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  1. I've said before that I don't Digimon because I can't lore.

    Maybe that's true. Maybe that isn't. But hey, I kind of suck at Pokemon Lore but just look how many I've churned and died

    Oh my sweet babies, resting in their pathetic little graves...

    It is very likely that I will only be capable of revving the OoC up by 20 Feb, and if I fail to do so, 26 Feb. If I do succeed, there is a possibility that the RP will start by 27 Feb.

    Anyways, onto the gig. I took a fair share of inspiration from series such as Accel World and Princess Connect. Calling it SAO, Log Horizon or Overlord-inspired might be a stretch.

    After all, what isn't?

    That being said, I have a concept, but lack a plot. I was thinking 'lighthearted', but nah...

    Yeah I think I've got a plot, but feel free to suggest yours.

    There are people known as 'Tamers'. At first, there were 10, but soon, their numbers started to spread across Akihabara, and the rest of Tokyo.

    The ones who were given this title had a very special smartphone 'game' application - simply titled 'Digimon Online'.

    This application was an invite-only application. However, you can only invite one person, so choose wisely.

    As of now, there are 59 Tamers across Tokyo.

    Using this application, they are capable of entering this world known as the 'Digital World'. There, they will meet their partner Digimon for the first time...

    Alright, more will be explained soon enough. I'm considering between a few plots such as an Xros-style faction war, or maybe something as simple as Digimon finding their way to our world through portals.

    I'm still considering a fair deal of things. Here are some decided things.

    Tamer Digimon can freely enter our world and go back in. These chappies get lonely sometimes. There aren't many Tamers so it'll be fine as long as you pop up a good disguise.

    Your phone becomes a Digivice when you enter the Digital World. As long as you hold onto your Digivice, you can simply warp back into your World.

    At the start, all player characters are newbies. They will all start with an empty Digivice.

    Humans are brittle. Be careful in the Digital World.
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  2. So this is based on Accell world or Digimon?
  3. We tame Digimon
    We evolve Digimon
    We chill around the Digital World
    And that is filled with Digimon
  4. Well I've got an itch to use Ari since the last thread died in just a few days. :/

    I'm interested if you do manage to get this up and going.
  5. Alrighty. Let's set dem basics up. Starting with the possible plots. The post after this will signify the primary mechanics of the RP no matter which plot we go.

    I only have two decided plots so far. The first goes a little far with the 'Accel World-inspired' thing and the second... yeah.

    The Digital World. A World accessible by only a few people - 59 and possibly counting to be exact - scattered across Tokyo. These people are known as Tamers. As long as they hold the 'game' application 'Digimon Online' in their phones, they can freely enter this world.

    It sounds like a game, yet it is not.

    In this world, the inhabitants, 'Digimon', are split into a variety of factions, having their fair share of territorial fights. Treaties have replaced full-out war with arranged, planned team duels, but war is still war.

    The humans who have partaken in this war with their Digimon partners, too, have formed or joined factions. One such faction is known as [Insert Name Here], lead by [Important NPC character] and her partner [I'll decide once you guys roll in with yours].

    (Every player character will have to partake in the same faction, due to... constraints. I'd really prefer to avoid exceptions, since it might get confusing.)

    The Digital World. A World accessible by only a few people - 59 and possibly counting to be exact - scattered across Tokyo. These people are known as Tamers. As long as they hold the 'game' application 'Digimon Online' in their phones, they can freely enter this world.

    It sounds like a game, yet it is not.

    Tamers and Digimon spend calm and peaceful days without war, since any sign of war ended eons ago, and thus, most fighting is simple fights and Holydramon hosts some tourney or something. there was nothing to note in this peace.

    That was, until one day, mysterious rips in space caused portals to appear between our world and the Digital World, causing Digimon to rampage and for humans to mysteriously disappear. As such, it is up to the 59 Tamers(or at least, those who are actually willing to care about this.) to help out. The events were primarily in Akihabara.

    This is their story.
  6. Mechanics:

    The mysterious application 'Digimon Online' is an invite-only application. An individual can only invite one other person and that's that, so choose wisely.

    It is ridiculously rare to see any adults 'play' this, due to the original 10 being kids back then and stuff. General age ranges are 9 to 19, but there should be just a few external to this age range(one of them being the mentioned important NPC) I hope their bosses don't mind 'bring your virtual pet to work' day.

    It would be best to follow traditional Digivolution. Adventures, 02, Tamers, Savers, yeah. I'll avoid Hybrids at all costs since lore-wise, they're supposed to be spirits of ancient powerful Digimon. I am iffy about including Xros Evolutions because this may turn into a 'make shit up while mixing and matching chimerical abominations' simulator. It's fun, but I'm considering.

    At first, you have no Digimon. You should attempt to tame or befriend one when you first enter the Digital World, or at least tag along with someone who knows the way.

    I will allow up to two split-evolutionary lines for your partners(after Adult/Champion only), alongside any boost-like Digivolutions such as altmodes, Burst Modes, Awakened, and such, even if it is in mid-evolution.

    When you enter the Digital World, your smartphone becomes a Digivice.

    Your body literally enters the Digital World.
  7. Hmm I don't think I'm into this.
  8. Sounds good although are we all gonna be in the same faction? Will we only get one digimon?
  9. Remember to vote for one of two plots guys.

    And yeah, same faction for the first plot.

    For the time being, it's one Digimon per person. I might consider raising it to two or three later in the story, but that might get puzzling.
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  10. I like the sound of this idea very much. the idea of using some of the mechanics form accel burst is amazing and I would cast my vote for the first plot. My only concern is not every one would be satisfied with just one faction some people may want to be evil.
  11. Actually, I wouldn't mind moderating some sort of nefarious faction.
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  12. Yeah ok I'll vote for the acceleration world version although I would push that we stick together and just one digimon.
  13. Well, that's 2 votes for Plot 1 and 1 vote for Plot 2. Not including mine.

    Before anyone takes 'Accel World inspired' too literally - time passes regularly.
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  14. I will consider setting the OoC up very soon. As no one has suggested a Faction name, I will pop one up.
  15. I was semi-dead yesterday night. I'm still dead but less dead.
  16. I don't know why but this amuses me.
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