A dragon rider? I'm a winter spirit(Jack frost needed)

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  1. Plot: While flying Hiccup sees what he thinks is an ice dragon, but what happens when he learns he was following a boy about his age but a bit taller.

    Ic: Hiccup rode toothless enjoying the thrill of flight, his brown hair whipped in the wind. "This is nice, don't you agree bud?" Hiccup asked his night-fury getting a hum like sound as a yes. Suddenly something shocked them and toothless blasted it with his plasma, a sound like snapping wood came this confused as he saw ice go everywhere, "is that an ice dragon" hiccup cried as he and toothless followed the creature.

  2. Soaring through the sky alone as he usually would the spirit of Winter Jack Frost glided across the sky enjoying the fresh cool air against his skin as moved. Moving swiftly across the sky above the tree tops which had a slight sprinkle of snow sitting gently on the top. "Another day and more snow!" he hummed to himself grinning. The winter spirit was interrupted with a blast that struck with almost no warning. Blocking with his staff he heard it crack then snapped in two in his arms. "Dammit not again!" he cringed as he did everything in his power to land safely, but instead he fell straight onto the forest trees which did not give him a nice landing as he tumbled onto the ground onto a thin layer of snow.
  3. Toothless landed lightly, hiccup jumped off following the ice. He froze when he saw a boy with white hair and wearing a blue jacket. "Oh my god, toothless you hit a human. Wait he was flying what the he'll!" Hiccup said panicking, he began pacing back and forth.

    Toothless watched his rider curiously, he looked down at the boy who was laying in the snow. He walked over to the boy he began nipping at the boy's hood.
  4. After a very short black out Jack's eyes shot open as he peered around finding his hoodie being nibbled on by a funny looking black creature"Oii! don't eat that it's the only sweatshirt Iv'e got!" he groaned jumping up to his feet to see a relatively shorter man with brown hair and a metal foot for a leg. It was clear the male was in a panic, he must be able to see him. "uhh... you can stop pacing you only broke my staff" he called out freeing himself from the creature and locating the two halves of his staff. "ugh I have to fix it again.."
  5. "How the hell are you not dead?" He asked shocked blinking he looked down away from those strange bright blue eyes. "Toothless what are you doing?" He asked studying the black dragon.

    Toothless was sniffing Jack, suddenly the dragon pushed the boy over into the snow, he ignored hiccup's calls. Toothless began licking Jack and making a rumbling sound.
  6. Jack chuckled as he toppled over back into the snow with this creatures who's name was Toothless now half on him. "hahaha hey get off I need to fix my.." he half spoke as he put the two pieces down then forced himself free. "well I am still alive because I am the spirit of winter" he mused picking up the two halves of his staff while eyeing up the black creature as he placed the two of them together beginning to focus on re binding them together.
  7. Toothless sat watching the winter spirit like a dog. He nudged Hiccup starring at him with his big intense eyes, he licked his lips.

    "A winter spirit that makes less sense then a dragon that needs to finish it's armor to have a roar, which I have seen," he said crossing his arms and narrowing his forest green eyes.
  8. "well I am the winter Spirit My name is Jack Frost and you are?" he asked looking to the brown haired man as he grinned as his staff re bound together with a small explosion of snow shooting around him. "haha oops always hated repairing my staff" he groaned as him the black creature and the man were all covered in a small layer of snow.
  9. Toothless shook his body before rolling in the snow. He sat up his tounge flopping out of his mouth.

    He brushed the snow off his armor, he walked forward. "So you control snow?" He asked studying the boy in front of him, the good thing was that he didn't have to look at his stunning eyes.
  10. "more or less I control Ice, snow just general winter" he mused looking back to the dragon thing and laughed happily it looked cute when it was not jumping on him or trying to eat his clothes. He laughed lightly then returned his gaze to the rider "well main thing here is nobody is hurt"
  11. He frowned, he stumbled forward landing on Jack after toothless shoved him. He looked down and realized the awkward position him and Jack were in. He was on top of the white haired teen, his cheeks lit up bright red as he jumped away from the other embarrassed.
  12. Feeling his chilled cheeks go red himself "I uh..." Jack mumbled nervously getting up smiling lightly as he scratched his white hair gently. "Guess I should get going"
  13. Toothless rumbled, he growled as Jack. "Toothless enough, what is your problem bud?" He asked the dragon as he tried to pull the dragon away by the saddle.
  14. Jack held onto his staff nervously peering back before jumping up into the tree's. "You never told me your name! " He called out from in one of the tree's.
  15. "I'm hiccup," he said looking up at strange boy. He was more interested in why toothless was suddenly being mean.
  16. "Well that's a unique name" he called out chuckling before lifting off into the air. "Well see you around Hiccup and black dragon creature!" He yelled before flying off.
  17. "Bye," he said, he caught a black blur out of the corner of his eyes. "Toothless stop!" He said trying to catch the dragon as he launched himself up into the air.

    Toothless followed the boy, he knew hiccup would be mad for leaving him but this human that could fly was interesting.
  18. Gliding across the sky it did not take to long for Jack to realize he was being followed. "Uh.. dragon don't you have to stay with Hiccup?" he asked curiously not expecting the black dragon to listen at all. So making the quick decision he flew back towards the place he crashed into the ground trying to lead the dragon back.
  19. Toothless followed it was his plan, which in fact a good plan.

    Hiccup blinked when Jack came back followed by the night-fury, he raised an eyebrow at the dragon who rumbled in response.
  20. Jack landed behind Hiccup watching the dragon following "look I really don't need a follower" he groaned running his hand through his pale hand through his white hair.
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