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I can do any but I prefer Romance, Action,Fantasy,Slice of life
You all know the cliche’s, dragons snatch princesses and try to eat them blah blah blah. Well in this little world I have dragons come once every few months and snatch male or female of all standing. Where they can’t be rescued because its hard to cross an open body of water sneakily. So the main idea or pairing is I’m a female dragon and you are the Prince, because it just so happens that is who she is after. Since it isnt really as random as it seems... dun dun dun.. Sorry about the horrid add just want the idea out there and dont have patience! Pm me!

Also always love
Furry rps (mxm or fxm.)
Would love a far cry primal themed rp/ a kind of caveman theme (fxm)
Dragons.. seriously wanting to be a dragon!
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