A Distant Moon-Base

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  1. I had an idea of a laidback, slightly satirical rp where a group of colonists have been sent to a neighbouring solar system, to colonise a small moon that could be shaped to be suitable environment for humans. The group was frozen in stasis chambers for the journey. They arrive, and a small dome is set up with nessecities for life. Slowly the group expands on their base, and keeps it stabilised. But, they are not alone. They are accompanied by several, sentient robots each with different personalities, and built to do different things. In this rp, just try to survive, make friends, and have a good time.

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  2. Sounds cool!
  3. (\__/)

  4. I'm planning on a AI that controls all the essentials, called P.A.N. (Perpetuation Adapter Network) who is very emotionless and sarcastic
  5. xD, got any ideas for anything else?
  6. I have a plot idea for the future...

    The robots that we are with could go haywire. The can start to attack us.
  7. Yea! And you have to try and fix the system.
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  8. Sounds cool!
  9. Hopefully more people get interested....
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