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  1. Your challenge is simple, come up with a different, but recognizable, name for a birth-day. Here's some things that one might name the day for to get your inspiration flowing

    Besides being born, on your birthday, you (usually)

    • Receive your name
    • Are separated from your mother via the cutting of the umbilical cord
    • Take your first breath of outside-mom oxygen
    • Have your first feeding (often of the mother's breast milk)
    • Are counted one year older
    • Have your finger and footprints recorded
    • Are greeted by your parents
    • May be blessed by a priest or parson
    • Receive gifts and recognition from those close to you
    Try using your new name in a sentence

    "My ____ is coming up"
    "She will celebrate her twentieth ____"
    "Isn't the fifth your ____?"

    Post your creative new name for a Birthday in the comments, and then tuck it away for future use in your own original culture!
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  2. First day before death.
  3. Beparents Day.
  4. These are great ideas, but do they work in context?
    "It's my eighteenth first day before death tomorrow"
    "Kim's Beparents day is today"
    "What should I do for my mother's Arrival?"

    If you use these in your world culture, you may want to tweak them or give them slang names so that they can be used more easily in context :)
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  5. Name day. "Ah, this your 15th Name Day, congratulations." "Be grateful, some children get carrots on their NameDay."
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  6. Anniversary of life/Life anniversary
  7. Yes, because the word is reserved for the adults that conceived the kid rather than the kid itself.
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  8. I'll give this a try.

    The Emperica word for birthday is Brih Das meaning birthday or Aging Day.

    Endless= Formation Day(Endless are beings made from energy and clouds that take form.)

    These are just two of many. The others I have to come up with.
  9. For a culture of artists, craftsmen and singers, a birthday is known as a "First Song". The child's first breath of air... and the ensuing cry is said to be the sweetest song the parents will hear.

    I don't have any culture to use for this, but I hope you all like it.
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