A Difficult Reunion

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    Washington, Seattle, November 10th, 2015
    "Remember the days when we would talk all night about comics? The days when you would show up to my house randomly? Do you? No?"

    Young Andrew Robinson and Katie Akiyama were friends for uncountable years. They knew each other at the age of one, unable to even make up coherent sentences. They grew attached to each other, never leaving each others side. The two had numerous things in common - video games, comics, books, and sports.

    It the two were not seen with each other, it would be known as an omen.

    At the end of their eighth grade year, Andrew leaves. There was no word from him, leaving Katie perturbed and agitated. A part of her seemed to have disappeared. The poor girl was left without her best friend for her high school year.

    Let's move three years ahead from eighth grade, shall we?

    Katie Akiyama is now a senior in Kingston High School. She is currently enjoying every single day of her senior year, making every second count - nothing was going to destroy her jovial senior streak. However, havoc is being wreaked as a new student walks into homeroom. The face is familiar, but, she was unable to recall where she's seen that face.

    "He's a new student. He has just returned from...?"

    Before the teacher's implied inquiry was answered the familiar face responded.

    "Andrew, Andrew Robinson."

    Thus begins our story.

    M A I N - C H A R A C T E R S

    S I D E - C H A R A C T E R ( S )

    Chapter I; Reunited
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  2. Another day of rain.

    Katie leaned against the backing of the passenger seat. Her slender body squirmed into a ball - her knee's pulled closely to her chest, an attempt to rekindle warmth. The weather was frigid, her fingertips too cold to be considered normal. She shuffled her body closer to herself, desperate for something warm. Within the car, there was no heater, the window's fogged up to be able to see the outside world, and everything that surrounded her in the car was gelid. A loud groan emitted from her vocal cords, resonated from the car and transmitted into Jackson's ears.

    The lanky boy groaned in response. Her response, groan harder than him; she wanted to show how miserable she was in the cold. "Don't be a kid Katie," He scolded lightly. "I will kid as much as I want!" The decibels in her voice grew. When the car came to a halt, Jackson flicked Katie on the side of her head. "What an ass," She said under her breath. The comment was audible and clear enough for Jackson to hear, for her to receive another one. The exchange between retorts and flicks continued till the street light shifted from red to green.

    Endless highways that alter into roads to towns - the car turned to an exit. Katie noticed the change of scenery, a highway into the small hustle bustle town of Seattle.

    She wiped the fog off the window with her maroon long-sleeved sweater. The outside was ravaged by a chaotic rain and wind. She was surprised when she noticed faces of familiar students eagerly waiting for the bus. There was frown drawn on her face to show her condolences to the drenched students. The rainy season seemed to show no signs of benevolence, the ruthless rain poured down harder as Katie pondered further. The pitter-patter sounds of rain drops were equivocal to a hammer being slammed down. When she was younger the rain drops used to frighten her with their aggressive descend. The older she grew the more accustomed she was to the noise; she grew accustomed to a lot of things, adapted to the loss of her friend.

    She furrowed her brows together, at the thought of her old friend. Katie now thought of him as a traitor, to leave her so sudden, to force her to forge a new bond with someone else. The thought brought deadly emotions, her emotions protruded from her facial expressions.

    "Hey, hey!" A nudge from Jackson pulled her away from her thoughts. She turned to the front window to see Kingston High School. She chuckled nervously, "I'm alive," She raised her hand slightly. She watched as Jackson rolled his eyes and brought out his umbrella before he exited the car. Katie followed his actions, grabbed her bag in the backseats. As she exited the car, she stood closely by Jackson. The umbrella was colossal - he was always prepared for the rainy season, one of the few traits she loved about him.

    The two rushed their way up to the steps of the school, into the hallways where students chattered. Katie and Jackson tread their way into the hoard of students to a safer place, the unused room, room 124. Room 124 was a quaint and small room unused, the principal decided to give the room to the anime club. The trust the principal held for the members of the anime club baffled many students. Pushed, shoved, and bumped by students Katie pushed her slender body away from the crowd. She turned her heels in search of Jackson. The lengthy individual attempted to do the same as Katie, however, he was pulled back.

    In one heroic movement, Katie reached her arm out into the crowd. Their hands interlocked and she pulled her lanky friend toward her. "Thanks," Jackson said, ruffled her hair into a ball of fuzz. "Tch, don't touch my hair." She swatted his hand away from her head. He chuckled and the two walked over to the hallway, where most classrooms were located.

    They walked in the hallway with ease, not a single hoard of students interrupted their tranquility. However, their plans to relax in the club room was foiled when a starry-eyed blue haired girl popped out from nowhere. Katie jumped, stepped back to regain her composure. A mellifluous laughter resonated from the blue haired girl. Katie rose from her frightened disposition and began to flail her arms at the blue haired girl. "Fuck you," Katie hissed at the blue haired girl. "Now, now," The blue haired girl wrapped her arm around Katie's neck.

    "I heard something interesting," She began.

    "What did you hear Caroline?" Katie rolled her eyes.

    "There's a new student!" Caroline squealed in delight. "Male or female?" Katie inquired. "Male, not sure of his name, but he transferred here from somewhere else." Katie raised both of her eyebrows out of sheer curiosity. It was an oddity for a new student to start at the senior grade level. She didn't ponder further, it would only leave her with more unanswered inquiries. She followed Caroline into homeroom, where most of the students sat, wasted space and time till school officially started. Gradually a few minutes passed and all the students were seated in their unassigned seats.

    After the students entered, a voluptuous woman, with red frizzy hair, walked inside the classroom. "Alright, kiddo's," A demeaning nickname she gave her students - her freshman class or senior class, they were all addressed, kiddo. "We have a new student here today with us," The red-haired teacher, Mrs. Abrams, gesticulated at the doorway. Students eagerly leaned forward curious to see the new student.

    "Don't be shy, come in,"
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  3. "Don't be shy, come in."

    With one arm, the mysterious new boy leaned against the doorframe a little farther past the other end on the side of the classroom, remaining mostly hidden from the students' view with his head and eyes lowered down to the floor beneath his feet. He never thought it fathomable for himself to be wracked so much by his nerves in this one moment; he was so convinced that he would be able to handle this situation with unfaltering confidence up until this point, so why was he so nervous? He supposed it was like that one time three years ago... The experience had been quite similar; except then, he was practically terrified of all the new faces before him, unsure of how to fit in amongst any of them. This should have been much simpler, considering that he was now back in his hometown in Seattle, but it wasn't. Why?

    Eighteen-year old Andrew Robinson now found himself here in Kingston High School after having studied abroad in Japan for nearly all of his high school years upon the end of his time in Grade 8, and he was very much anxious beyond belief because he was about to show himself for the first time to a sizeable number of people that he currently wasn't familiar with. He'd once been so comfortable over in East Asia with the new folk that he had intermingled with as a foreign student, and now, he was back in America where stereotypes of all kinds flourished and civility was something that was essentially unheard of. There was quite a cultural difference between these two places that he had been in, he noticed, and it was easy for him to decide which one of the two he preferred.

    And now, he could hear the familiar sound of heavy rain impacting and moistening concrete thundering away in his head, if not the faint sound of it hammering just above him against the roof of the school building. However, as he came to unconsciously remember, he didn't have time to soak up in the nostalgia of everything outside; he still had an introduction to make, and an entire first day at his new school to get through. He couldn't be sitting around here all day, and that also seemed to be a fact that was evidently conveyed through the expression in the teacher's eyes- what was her name again... oh yeah, Ms. Abrams- when she looked over at him from where she was standing in the classroom. Reluctantly meeting with her gaze, and then flicking his eyes over to the side where he knew the rest of the class was waiting for him to make his entrance, he took a deep breath in and out through slightly parted lips before willing himself to move his legs forward.

    Upon entry, Andrew- who was currently clad in a mostly zipped up black hoodie (which had its hood down, of course) that kept his t-shirt hidden from view, navy blue jeans and a pair of black and white Adidas sneakers- could already see and hear the mass of students quietly swooning over and inquiring about him amongst each other, clearly very excited by and curious about his presence. At this, a half forced but half natural smile pulled at the corners of his lips as he stood alongside Ms. Abrams and scanned over the crowd with a curt lift of his hand before returning it back to the pocket of his hoodie, flattered by the attention he was receiving but also slightly discomforted by it. He didn't feel like he could explain it right, but it felt almost as though he just didn't belong with this kind of community anymore. These were people that he was sure that he couldn't fit in with... yet at the same time, it seemed as though maybe he could make quite the name for himself here.

    He'd just have to wait and see where things carried him along.

    Then, it was when his eyes landed upon her that his world was suddenly shocked by a violent earthquake. That dark hair, the pair of eyes that went hand in hand with it... That particularly rounded jawline, and her curved and full lips...

    No. That can't...

    Andrew's smile faltered as his eyes helplessly locked with hers, the gears in his head shifting as flashes of images with bright colors flitted through his sight, reminding him of the person that he had let go of in order to pursue something beyond what he already had here in the States. The person who he was almost never seen without with... The person who had been his best friend since they were two kids incapable of forming legible sentences. Of all the people to be here, it had to be her...

    In an inevitable and nearly cruel twist of fate, he had been pitted to face Katie Akiyama once more after having unwillingly abandoned her all those years back.

    "As you all know, this is the new student that will be joining our class," Ms. Abrams spoke, a smile as bright as ever continuing to grace the rest of her facial features as she took the liberty of introducing the young man to her students. "He's studied abroad for the last 3 years, and has just returned from...?"

    His response did not at all have any correlation to the teacher's question; it just spilled out without warning, a thought in his head that had been translated into those two simple words that he managed to utter. It was a clarification, an absent-minded desire to confirm who he really was. Was it because he was afraid that perhaps she'd somehow forgotten about his existence while he'd been absent for such a long period of time? Maybe. He didn't know.

    Regardless of that, she and everyone else standing around her would now know the name of the person that currently stood before them all:
    "... Andrew. Andrew Robinson."
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  4. Two simple names that brought Katie's heart to stop and her internal organs to churn.

    Her pupils dilated while her breathing grew heavy. Andrew, Andrew, Andrew - the name continued to repeat in her mind. She felt the eyes of her friend burn into the side of her face. They weren't sure what happened, they don't know, they don't know their history. Her hand clasped onto the other and her nails dug deeply into the soft flesh. Her upper teeth did the same t her lower lip. Every part of her body reacted at the sight of the traitor; that was what Katie called Andrew, a traitor. He left her, left her for somewhere else. It had taken her years to rid of the closeness the two shared. His return will only add another year and therapy to forget his existence.

    A hand was placed on her shoulder, but she brushed it off. She underestimated her will and sat still. A failed attempt to regain her cool composure broke when her eyes continued to stare deeply into Andrew. Her dark brown orbs had seared into him; she prayed that he felt the heat of hatred that emanated from her eyes. The surprise later shifts into spite.

    She disregarded her friends presence and kept her undivided attention on Andrew.

    "Alright, well, Andrew," The teacher spoke his voice so prominently, as if any other word had not held any importance. "Find a seat, any seat." The teacher gesticulated the classroom. Katie adverted her eyes to the remaining seats that were empty. There were none near her's - thankfully. There was two, one in the front next to a 'flower child' named, Lola. Her name was originally Jane, but she forced everybody to call her, Lola. Another seat was in the middle left, next to an engrossed gamer named Howard. Both seats were empty for a reason - both students were rather an eyesore and no one really enjoyed Lola's conformist lectures or the wretched scent of cheese that wafted around Howard.

    Once he took his seat, Katie never seemed to be able to look away. Her friends took note of this and whispered inquiries to themselves. Katie just stared. She recalled the past - days of childhood that no longer exist, laughs that were shared over idiotic jokes, fights that were deemed immature and stupid, and memories that seemed to have burned into hatred. She pondered how he felt if he had noticed her if he was able to know it was her. Their queries only left her curious.

    But, she won't have the courage to speak to him. She told herself she hated him, but, she can't. The past had restricted her from feeling any sense of animosity toward Andrew. Deep, deep, down her heart loved him. Endless days where she wished to be his closest friend and revive the days of the past.

    If only she could break past the pain.
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  5. Andrew could see it and feel it so clearly from where he was standing. Katie was seething.

    And as much as it was understandable for her to display such an emotion in such an immense manner, it made him feel so incredibly uncomfortable. Nothing he could say would change the fact that she now resented him so deeply for something he hadn't been able to tell her was out of his power then at the end of their last year in middle school, and knowing that made him feel full of guilt on the inside. It hadn't been his choice to make to go and study abroad for some time in Japan- that had been the decision that his parents had made for him without any of his input being involved- and yet he still felt very much responsible for leaving his childhood friend and not having kept in contact with her to prevent her from worrying so extensively about him.

    And now, he got to see the effect of what had happened for himself after not being able to see her for three years.

    "Alright... Well, Andrew," he heard the teacher say, accustoming herself (and the rest of the class) with the new name to be added to her attendance list and gesturing out towards the rest of the classroom before telling him, "Find a seat, any seat." That was quite the offer for her to make when most of those mentioned seats were occupied by all the other students in Ms. Abrams' class; a quick scan with his eyes over the rows of desks revealed to him that there were only two seats open: one beside a girl who seemed to possess what others would so callously call a "resting bitch face", and one beside a boy who frankly didn't look particularly organized or tolerable in appearance. Ultimately, he decided that his best bet would be sitting next to the girl, so that's where he went.

    When Andrew sat down in the empty chair, he kept his eyes trained on the front of the room and didn't dare look back at Katie, although he could feel her heated gaze continuing to linger on him. He was fully aware that a more personal encounter between the two of them later on was very nearly unavoidable anyways, but right now, he just wasn't able to will himself to look back at who was once the closest friend he had at his side. Not after he'd seen the way she glared at him after he had affirmed his identity to her indirectly. Every part of her facial expression had conveyed such a far-reaching bitterness, and very much alluded to a horrible possibility that perhaps she hadn't forgiven him for parting ways with her so suddenly.

    Was there any way to repair what they once had? He didn't know, yet that he was all he could currently think about, and nothing else. They had once gone through just about every part of life together, only confiding in one another and enjoying their lives to the fullest amongst only themselves. Then all of that disappeared one day when he'd been forced to fly off to and live in another continent for the next 3 years after their graduation from middle school all for the sake of academic endeavors that he hadn't even been setting out to accomplish.

    Now, there was no telling if they would be able to fix what had been fractured between the two of them.
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  6. A soft nudge to her arm caught her attention. A sharp turn to her left brought her face to face to a confused Jackson. Close knit brows that formed a furrow on his face forced a nervous chuckle from Katie. There were no verbal exchanges, but facial exchanges. She shrugged off her friends confusion - thus brought more confusion. Katie tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and looked down at her untouched notebook. It was opened to an unwritten side. Her eyes traced upwards to the board to see it blank.

    "Right, this is homeroom." She reminded herself.

    She returned her attention back to her friends after one last glance at Andrew. Her blood boiled, simmering. She shook her head, anger got to her, she didn't want her new friends to ponder. Jackson spoke amiably to another female student as Caroline walked up to them. The sound of the chair scraped against the floor resonated a shrill squeal. Katie covered her ears - the sound was similar to nails against the blackboard. Caroline sat in front of Katie with an extended grin on her pink hued lips.

    "The new kid is kinda interesting, huh?" Caroline inquired. "I would like to interject here," Jackson returned his attention on the two. "He seems rather bland; not the type to be talkative, don't cha think Katie?" He nudged on her arm again. She shrugged, letting her shoulders drop. "I dunno. I don't care." A tinge of anger became evident to her friends ears. Caroline raised a brow, as for Jackson, he lacked the perception to pick up her emotions.

    "Do you want to talk about it?" Her blue-haired friends maternal senses seemed to exude from her tone. Soft hands were placed over her's and hopeful eyes glimmered. There was reluctance when Katie declined her offer, continued to laugh it off. The false reassurance did not appease Caroline, however, the girl stopped her maternal pressuring. The group of friends continued to talk till homeroom came to a quick end. Everybody rose from their seats and began to head off into their next class. Katie did her best to avoid Andrew. She waited till she was the last student to leave the class.

    Sadly, her plan only backfired.

    "Ms. Akiyama and Mr. Robinson." The teacher called out. Her heart dropped for a moment and her hand began to grow clammy. She stood in front of the desk, staring intently at the board. She felt his presence close, too close. It was a familiar feeling, however, she gave off a different emotion. "Ms. Akiyama, because, Ms. Lorrine isn't present today, you will show Mr. Robinson around the school." It was an inquiry she was unable to deny. "Oh,"

    "Um," She stalled a bit. "Okay..."

    "Perfect! Well then, Mr. Robinson, this is Katie Akiyama, she will be your 'friend' today." A big smile on the teacher's face only grew grim.
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  7. "Ms. Akiyama and Mr. Robinson."

    Jesus Christ Almighty, why...

    Andrew stopped in his tracks when he heard Ms. Abrams' voice and practically felt his blood run cold, tightly clutching the strap of his bag as his feet stayed planted to the floor beneath himself while the last of the swarm of students in front of him filed out and headed over to the classroom for their next period. As if just discovering that his former friend was studying at the same school that he'd just transferred over to following his return to Seattle; now he was going to be stuck with her for a reason that he could only assume was that so she could 'help' him around? How would he be able to manage through that? He had barely been able to even look at her earlier, for crying out loud!

    No, it would be wrong of him to say that he didn't want to attempt to make amends with the person that he had once been so close to for so many consecutive years; the problem was that he had no idea if she wanted to. The way she looked at him when he had made his presence known to her spoke to herself; their unavoidable separation had made her become vindictive over the course of time that they had been apart for, enraged that she had been left behind without being told that he would disappear beforehand. And he certainly didn't blame her; he very likely would have reacted the same way if the situation were to be the other way around between the two of them, but that didn't mean that the thought of her not wanting to reconcile with him didn't eat away at him so much from the inside.

    He'd never intended for this to happen. But he didn't have a choice but to let it happen.

    "Ms. Akiyama; because Ms. Lorrine isn't present today, you will show Mr. Robinson around the school."
    "Oh, um... Okay."
    "Perfect! Well then, Mr. Robinson: this is Katie Akiyama. She will be your 'friend' today."
    "R-Right. Thank you so much."

    Hearing Katie's voice for the first time in so long almost made Andrew forget that there was even such a large rift between them. Though obviously more pronounced because of how long it had been, her voice had more of a silky ring to it... It came out much more smoothly than he remembered it, and somehow it instantly entrance him when he heard it. It was only when he made the decision to turn his head and look back at her directly that he remembered that they had been separated, and were no longer near to one another on a personal level. Pressing his lips tightly to each other and clenching his teeth momentarily as his gaze lingered on her for a bit, he then turned and went to exit the classroom, standing by the doorway outside and waiting for her to follow suit. He held out hope that they could still make things between them work out...

    If only the circumstances hadn't needed to be like this in the first place.

    When Katie finally joined him out in the hall, Andrew paused for a moment before starting off by saying: "I can explain myself."
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