A Drafting Table Named "Ashton" has stolen my heart...

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  1. "Well, she does like Melissa more than me."
  2. Alexander smirked as his thrusts and slaps happened at the same time*
  3. "Do you think something happened to her?"
  4. "You're not part of a problem. You are part of the solution. You may be the only person who can lead our children to that solution." *john said as he turned to Victoria and smiled watching her* "do you have who you are thinking about?"
  5. "Ah... I can't..." Alena grip on the sheets tightly, "Please..." her pussy was throbbing harder and faster, building up to a climax.
  6. Alexander laughed as he continued thrusting/slapping * "you're about to cum! From being raped! Ha! You're the most perverted angel ever!"
  7. John gently pushed his finger on his heart and gently pulled out a silver thread that shone brighter then johns. Even he was amazed as he smiled . He let the thread go as it floated to who Victoria was thinking about
  8. "Alex has been taking female angels."
  9. "She likes Melissa's reactions."
  10. The string circled around John and Kunari a few times.

    Kunari look confused, "Victoria, who were you thinking about?"

    Victoria looked embarrassed, "Mommy and daddy... I miss being in our home together." Being older than Evelyn, she remembered more of living on earth with her parents than Evelyn does.
  11. "Please.." Alena was surprised when she climaxed, pleasure rippling through her body, making her shiver. "God..." she moan softer, trying to understand what just happened.
  12. "But Alena is smarter.. she's sly." Kunari started to worry despite everything.
  13. "I kinda pity Melissa."
  14. The silver string entered a cupcake * "Victoria is an amazingly special girl." *john smiled as he gently pat her head* "im sure we can live on earth again."
  15. Kunari walk over to them and hug Victoria tightly, "I'm sorry I got angry.. but you did do a bad thing." She gently kiss Victoria's forehead and hold her close, "I love you so much baby girl."

    Victoria cling to Kunari happily, "Can we go home together now?"
  16. Alena struggle to pull away from the kiss.
  17. Alexanders tongue invaded her mouth and wrapped around hers as his thrusts get rough
  18. "Can we?" *john looked to kunari as he picked Evelyn up
  19. Kunari look from Victoria to Evelyn then John, "This isn't fair... three against one." She sigh softly, "Anjuu has been cleaning it up for years, the roses should be in bloom."