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  1. ok so my usual roleplays include me being the dominant and they are normally dark in nature. But this time I am looking to play a submissive for once. I think I have one or two out of almost 18 roleplays where I am the sub and both are not very active, which i'm ok with because i'm fine with slow progression. But I need to work on playing as a submissive character because it is my weak point in roleplaying.
    Here are some facts about my roleplaying:
    • Posting can range from several times a day to once a week due to my work schedule and the fact it's summer and I want to spend it with my friends
    • I write 1-6 paragraphs, never less than one paragraph however
    • I have little to no boundaries when it comes to the sexual aspect of the roleplays, you want to try something out ask me and I will most likely go with it
    • I only do MxM, very seldom do I do MxF and I never do FxF (nothing against it just I can't get into it)
    • I like to discuss plot progression and idea's with my partners
    • I try to give a heads up before I leave for more than three days, but if I don't post I am 100% ok with you messaging me like "hey whats up man? will yah post dang it?"
    Pairings that I want:
    Prince x Peasant/Outlaw/Warlock (have somewhat of a plot for this one, may or may not be based off of a music video)
    Fallen Star x Human (have a plot for this one)
    Escape Slave x Horribly Scarred Man
    Blind Boy x Seeing Eye dog turned human
    Military POW x Young boy who saves him (plot)
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  2. -reserved for plots-
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