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    • Dragons used to be known all around the world until they disappeared. Now thought of only as myths, stories only found in children books. They do still exist in an area known as the Bermuda Triangle, where their race is the only thing that there. Castles and homes built on an island not just anyone can see and the poor ships that caught in their magic usually taken down. Dragon King and Queen son finally of age to hunt for its mate, but one thing that isn't known they leave the island to find their mate. They can be as human as their original forms, to another creature of some kind. Yet, their children is always dragon dragon blood runs strong in the veins. So the Prince leaves the island and ventures onto the mainland and meets your character. A mark appears on the skin, showing they both are meant for each other. So either the character comes easily with the Prince, or the character is put to sleep.

      {Plot still in the works ><}

    • Dragon Prince

      Dragons Human Mate

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    Kaleth Rinnenth
    Dragon Prince

    Has two younger sisters name Rath and Nette that are twins and he is close to them.


    Royal Blue
    aurelien muller
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    Briar Elaine Clarke
    Artist & Author

    The low down:

    - Twenty two years old.
    - Has an older brother named Sam who is twenty seven.
    - Briar's parents are deceased.

    Let's get a little deeper:

    - Artistic/creative
    - loving
    - adventurous

    Last but not least:
    Red (will edit colours soon, my mobile is picky)
    Susan Coffey.
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  3. Kaleth felt the return of the call, it was faint, and it was hard to hear it. Why? So many people in one area, something he wasn’t used to. In his homeland this many people so close together not even in the biggest towns and all the dirty smells that could notice wasn’t something he would put up with for long.

    “Cease your worries my son, you will find your mate and you will return here with them.” His mother ran her hands through his hair as he leaned his forehead against hers. “I know, but I worry about the…” He started until a hush escaped the older womans lips. “The twins will be fine without you, they are a handful but they do still listen to their mother.” Laughter held in her voice as he couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. “If that is what you wish to think mother.” Kaleth pulled his head away and looked at her again taking her hands into his and then brought them up to his lips. “I will find my mate and I will return to take the spot as our King. Then, you can worry about the twins and teaching my wife, what she needs to know. Maybe even help take care of her while she pregnant with your grandchildren.” He spoke as a smile broke against the older womans features showing that she would be happy to do so especially if she got to see them before her death. The idea of her dying broke his heart, but he knew it broke her heart being away from her love, the rest of her soul who had died a few years ago.
    --Flashback End--

    First, he had dropped his things off at a New York City hotel; he had no reason to find a home here in this land. Even if they had money to easily waste, to him he rather not waste it on nonsense here. It was then he continued on his hunt for his mate, a mate who didn’t realize it was calling to him. Her soul was, as well as a scent that she gave off. Not just anyone could bare a dragon’s child, not just anyone could be a match for a dragon. A dragon who would give her offspring that would in the future become a King himself, unless they had a female who could fully turn into a dragon. Mainly, males could become full dragons from human mothers, females didn’t always get the change to fully change their body would not allow it.

    It was Saturday when he made his move and continued on his search. His hand ran through his dark brown hair as he turned another street only to see the bookstore coming into view. “She is in there.” He muttered to himself and moved forward moving around people who was rushing one way or another. The door opened an elderly couple came out as he quickly moved holding the door open for them. “Thank You.” The older female said as she smiled touching her husband’s arm as they past him and he entered the store. For a bookstore it was quiet, one would be surprised to exit the area to the busy streets.

    “Smells like an old bookstore. I wonder if she likes books then.” He muttered out loud to himself, the smell of the books and the girl caused him to smile as he moved forward to catch a glimpse of the female.
  4. It was another lovely morning, people were up early to head to work and get to their favourite shops early. Briar was no different the redhead wearing glasses (black glasses) was heading to work as well. She ran a small bookstore on one of the side streets in New York and she loved it. The store was once her mother's and her grandmothers before her so the store was kind of a family business. Smiling as she unlocked the door and turned the closed sign to open she went and set up for the day. The cash register was already set now all she had to do was unpack all the newspapers for today which arrived outback and set up her magazines.


    By midday she had already sold over seventy percent of her newspapers and she had most of her regulars already come through for the day. The red haired woman smiled as one of her favourite elderly couples came in to collect a newspaper. Once she handed the bag to them she waved the couple off as they walked out a new customer came inside one she had never seen before. Maybe he was a foreigner? unsure she tilted her black framed classes up a little as she greeted him.

    "afternoon" she said smiling "how has your day been? Can I help you with anything?" she asked with a happy smile as she looked at him from the counter. She had security cameras all over her shop so there was no way anyone could shoplift easily. Looking back at her screens as two little boys ran up to the counter with comics. "oh! good choice! They are ten dollars each" she mused as the boys both placed money on the counter. "Thanks Briar!" one of the boys said before leading the other out the door carrying their comics. "to sweet" she said to herself.
  5. Her voice reached his ears causing a grin to move against his lips, it was not every day just a certain voice caused that reaction. Then again, his soul was meeting his other half, so it did make sense even if he did not believe all the words his mother told him about them meeting his father. It was her hair that stuck out the most to him, he only saw two people with red hair people, but never like the one was he seeing now. It reminded him of his fire he could breathe in his dragon form.

    He just stared at her causing his eyes to blink and then let out a chuckle. “I…” The two boys rushed passed him putting the comics in front of the girl as she rang it up. They boys clearly knew the female in front of them, when they paid they dashed off causing his eyes to follow them out the door. “Children are a blessing.” He said nodding his head as he moved forward towards counter where she was behind it.

    “I am here business…maybe you consider it pleasure.” His hand moved up waving the words he just said off as if it did not matter. “I have two younger siblings, which are twins and girls maybe a little older than those boys that were just in here.” He spoke his green eyes seemed to stare at her, a smile still on his lips. “I do wish to bring some things home for them. Do you think you can help me pick some things out?” It was a true reasoning, even if it wasn’t the full thing. He did wish to bring some items from this world back to his, gifts to his younger sisters two who he loved with a passion.

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  6. At first Briar was a tad unsure what to think of this man good first words baffling her but the others not so much. Children books were her thing after all along with so many other books. "twin girls older than Jason and Terry okay... Follow me" she mused adjusting her glasses again then heading out from behind the counter to the children and young adult books sections both beside one another. It was always really hard to know what people would like so she knew she had to get more information on the twin girls before suggesting books. "so what is it that your sisters are into? Do they like fiction or non fiction? What sort of hobbies do they have?" She asked the man still with a warm smile on her face as she was thinking of ideas.

    Though as she was thinking she kept finding herself staring at him. It wasn't like he was the first attractive guy she had ever seen before but for some reason he was different. Briar just wanted to admire him and it wasn't like her at all to go all funny towards a man especially while working. "has anything come to mind sir?" Briar asked politely as she waited for a answer. Maybe he wasn't sure at all?.

    (your reply was lovely, sorry I didn't reply until now I end up rather busy over the weekend)
  7. Kaleth followed after the younger female, the smell of the woman was nothing he ever smelt before. Nothing in the Kingdom would smell like her and he loved it already. Without a doubt she smelt nothing like this world, nothing would come close to it. When she started to ask questions his mind went a mile a minute thinking about his two younger sisters, that was so alike, but so different just like night and day. What did they like? They was so different, but so similar in parts too. There was no way he or his mother could not tell them apart, if it was not for the smell they gave off others would be confused to. Unless they were fully humans, then it was they who was confused about the two girls. Yet, if one watched them close enough they had different habits from using opposites hands to one having a few more freckles on her face.

    When she spoke again his eyes blinked, almost surprised he hadn’t said anything already. A small chuckle escaped his lips, “They are strange younger siblings hard to exactly put in words unless you know them.. But I would say, Moria likes the idea of making clothing and pranks, while Lilla likes weaponry and pranks.” They really were that different, but they both love to try to prank the royal stiffs a term they enjoyed calling them. "They are good children, but our mother not always at full strength to discipline them the way they need to be." When he was around, they acted better they knew they could not push his buttons like they could their mother or even some few the staff. If it was not for their Tutor he would have been worried about the Kingdom he had left.
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  8. Briar stood rather quietly awaiting on the very attractive mans answer. Then he answered her question. Though his answer at first seemed rather strange, but maybe that was just what she thought. "so weapons, clothing and tricks.. Interesting your siblings sound tricksters" she said chuckling lightly as she went through her books talking to herself. "weaponry... Ah there we go the development of weapons throughout the ages" she mused pulling out the book which was rather thick but full with juicy information. "making clothes... Ah right my sewing books were moved" she says talking to herself as she walked two bookshelves over and pulled out a book of similar size on sewing. "the only book that I don't think I can help you with is pranks.. My variety of books is large but I cannot help you there.. but I can highly recommended these two" she says smiling across at him. The only books on pranks she had were for little little children. It was one of a few books her grandmother did not approve of having in her store.

    She held the books out to him giving him a smile. "if you don't like the look of these tell me and I'll find others" she says hoping she had made another customer happy. Though the red head couldn't help but feel as if he was different to every other person she had met before. But she wasn't sure why she felt that way. Maybe it was because he was a foreigner?.
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