A Dragon's War (Open and Accepting)

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    Think mats of spongy mosses cover every rock, tree trunk, and branch forming an emerald carpet for the orchids and ferns that drape the limbs over head. A lush testament to the thirty feet of rain that can annually drench the mountain's summit. Crystalline blue waters shimmered as it cascaded down several waterfalls and into the slow moving rivers below. The croaking of frogs, chirping of birds, and the chatter of small wood creatures filled the air. The smell of fresh dew and the sweetness of the flowers also filled the air.

    This is the forest of the Dragons...

    The dappled splotches of sun and shade filtering through the leafy canopy over one hundred and fifty feet above, wash over the paradise that has been here long before humans appeared on the land. It is a world in such perfect balance that the mix of vegetation in this undisturbed jungle has been essentially the same for hundreds if not thousands of years. Even after the dragons allowed the elves, humans, dwarves, and more live in their forest. These many creatures had to adapt to the dragons way of living around the forest, not the forest adapting around them.

    The dragons believed that their forest, mountains, and waters were sacred and that it should be left as undisturbed as possible and in doing so they would be granted its full beauty and a bountiful harvest every year and the years to come.

    This went on for a very long time...

    Until the day that the oldest and the wisest of the Dragon Kings had mysteriously become very ill and passed away of unknown cause. He leaving behind a son, a Prince, who all believed would be the one to take the throne, but he was no where to be found. The only thing that was found was a letter addressed to the Prince's very own Royal Knight, which everyone knew that he was the only one that the Prince truly trusted.

    It read as followed...

    "The night when the stars go out...
    I'll leave, leave from this place,
    Where it has grown dark and cold.
    I'l leave...

    I'll go some place where the star still shine.
    I'll go where the dew still glistens as the stars twinkle.
    I'll go where the moon's rays still reflect against the waters surface."

    To some it made no sense, but to the Royal Knight it meant everything. The knight knew his charge would be safe. The knight knew that the rule of the Shadow Dragon would not last very long. To the people, they believed the prince had died along side his father. Now the Paradise that once was the most beautiful in the land, lay a blood stained battle ground. A rebel faction began to form three years after the evil Shadow Dragon's rule, with the aid of the so called fallen Prince. They planned to bring down the Shadow Dragon and allow their Prince to take his rightful place upon the throne.
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  2. Rules:

    1. I am the Creator of this roleplay, therefore anything I say, you must follow, yes?
    2. Do not god mod, power-play, or have any mary sues, gary sues.
    3. I would like that you post at least two paragraphs. That being said a paragraph consisting of 5-7 sentences.
    4. I would like that you post at least 3 to 4 times a week. I understand that life gets in the way, but please let me know if you are going to be gone for an overly long period of time.
    5. Do not be rude to the other players. Be respectful and they will respect you in kind.
    6. You cannot kill anyone else's character unless they say so, if you do plan to kill off or have someone else kill off your character then please let me know ahead of time so that I don't think you are ignoring my rules and ban you from my roleplay.
    7. This is in the Mature roleplay section for a reason, that means there will be gore, possible torture, and some mild sexual scenes. If you do not like other people reading your sexual scene then take it to one on one with your partner if you wish.
    8. Please use anime pictures.
    9. I am looking for a co-owner for this roleplay, so if you are interested message me.
    10. This is the most important rule, HAVE FUN!!!

  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Kristopher Razgriz Calibur "Kris"
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dragon
    Show Spoiler

    Weapons: Prefers to carry around the sword his father gave him when he turned 16.
    Show Spoiler

    Job Class:Prince, trained to be an Assassin.
    Weaknesses: He cannot stand shadow dragons, he is afraid of losing people he knows and loves. Not particularly good at swimming.
    Strengths: Loves Spicy foods, has a good hold on his anger and turning into his dragon form.
    Personality: He is very much a leader, He takes into consideration of others opinion. Loyal, Brave, friendly.
    Biography: Kris is an only child, his father never had any other children due to his mother passing away when he was four years old. He was assigned a Royal Knight at the age of 6, and they quickly became friends. He became adept in sword fighting techniques thanks to his friend. He always enjoyed going out into the surrounding town and greeting and making sure the the people were happy and content. It all seemed so peaceful until his father became ill, everything began to fall apart. The Shadow Dragon that was supposed to be his Father's closest advisor had become the King after he disappeared. What he didn't know is that the Prince was still alive.

    What is your theme song? [youtube]
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  4. Well, aside from a likelihood of only being able to post once or twice a week with occasions more frequently than that, I'm up for it
  5. You can go ahead and submit a CS
  6. Id like to sign up as well.
  7. Alrighty fill out the CS. :3
  8. Sounds interesting! I would like to sign up, but may take me a few weeks as the end of the semester is coming up, and then I have a long drive to look forward to. Is that alright? It may or may not take me that long.
  9. It doesn't look like this is starting anytime soon so, I think it is okay.
  10. Sweet, thanks! :)
  11. Name
    Malachi "Requiem" Ruari




    Sheng Biao, and a Falcata

    Job Class

    Insubordination is a problem with him. He doesn't care who a person is or where they come from, unless they prove themselves, they're no better than anyone else. He also hates rubbery foods (I.E. Mushrooms, Snail, Squid, etc.), and if there's gambling going on, he likely to get himself involved, unless he's presently at risk of being killed. He's also slightly arrogant, finding himself unchallenged properly for quite some time. Regarding combat, it's just best if he doesn't get hit.

    Tactical Genius combining very abstract thought to high intelligence and strength speed make him an excellent fighter. He has a ship, it's rather nice. He fights using two very unusual weapons, a rope dart and a curved blade weighted like an axe, making him an unpredictable opponent. He's also quite good at gambling, can hold his liquor without a problem, and is an excellent dancer.

    Cool, calm and casual, he likes to enjoy life when he can. He tends to feel like he knows best, but doesn't openly consider himself to. He's a manipulative bastard, messing with people for fun, or when he considers it for the best for them.

    Malachi was born on the sea, and orphaned there. His father was a Dragon that he never met as he didn't come with on the voyage. His mother had died giving birth to him. He was taken in by the Ship's Captain who as it turned out was a Pirate rather than the merchant that the old man had pretended to be. It turned out fairly well for Malachi though, as he got to learn the valuable skills of a sailor, a merchant, and art of piracy.

    When the old man died, Malachi became the new captain, and they did what they could during the time. Up until they had a run of bad luck they generally stayed out on the ocean. Unfortunately for them, as they passed near the outside area of the forest, the ship was attacked by shadow dragons. Since then, Malachi and his surviving crew have resigned themselves to getting revenge.

    Theme Song
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  12. Love it. Accepted.
  13. I may join, though do the appearances have to be anime? I never had much interest in anime:glassesslip:
  14. no they don have to be.
  15. interested, but don't expect 3-4 posts per week from meh, morlike 1-2 per week.
  16. [​IMG]
    Name: Galdor K. Séregon
    Age: 172 but looks to be in his mid 20's
    Gender: male
    Race: Dark Elf/Demon
    Weapons: Galdor carriers a pair of curved daggers on the back of his waist. He also posses a medium size black lance, with a gold and black blade. his last weapon is on his side which is a curved blueish blade, and the hilt of the blade is a golden color with the shape of a small dragons skull running upward.
    Weapon (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Magic skills:
    Demonic flames, Unlike most Elven people who know water, wood or earth magic he knows fire magic because of his demonic blood. He can manipulate the shape of this flame and he also has two different color flames black and crimson red. The black flame being the most deadly and the most uncontrollable flame he possesses. The crimson flame was the first he master and has a better control over this magic.
    Wind, He knows how to manipulate the wind to make killing from distance with no trance an easy task. He does struggle a bit with making the wind spin at the right speed to cut people but he can make spinning vortex for magical combat.
    Job Class: Assasssin/Magician
    Weaknesses: He dislikes the elfs of the light, they banished him from his home because he was a half elf, because his blood is tainted with demon blood. Another thing that will irritate him is the presence of Some dragons. With his mixed blood a lot of people, have caused him pain and he makes sure to get his revenge towards them.
    Strengths: He likes feeling calm and serene. To keep that he must keep by himself.
    Personality: A bit of a loner, has somewhat of abandonment issues, and he he can be kind while of the job.
    Biography: When Galdor was born he was raised only by his mother. his mother died from a assassin right in front of his face. This started the dark cloud with in his heart, it was not long after his mothers assassination that people could see his demonic side of him and fear it. His own people started to think he killed his mother and so they banished him from his home the last thing that kept him linked to his mother. He was now abandoned with no one lost in the woods, of the dark elves. The dark elves took him in with open arms and trained him to kill better than anyone. Once his training was complete he walked to his old village and was met with the village elder. This conflict push Galdor back into the confinement of his dark elf tribe. He did not get the pleasure to kill him or anyone else because the elder was skilled in magic. Galdor then trained for several years after that and learned wind magic and taught himself to control the new skill he did not know his demonic blood possessed, demonic fire magic. When He returned once again he, saw that the village was already decimated by the shadow dragon. this was his worst dream come true. The price of his revenge taken from him now he vows to kill any dragon associated with the shadow dragon. To one day kill the shadow dragon so he can kill the one who stole his revenge.
    What is your theme song?
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  17. Could we play a young dragon?

    If so, I'm sooooooo in!
  18. [​IMG]
    Name: Grar Mercer
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Race: Leonin
    Weapons: carries them around on his back or in his pockets (he has a TON)
    weapons (open)
    [​IMG]x2 [​IMG]x1[​IMG] x4[​IMG] x1
    as well as the weapons in his pic, sword and crossbow bolts have the tendency to set enemies on fire, other than that, nothing special.

    Job Class: Mercenary
    Weaknesses: Egocentric and over-confident.
    Dislikes:Crying and Bows
    Strengths: somewhat hardy, and a master of weapon-wielding
    Likes: Big things, just,big,things.
    Personality:Outgoing, Simple, and somewhat loyal. To him, he treats life to the fullest, and thus he strives to destroy big things and get drunk. Mainly get drunk. Grar is one of a perfect mercenary rather than a perfect partner; He doesn't get into deep conversations, an he likes to keep his conversations real short and simple; to the point.
    Biography:Little is known about his young year, although they must have been rough for when he was first known throughout the general area, he had recently killed a massive beast threatening a nearby town. Word got around about his amazing feat, and wanted him to help kill big stuff the were problematic to them! So thus he turned t be a mercenary, mainly because it was close to his name, an used his job to refine his warrior skills, and thus his brute an simple tactics. Eventually there came that one job that all mercs hate; the one that went wrong. it was an assassination contract b a guy called 'Frey' the victim: a dragon. For some reason, despite wanting to kill it so badly, the dragon calmed him, and he did not want to kill it, instead, Frey did, while he distracted it. Grar got so mad that he attacked Frey, but Frey was very skilled, and permanently scarred Grar in the eye and told him to'never forget today' and dropped his pay.
    but besides that, Grar did a great job, and eventually, he became one of the best Mercenaries around the region! Although now he frequently can be seen drinking away at something, for an unknown reason to others, but he knows the real reason...
    What is your theme song?
    *You must live in a sad world if you have never heard of this song XD*
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