A doughnut could come up with a better title...

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  1. Hello! I don't really know how some people can just start talking about themselves, but I'll give it a try.

    I broke my nose when I was five when another kid headbutt me in the nose.
    I like coffee and llamas, but not mixed together, that's just wrong. Coffee with chunks of llama?
    I've been roleplaying for three years now. (skiddly freakin' do)
    I live in Texas.
    Sleeping is my favorite hobby, bacon is the best thing ever, and sometimes I'm known to go by as "Mama Jojo BiggySleeves", but you can call me "LUSCIOUS!". Just kidding, 'Maggie' will do just fine, I don't use my stage name out of the workplace. :bread:
  2. Why hello there, Changolian!
    Welcome to Iwaku!
    Sleeping is your favorite thing to do? Mine as well!

    Usually, Selenite brings the cookies, but since she is away for a week. I'll do the honors.
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    Enjoy your time here! Any questions or comments, don't hesitate to ask!
  3. 7 as well, Maggie. 7 as well.

    Welcome to Iwaku. I am Iliana, the girl you probably should only touch with really expensive oven mits because I'm a Fire Goddess like that. It's great to have you and your unorthodox way of thinking in the community~

    I love people like you~
  4. Very...interesting?
    Well hello there Maggie and welcome to the Community!
    I'm Doxa, nice to meet you.
    Need any help? Just ask!
  5. I feel welcome already, had this been more welcoming, I'd be feeling very uncomfortable.
    But nah! Perverts on the internet is just a myth! :headsmack:

    I doubt any of you are sex fiends...
  6. <_< No sex fiends! We kept that on the 'Mature Rp!"