure stories, script-writing, and plays sometimes, because the arts tend to reflect simpler dilemmas: the bad guys are obviously bad, and in the end they are vanquished. So he'd be a perfect candidate for disney shenanigans, right? In reality, he's very much a background character who intrudes on the spotlight from time to time, despite hating when other people put him in the spotlight.

    Likes: dogs, loud guitars, monsters, writing, acting, chocolate, strawberries, music, spiders, lizards, rats,

    Dislikes: vegetables, vampires, haircuts, being touched, failure, "anti heros," being told "nobody gets under your skin like Gaston~" and having his groove thrown off, and Star Wars, strangely enough.

    Favorite Disney Movie: Mulan.

    Weapon: Longsword + shield: boring "typical hero" gear, but it works. Might trade for other weapons if given the opportunity.

    Other: Given the opportunity, Tokola *will* get caught up in someone else's singing. But seriously, who could possibly resist the urge to sing along when it's time to get down to business and defeat the huns?

    Doesn't enjoy talking about anything relating to the "real world" unless it involves stories, theatre, music or animals. There are reasons for this, reasons that surely won't become relevant in the realm of dreams, ancient sorcerers, heroes and adventures.

    Tokola doesn't know how to process praise, compliments or affection. Normally he can show affection to animals, but if animals were to suddenly be able to talk, even just touching would freak him out. He's the same way with people, but can usually suppress his disdain for touching if somebody's life is on the line.
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  14. @Tsutla Toko looks good so far, but is there any way you could pick just one weapon? It makes it a little easier on me as a gm so I don't have to constantly try to supply you weapons, and I don't think you could carry a whole armory with you on this adventure. It's a creative idea, but I don't think it will work in the context of this roleplay. :)
  15. Changed. As for settings I'd like to crash in with, I suppose I'll just make a list.

    Brave (Woo Vikings! =D)
    Aladdin ("I know he's not really Robin Williams, and I know ghosts aren't real, but it's just...")
    Mulan (Because... reasons!) ("Please tell me that the dragon isn't just Eddie Murphy in a weird costume.")
    Beauty/Beast (Chivalry in Francia! Except chivalry's kind of a screwed up concept when you think about it. Poor Belle. Also: the chance to be a foreign sellsword.)
    The Lion King ("It's Hamlet!" =D) ("I am Mushu-Fasa. You must train harder, Cho-Simba One.")
    The Emperor's New Groove (well.. this one less-so than Aladdin. While it's definitely more light-hearted, it's still another desert setting, even if there's a huge difference between Arabia and Egypt. I can see the party getting really sick of all the sand and little water. On the other hand, waterpark episodes make a good break from all the doom and gloom going about)
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  16. Thank you, @Tsutla! Accepted! Welcome to the rp. :)
  17. pls no frozen.

    no pls
    Your image does not display.
  18. Character's favorite movie, but "no pls"?



    Pocahontas would also be very uncomfortable, because... yeah.
  19. "Froz--I mean Tarzan!"
    I haven't even seen frozen yet because tumblr gives spoilers, just like youtube.
    I don't know what I just said.
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