A doorway into the realm of Shadows opens

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  1. and a man in black walks through.

    Hello. I'm Raven. I've been an online rp player off and on for several years now. I heard about this site today and decided to check it out.
  2. Hello raven hawk im Bucky. My username is no where near as cool as yours. Did you have a RP home prior to this
  3. Yeah.

    Unfortunately we just found out today that it will be shutting down soon.

    You may see an influx of membership due to that.
  4. Thats great the more the merrier. What kinda RP you into.
  5. When it comes to PbP, I've primarily done fantasy or steam punk, but am interested in modern, cyberpunk, urban fantasy, scifi, and cyber/fantasy (closest definition I can think of for Shadowrun). Around a table I've played D&D and Battletech.

    As for 18+ play, I don't require erotic, but I will not turn away from it either.
  6. man iv'e only done like 2 of those you definitely out match me bro
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.