A Dream.

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  1. The beckon of dawn broke across the forest. The sun broke atop trees, forest and the flourishing hills of the west. It soon creaked it's way bit by bit, as if prowling, across the valley. The lurking light peeked over hills to meet at the stone walls of the mighty kingdom of Birlenion. It's towers and white pillars almost touched the heavens, it was beautiful to see from the hill tops. It was rather festive and joyous at this time of year... Spring had come and birthing of a new prosperous crop for summer was much to be jolly about. The town of Birlenion, although poor, it kept it's hopes for it's crops... Their king is righteous and loyal to them, especially at such time of need. Every hour farmers are attended with the right supplies, in courtesy of the king. Shops even get help from the king, although it may question his bidding and spending's on his gold, it made him more than ever happy to see his people happy.

    Although the people loved their king, he soon would have to leave his place as a king; to have his next in-blood take his throne. The king only had one child, Evasene. A daughter of the age 20. As old and still young as she is, she was the best and only one to be trusted with such duties... Though, such duties do not appeal to the princess... She rather fight, adventure and discover new things than outside of the brick walls of her castle. Although she was stubborn she still had her father's great expectation's of her. To wear a dress, present herself in formalities, to become a queen... No..Evasene wanted none of that...

    Evasene grew to be quite the opposite of what her father desired. She had a boy cut length; not long and flowing. Hands strong and rough; not gentle and dainty. Her face was keen and androgynous; not a vixen upon desirable eyes. Her pasture was that of a brute, a knight, or rather male-noble; not a posture of poise or that of a princess. Yes, she was quite the opposite... Evasene filled her days practicing sword fighting, and riding horses than wearing heels/trying on gowns. Her father is overwhelmed by the masculine behavior, but, he has grown to surpass it and accept these differences. Although he still pressures the era of the throne upon her. He knows if she does not cooperate, it might end in the wrong hands. Eversene tries to understand this. But, her own morals and wishes go against it. So now, the king tries his best to be a king while he can, hoping she will come around...

    It is now morning, and Eversene is still laying in her slumber, dreaming... Everything is hazy and dreary. she begins to imagine herself running...Running in a dark forest, as if someone is hot on her trail. She runs and runs, soon enough she ends at a dead end. Stuck between a boulder and a lagoon... she slowly sinks... What is to happen to poor Eversene in her subconscious.

    (Sorry it's so long, I just had to set off the setting, and made it clear whats going on and such... You can take it from here, since she sees her in the dream)
  2. Don't worry about it.
    Ariela sees Eversene sad and in complete defeat. She feels everything swell in her tiny chest, and she doesn't know what to do. Then she hears the words softly creep into her mind: Help her. So, she does. She walks over with ease and lowers down to Eversene's level. "Sweetheart, get up. You're not alone," she whispered within her ear as she lays a hand lightly onto her back soothingly. Eversene simply stares at her through a blurry mask, her vision blurred by her tears filled with despair and loneliness. Ariela places her arms around the poor, beautiful girl and holds her close. She soothes her tears away, and words start to come out of her mouth like a running river. "Come with me, you'll be safe. We'll take care of each other, and everything will be pure bliss, I promise...."

    it's short because I didn't know exactly what to do with the dream.