A Domination Story

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  1. "See you tomorrow, Daniel!" Said one of the last workers leaving the building that night. Still, Daniel stood there, making some last time repairs to some of the control servers of the company. It was his job to keep those databases up and running, and he loved his job. A couple of hours later, he was done, and so, he bid a farewell to the security staff and then left the office building. It was a little bit late, but as he was used to do, he went to a pub he frequented, a curious one indeed. The waitresses there were dressed in maid outfits, and there also prepared some of the finest tea he had ever tasted. Daniel got to the pub in no time, and once inside, he noticed that there was almost nobody in there. He looked at his phone for the time, and it was a little bit late indeed, so there was te explanation for the lack of people. Daniel sat on a table and looked around, looking for one of the maids in particular. I hope she is still at work, Thought him.
  2. Lana emerged from the kitchen to wrap her last shift and she noticed the new comer, she went over to him immediately, before anyone else. "How can I help you, tonight, even though we're just about to close?" she said keeping her composure over this handsome guy that just came in. She usually served him whenver he came in but never knew his name. (I'll have to add a picture soon)
  3. Daniel smiled when he saw her. There she was, the girl who always served him. "I would like to have some tea? The same as always." Asked him with a wink. To be honest, She was really cute, and that maid outfit, fitted her to the perfection. "Oh, and, Well... This may sound a little weird.. But could I order you?" Asked him with his charming smile. "I could use some company with the tea, and it will be only for a while." Said him as he took off the jacket of his suit to be more comfortable.
  4. "One usual coming right up, I guess I could but I need to the owner know, first. I just can't sit with the customers owners' rules." she said as she put her pad and pen after taking his order and started to walk away to get his order. As she was getting the tea, her boss came over. "I'm going home now, you and him are the only two left, everyone else has gone. Don't forget to lock up and you know where the money goes." he said as went through the back door. "Got it, don't you worry." she said, but her boss was already gone. After the ready she came back over to him, "Here's your usual, I just need to close up really quickly and we can leave." she said placing the drink down on the table.
  5. Daniel grabbed his tea and nodded. "I assume that's a yes to my order?" Asked him with his smile still on his face. "What's your name by the way? I never got tha chance to know it, but looking at you... I'm sure it must be, at least, as beautiful as you are." Said Daniel looking flirty at her as he took a sip of his tea.
  6. "It is." she was taken aback when he asked her name. "I should ask you the same, cause I don't know yours? But, I'm Lana."
  7. David nodded. "Sounds fair. I'm Daniel." Said him. "It's a pleasure to finally know your name, Lana. It's a really lovely name." Said him. "So, would you like to sit here with me?" Asked him very politely. "It's been quite a long day and right now, I would really enjoy your company." Said Daniel, inviting her to sit next to him in the sofa he was sitting on.
  8. "Thank you." she said smiling and blushing. "I was hoping to leave this place as soon as possible, it's been a long day for me as well and my feet are hurting." she sat down next to him. His eyes drew her in, there was something about him that she liked, but couldn't put a finger on it.
  9. "I know that feel..." Said him as he took another sip of his tea. "It may sound a little bit audacious, but maybe we could go to my place later. I don't live too far from here, and I've been told before I do quite neat massages." Said Daniel looking at her into her precious eyes.
  10. That enticed her a bit, since she had to take the train home. "Alright, sounds good to me, I'll meet you out front." She knew he had a Harley Davidson and was dying for a ride. Grabbing her belongings and checking everything was locked and money was stored away, she turned off the lights leaving one on and left the locked pub. When she came out she saw him leaning against his bike, her eyes widening and smile grew across her face. "Nice bike."
  11. He Looked at her as she walked out of the shop. "Do you like it? Is a Harley Blackline." Said him as he got up on his black bike and powered up the engine. The exhausts spitted a small coud of dark smoke and the engine roared deeply, asking to be rode. "Come on, get up. You will love it." Said him with his seductive smile.
  12. "I love it, my brother used to build these along with cars, so he taught me all kinds of stuff." getting on the back excitedly and wrapping her arms around him for support. The engine tickled her it was amazing, just like when her brother used to take her for rides.
  13. He waited for her to grab him. "Hold tight." Said him, and then he gave gas to the engine and drove away. He was really used to drive bikes, and even more to drive that one in particular, so he drove like if he had been driving all his life. A man in a three piece suit and a young woman in a maid dress riding a bike. That must be pretty funny to see, thought him with a smile. "How are you doing back there?" Asked him as he drove calm and peacfully trough the almost empty streets of the city.
  14. She took hold of his torso tightly and took hold even though she was used to this speed and riding them. "I'm alright, haven't been on a bike in so long, since my brother had a terrible accident a few years ago and we haven't rode since."
  15. Daniel listened to her and started to brake. "I'm sorry to hear that." Said him as he stopped the bike in front of a tall apartments buiding. "Here we are." Said Daniel as he got off the bike and helped Lana get off too. "And if you miss it, I can give you a ride whenever you want." Offered him opening the door to the building and letting her go first like a true gentleman. Once they got to his floor, he opened the door to his appartment and led her in. The place was quite modern western-ish, the floor was made of wood, the walls painted in brown and honey colors. A sofa lay in the middle of the living room, a table and come wood chairs and a slim tv decorated the rest of the living. There was also a few electric bass on the walls, they looked pretty used, and by one side of the sofa there was a 5 string bass sitting in his pedestal. "Feel like home. Please, take a seat." Said him inviting her to sit on the sofa and locking the door behind them. "Take your shoes off, your feet must be hurting." Ordered him. "Would you like something to drink?"
  16. "Oh it's alright", she said as the bike came to a halt and looked up at the tall buildings "This where you live, but these are a million plus penthouses and apartments." surprised by his location in the city since she lived uptown in a mediocre apartment. "Thank you, I'll take that offer into consideration." Once she entered the building her eyes darted about at the luxury of the room and entered the elevator up to his floor. Taking a seat on the couch, she took off her shoes and starting to rub them to ease the pain. "So much better and a glass of water would be nice. Are these yours, my brother has one exactly like this, 1988 van halen 5 string bass. Not bad" she said examining the guitar that was next to the sofa.
  17. Daniel put some low background music and returned to Lana with a glass of water and some whiskey for himself. "So you are an expert in music too?" Asked him with a smile. "And yes, all of them are mine." Said him sitting in the tea table in front of the sofa. "See that one?" Said him pointing at the first bass. "I saved money for almost an entire year to buy it. The very first bass I ever had." Said him as he put some talc on his hands, gently took one of her legs and started to rub her delicate feet. "Take the tights off." Ordered him as he massaged his feet with one hand as the other ran across her leg, slowly pulling out her hosiery.
  18. "Thank you, that was refreshing. I needed that." after a sip of the water she was just given. "Not an expert, just fond of guitars mainly." looking behind him she noticed the one he was pointing, "Wow, that's a beautiful one, the sound must be great on it." she looked back at him in shock. "You're not... going..... to hurt me, I hope." she was taken aback and maybe was the best to leave was now. Fear started to get the best of her, she pulled away and started to stand up. "I should go... Thank you for everything, just a bit uncomfortable taking my clothes off is all."
  19. He stood up and stopped her. "Oh, no no no... I would never hurt a gorgeous young woman like you." Said him softly as he set aside some of her hair. "Come on, don't be afraid. I will make sure it feels good." Muttered him kindly and warmly, with a reassuring smile. "I promised you a massage, right?" Said Daniel, gently pushing her back to the comfortable piece of furniture. "Get back to the sofa." Said Daniel, sweet, but firmly.
  20. "Yes you did promise that, but only a massage nothing else or more" said she in a firm voice, letting him know her boundaries. Before taking her seat back on the couch, "Where's the bathroom?" she asked so she could take her hosiery off in private.