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  1. The Pitch:
    The world is on the brink of a shift that will change the course of humanity, for better or worse. An ancient creature slumbers and in his house, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. Unfortunately for man and mer, disciples of the Esoteric Order of Dagon have once again taken it upon themselves to revive the now-sleeping God of Madness.
    If the Order succeeds, Cthulhu will take his role as the Grand High Priest and blow the Horn, opening a door within a door and freeing his master Azagthoth from eternal imprisonment. A new Age will be born, one filled with anguish and chaos. Nearly a century ago, a man by the name of Jack Walters was able to stop the Order before uniting the Triumvirate, killing Dagon and Hydra in the process but who knows what could have happened in the years since. The minds of man are not ready for the truths of Cthulhu and the Order and the minds of man are not ready to face Cthulhu and his master.

    The Scene:
    Massachusetts is too cliche for a Cthulhu-esque story...So, the story will begin in the city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The time is now, the story will progress on a day-by-day basis (possibly spanning real time the same way) and interactions will take place during those days, think of it like a journal highlighting the important parts of the day.

    My Role:
    I am the narrator. I describe important details pertaining to regions at hand and certain NPC's. I will provide very little of my own interaction outside of GM standards.

    Your Role:
    You are the souls of the story. Without you, this would be little more than a fanfic that could write. You explore, learn and interact with the world in more ways than I could with my imagination. You make the story unique.

    Things of Note:
    This story is heavy focus on RP. Combat will be minimal seeing as combat will be very lethal and you won't be some super-soldier hopped up on steroids. You will likely be some random Joe or Jane who works at a Starbucks or is a stay-at-home hacker. You are very much human living very much human lives (well up to the point in which that doesn't apply anymore). For any tabletop gamers out there, think of this style as a World of Darkness setting.

    Character Needs:
    This isn't so much a template as a rough idea as to what is needed to be known about a character for me to incorporate it successfully. Please, be as detailed as possible. I want creativity because you will need it to survive what I plan to throw at you. There will be puzzles and mysteries to solve. But again, don't try to make your character a super hero. You can be military, yes but you will still want to avoid combat unless you really want me to maul you with a truck or something.
    Name: (As it says, try to be somewhat modern with this please)
    Age: (late teens and above)​
    Physical Appearance: (pictures encouraged but optional)​
    Background: (Contains occupational history and anything that you wish to discuss with your character. This is the most important aspect of your character so have fun with it.)​

    This story has room for only a handful of people (A total of 8) and I won't be able to take everyone who wants to join. The more detailed your character is, the more likely you will be accepted. Also, its helpful to know some basic lore on Cthulhu but is not required at all. Fits many characters in the end. Lastly, the story will not begin until the majority of the slots are filled. As a GM, I am skilled at adding and removing characters on a moments notice. If you have any questions, please PM me or track me down or something.

    The Thread

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  2. Name: Marni Frisiertisch
    Age: 23
    Physical Appearance:
    Background: She was raised by her parents, who where never around much due to work, in a quite fancy three-story house. Both her parents had high positioned jobs within a jewelry company, and had more than enough money to spoil their only child daughter. Marni was used to getting what she want, when she wanted it, including a very nice apartment and a college tuition. She went to a private high school, where she got varying marks, but an overall B-average grade. As a matter of fact, she's gone to private schools ever since she attended school. Her first job was at a Subway restaurant, but that didn't last very long. She soon discovered that she hated the food business, and got a new job as a cashier at a clothing store in a mall. That job was all right for a while, but then she needed a higher pay in order to keep up with all the spending she was doing in college, and currently works for her father's business as a saleswoman. She is in college for a beauty degree, and aspires to be a hairdresser.
  3. I welcome you to the cult--I mean group! Lets hope that the other slots fill up fast so we can get this rolling as soon as possible. Im eager to begin.
  4. Name: Gwynn Argall

    Age: 26

    Physical Appearance:


    Gwynn is was a museum curator. Her love for history and artifacts landed her in the National Museum of Natural History as a museum curator. It was probably her proudest moment in life, working in the very place where history comes to life (not just at night, if you know what I mean). Everything seemed to work out fine for her, maybe a little too perfect that she had to make it her own. You see, Gwynn has quite a penchant for historical artifacts. Think of a die-hard-fan who would collect as many merchandises as possible; now put it in her context.

    The only problem is this: these "merchandises" are actually the real things. And taking it from the Smithsonian Institute isn't really going to put you in a good light. Sadly, this was the case for her.

    After Smithsonian, she faced refusal after refusal when applying for a post as a curator anywhere else. Eventually, she does get hired, but only at the Children's Museum of New Hampshire. Of course, it was nothing like the place she worked at the first time; she knew they were all fake, even if she did try to take it for herself.

    While she is still working in a museum, her heart still longs for the long corridors of history of the National Museum of Natural History.

    Gwynn is a rather cheerful person, always full of energy in the pursuit of history-related subjects or research (her love goes out for Norse myths and Celtic tales, given her Welsh roots). Her love for such things would often have her spend hours in a library or on the computer, researching for information. Most would see her as a very eccentric lady. Since she loves to stay up all night reading or studying lores or research notes, most people find her to be a rather anti-social person.

    She can be a bit of a dreamer, often thinking about the times she spent in the actual museum (despite all that happened, she was still very proud of her work there). Also, she still loves historical artifacts; that tendency to borrow (as she would have liked to put it) things remains till this day.

    Investigative skills
    Knowledge on lores & history (especially Celtic and Norse)


    - - - - -​
    I wish we could RP this with Jenga blocks, like Dread. Since this is designed as such, will there be moments where we need to flip a coin/pull a card for any chance/risk our characters are in?​
    We came out from a game of Dread recently. Nobody survived. I wonder if her participation in this would change her fate.
    Perhaps, perhaps. We will know in time, eh?​
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  5. Welcome to the group, glad to have a history buff in the group (whether thats just character or not is regardless :3 )
  6. Name: Lloyd Mordred Baldr
    Age: 32
    Physical Appearance: [​IMG]
    195 lbs.
    Dark brown hair
    Blue eyes

    Background: Graduated from high-school at 16, with flying colors. Immediately started going to a technical college to obtain an engineering degree. Three years into his four year degree he was in a six car pile-up, resulting in the loss of his left leg and several nasty scars on various other parts of his body. Most notably one running down his right shoulder and over his collar bone and chest. He took a year and-a-half off while he was hospitalized and being rehabilitated. He has a prosthetic leg to work with, and has meticulously crafted himself one or two others with varying purposes, one to show off at parties, and one for work, which is much stronger and has metal plating on it so it wont be cut or smashed easily.

    After finishing at the university and cycling through a few jobs, he found his current job as a carpenter for a high-end picture framing company, the kind of place that does custom orders for very rich clients. Other than that he sometimes works on his motorcycle and his truck in the garage, plays with his dogs, reads and cooks.

    He's mostly introverted, hangs out with friends some, but prefers lots of time to himself to pursue various projects, read a lot, or try cooking new recipes. At the peak of his social life, he'll socialize with friends maybe twice a week, but more than that is rare. He's very left brained, and highly analytical. He's the kind of guy who loves puzzles.

    He's a lucid dreamer, but doesn't dream all too often, but when he does his vivid imagination definitely plays its part.

    And random question: Zeno, why would you use the exact same character in two completely different RP's? Seems kinda boring and unoriginal to me.
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  7. Welcome aboard and good to see you man. Also, some people prefer to use the same character because its best suited for them so I wouldnt knock them down on it.
  8. Well, here's my answer for your question, Earl. My characters aren't just some form filled out with a name and personality, coupled with some random picture on the Internet. They're my own personal creations, and to me, very realistic. I draw them, write them, Roleplay them and more. They're comparable to my friends-I don't find a new group of friends every time I want to leave the house, completely forgetting the old group. I suppose it's hard to explain, but I guess you'd call them soulbonds. Look it up.
    Sorry for such an off-topic post, Milena Blackstar, but maybe there's other people who wonder why I only ever use the same six characters over and over again. It's not 'boring' or 'unoriginal' at all, at least for me. If you have a problem with seeing a character more than once, then don't Roleplay with me. It's that simple.
  9. Dont know if dissent in the crowd is good for Cthulhu campaign or not...Probably not. So Earl, apply that calming salve I sent you to your teets and you two can then get along (else I might have to send one of Cthulhu's dogs after you).
  10. Teets are calmed. -massive wink-
  11. Goodness gracious.

    A motley crew, ahoy!

    So, once we have enough people, how will this work? Pull a card at every chance/risk/skill? Random number generator?
  12. How do you mean? If its the story line and how it progresses, you shall see because I am still working on all that. But I will likely start it tonight and if people want to join in after they see the thread then they can. A good GM can add and remove players on a whim.
  13. Say, for example:-

    Scenario 1
    GM: You walk forward and you see a book on the floor. This book has a symbol on the front that you may recognise.

    Player: I'll check the book. Maybe there's some clues in it.

    GM: Pull a card; even or odd number?

    Player: Even. *draws a card, and sees a 4 of Hearts in hand*

    GM: You recognise the symbol. It was the one you saw from the entrance.

    Scenario 2
    *If player says odd and pulls out an even card, he or she must pull until they find the odd number card. This shows that the player was able to do the feat, but with great difficulty (depending on how many cards were pulled).

    If player pulls out the Joker, he or she can no longer pull and will be the next to die.

    Player: *pulls a Joker*

    GM: The book, that seemed so harmless before this, suddenly grew much larger than its original size. You try to escape it, but you see your doom before you as the pages open into a giant mouth. The end.

    Sort of like that. Though, I think it would work better if it was done in real-time chat.

    It would be too slow for forum posts, we think.

    But if you have another way of doing it (or something completely different), I'd be more than happy to experience it.

    She is very excited, is what she is trying to say.

    Yes, yes.
  14. Naw, Im going to be running this sort of like a World of Darkness game. I will manage all that will happen and what might happen on my end and leave the players to their devices. This will be sandboxed though if players stray too far from the goal or ignore it for too long I may or may not have to make something bad happen. I was also thinking that the progression would be held day by day, meaning that every real life day happened in game but that would be drag the game on for too long and cause boredom. So, I will leave plot hooks and information that will be needed for the players to understand what is going on, tis my job as a narrator. But in the end, the game style will be like if I were running a tabletop game.
  15. Additionally, I have alternate means of running it if the players would prefer another medium to play. I have both skype and a client called Fantasy Grounds.
  16. Excellent. I've only ever experienced one like that, but I would think that alone is enough experience for any sort of RP (unless it has stats and rules involved, then it might take a while).

    That said, perhaps we can try this one first before moving to other mediums. Test the waters, shall we say?

    Looking forward to it!

    Much much anticipation, indeed, yes.
  17. Of course! And just in case (and for my own benefit as well) I have downloaded all necessary WoD files should we decide to follow the Fantasy Grounds route. Though, FG is often used for tabletop gaming over the internet. The system is nice that it autocalculates things for you so the game goes faster. In any case, we shall see how this plays out.
  18. So, closer just to a standard RP, you just happen to supply important info?
  19. Mhmm, pretty much
  20. Works for me.