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  1. It's seems like it's only me. Only I can see things that others can't. It's funny in one way, even if I would want to prove what I can do to others it's not like I would be able to. The future always changes. Especially if someone has a hard time deciding what to do. At first that person can get killed but he suddenly decides to take another path and he ends up living for another thirty years. I have tried not to see other peoples future nor my own but sometimes I see it anyways. Sometimes it's me who creates the future I tried to prevent. It's not like I can talk to anyone about this, people would just think that I'm nuts. Even I have a hard time believing it. If only...

    "Samantha, aren't you supposed to welcome that new student today?" Anya said behind her. Samantha turned around and faced her friend. She had been too busy with her writing so she hadn't noticed how much time had passed.
    "It's already time?" Samantha asked and rushed up from her chair before she got an answer. She closed her diary and put it in her bag before rushing out of her room and checked her wristwatch. Ten more minutes before he would arrive, she would make it if he weren't early. Hopefully he wouldn't be late though, she hated to wait.

    Of course she had already seen him arrive, but some times he were to late and sometimes he were to early in her visions. It depended on a guys decision to take the bus or the car to work. If he took the car then he would make a car accident on the way to work and it would take the new guy longer to get there but if the guy decided to take the bus then the accident would never happen and the road would be calm the whole day.

    Sometimes she really did want to warn people about what could happen, but it wasn't like they would actually listen to her. Why would they? Even she thought she sounded crazy so others would definitely think she were crazy. It had happened before that she had told people and they just got scared of her.

    She came down to the main hall where she were supposed to wait for the new student, it was still five minutes left until he should arrive. Would he be in time or not? Would that man with the choice of taking the car or the bus get in an accident or not? She refused to force forth a vision if it had happened or not since it should have happened over an hour ago. She rather find out by the student walking in threw the doors late or not than see the whole thing repeating in her head. She had seen people die too many times already.

  2. Matt was late. He’d already been off to a late start. He did not want to come to this school. If it were at all up to him he wouldn’t attend school at all. But it disappointed his mum if he didn’t and he didn’t want to disappoint his mum. And with enough prodding from his friends Dom and Chris, he finally, reluctantly agreed to make the transfer, not that he had much choice in it. He’d managed to be declined by every other school in this whole part of the country for his ‘rebelliousness and truancies’. Dom had pointed out the school specialized in music and that it would be good for him.

    In fact that had been his saving grace for getting into the school- His musical talent.

    Traffic was a state heading into the city and the sirens and radio signals from other vehicles irritated Matt. For as long as he could remember he could sense lower and higher frequencies than others could. It wasn’t that he heard things louder; it was just that he could hear more. So things that didn’t typically bother others bothered him. And right now, he could tell that there had been an accident before they even reached it, just from the more than usual activity over the radios.

    “There was an accident,” Matt stated blandly as he rested his chin against his hand and propped his elbow on the armrest, bored, as if this were an everyday occurrence.

    “It could just be traffic,” his mum suggested. But as they approached, Matt was right.

    When they’d finally gotten through the traffic and to the school, it was too late for anyone to stay long. The goodbyes ended up being a quick hug and hurrying off again to get back to pick up Matt’s little half-sister from school.

    Matt hoisted his few bags over his shoulders as his family drove off and pushed through the door of the school, looking around, unsure of where to go.

  3. Samantha watched at the clock almost every second and when he still hadn't gone threw the doors when it was time she sighted loudly. So the accident had happened. She remembered the mans face from her visions, even though she hadn't known the man it was still hard to watch him die like that. He had been horrified. Maybe she only cared because she actually could feel the mans feelings as he died, maybe it hadn't been so hard if she just saw. Once when she had a vision in the middle of class she had started to cry because of the pain when a man got shot in the side.

    She tried to force the memories away just like she did with her visions, but somehow memories was harder to put aside. After some time a young man walked in threw the doors. He looked around and Samantha couldn't help but think of him like a little lost puppy. She walked towards the man that probably were the new student.

    "Are you Matt?" She asked politely even though she already knew. She had seen him walk in threw those doors before in her visions. As far as she knew this could just be another vision and nothing of it was real. She never knew before she woke up from the vision. It was like a dream, as long as you are dreaming you won't realize that you are in a dream even though a talking fish suddenly enters the room. What's worse with seeing the future is that everything is real, it can and will probably happen in reality.

    "I'm Samantha and I have been assigned to show you around. We have to hurry up though, since you were late we don't have that much time before the meeting with the principal. He wants to meet all transferred students." She told him before he had been able to answer her question. The principal mostly wanted to meet transfer students if they had a bad reputation just to tell them that they must act appropriate.
  4. Matt eyed Samantha carefully. She was pretty. Very pretty. And that made him nervous. He gave his bags another hoist over his shoulder and shifted from foot to foot. "I'm Matt, yeah," he said, answering her initial question. He looked briefly around the room and then back at her, his blue eyes tracing over her face once more. He made no apologies for being late, being more distracted with the actual act of being there.

    "Let's get this over and done with, yeah?" The only places he was really interested in seeing were his quarters and the music room. Everything else was more or less just a school to him and he couldn't care less. Though there was one thing he felt he needed to get out of the way straight away. "Are there uniforms?"
  5. Samantha made a small wink with her hand to him to follow her. "We'll start with your room so you can leave your things." She told him. "There aren't any uniforms but if you have inappropriate clothes then you will get thrown out from the classroom. Try to stick to colors like black, white, grey, blue or brown, then you should be fine. Don't have offending words on your shirts or any words at all, trust me, our teachers can find something wrong in the slightest letter if they just wants too." She said. A lot of their teachers cared about the clothes only if the student was a troublemaker. As fast as they had gotten their eyes on a troublemaker they could see something bad in every move they made.

    "This is your room, for the moment you will have it alone since everyone else already have a roommate. Though if a new transfer student comes then you will have to share with that person. If it's not a girl since boys and girls are forbidden to live in the same corridor." She explained as they came to a door very close to the main hall. Many students thought it was unfair that the girls were living on the other side of the school which meant they had much longer to the dining hall. But on the other hand they had much closer to the classrooms so it shouldn't be such a big problem. But of course it was only geeks that thought like that.
  6. Matt wrinkled his nose slightly at the strict dress code. Well it was better than uniforms anyway. He wouldn't have too much trouble with it...at least he hoped. Most of his clothes were black or gray but a lot of them were baggy on him. He had a hard time finding clothes that fit properly because he was so small. All of his trousers required a tightly cinched belt to hold them up. The only tops he had that actually fit him he'd found in the girl's section and no doubt they'd have a problem with that.

    He set his bags down and looked briefly around the room, relieved that he wouldn't have to deal with a roommate just yet. As it was there was a vibe about this particular hall that he couldn't quite put his finger on. It was probably haunted but he'd have to explore that later. Nothing that he wasn't used to by now. At least he was close to the dining hall of he wanted to sneak a midnight snack ever.

    He nodded and looked back at Samantha, shy, because he didn't know her and she was pretty. "Ooright," he said simply, ready to follow her wherever she might take him next.
  7. She nodded as he was ready to start the tour and she turned around and started to walk. "If you walk straight down this corridor then you will come to the dining hall, it's impossible to miss it. It's open between five and nine in the morning eleven and one in the afternoon and six to nine in the evening. If you want something to eat at times when it's not open then you just take the second door beside the dining hall. There they have fruits and sandwiches for people that want a snack before they go to bed or between lunch and dinner." She told him as they walked. She wouldn't show him the dining hall since it was pretty hard to miss.

    Samantha took a right turn and they came to a corridor without any doors. A lot of pictures of previous principals were put up on the walls. "This school has existed since the early 1900 and were from the beginning an all boys school. Girls weren't allowed here before just some years ago so you will noticed that the most classes has more guys than girls. around 1/4 of the schools students are girls. They are running a campaign at the moment to try and get more girls here to next year." She explained.

    As they got out of the corridor they came to another one. "That way is the girls rooms, and down this corridor is the classrooms. They are numbered in order from one to thirteen so it won't be that difficult to find the right classroom. The music rooms are on the second floor and isn't numbered. Instead they have simply written 'piano room' or 'orchestra' and so on. Among them there are also a theatre and some rooms for art. Since the rooms down here are pretty easy to find since the numbers on the doors are in order maybe we should head straight to the second floor. Or do you want to check the rooms here first?" She asked as she turned to him.
  8. Matt was bored. He didn't care about the history of the school. The fact that it was as old as it was however helped solidify the fact that he was probably right about it being haunted.

    "These are just classrooms," he said waving a hand. "Who cares. Show me the music woom."

    For the first time since they'd met, Matt's slight speech impediment slipped through. It wasn't always there and some days it was more prominent than others, or if he was especially excited or drunk.

    ...Not that he drank of course... No... Never... At least that would be what he would be telling the staff if anyone were to ask.

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  9. Samantha sighted a bit at Matt's behavior. He could have said it in a different way, like 'I think I will find my way here, let's go to the music rooms' or simply 'let's go to the music rooms'. A bit nicer tone wouldn't hurt. "Fine. The pianos is a bit out of tune at the moment, there will come a tuner here first in two weeks so in meantime, try not to go mad at the piano." She advised and started to walk again.

    They soon come to the stairs that led them to the second floor. The second floor was much more open that the first floor. The corridors were more spacious and there were wall paintings done by students. Since the second floors classrooms didn't have to share space with the students rooms there was room for more space between everything.

    "If you turn left here you will get to the painting rooms, the drama department and a movie making section. That last room is locked though, you have to get the teachers approval to get in there since there are a lot of expensive material and they don't want it to be used if it isn't for a school project such as music videos or something like that. If you would need to borrow a camera the school has both easy to use cameras and hard like hell but much more effective cameras. And to the right we have the music rooms that are the majority of the classrooms here since over half of the students are music students." She told him and started to walk towards the music rooms.

    "We have two big rooms with grand pianos and four smaller rooms with normal pianos. But the most people wants to use the grand pianos after school so we have a schedule where people get to write their names and then they can use it during that time. You can only use it for one hour per day max. The other piano rooms is just to take when they are free." She told him. The first room they passed was a piano room with a grand piano in it. "I warn you, that piano is most out of tune of them all right now. So I suggest you don't use it before the tuner has been here."
  10. Matt eyed the piano hungrily, his long fingers twitching longingly to run them across the keys. He had half a mind to run into the room and just start playing because there was no one in there. Bollocks if it was out of tune. It couldn't be that bad. Not for a place that surely unkept their instruments better than his mum did. He controlled himself though.

    He didn't like that he would have to sign up for times to use the piano and that he had a time limit. He could just hear Dom in his head "Matt, you have to share..."

    Well I don't want to share.

    "What instrument do you play, then," Matt inquired of Samantha his blue eyes boring into hers intensely. It was a gaze that tended to unnerve some people because they felt as though he was looking into their soul. This was unintentional however. It meant he was genuinely interested in what the other person had to say. "Since this seems to be some big music school you must do music too, right?"

    Matt looked back at the piano and his eyes scanned the rest of the room, eyeing the other instruments. He couldn't wait until he had a moment of free time so he could come play.
  11. Samantha put a piece of hair behind her ear. A bad habit, every time someone made her feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. "Yes, I play some instruments." She said. "My main instrument is violin but I can also do piano, guitar, four different kind of flutes, cello and some other instruments. My mom has forced me to practice since I was six." She didn't realize that she had said forced instead of made before she had finished the sentence and she fast tried to correct her mistake. "It's not that I don't like it, it's just that sometimes she puts too much pressure on me so I really can't enjoy it."

    She looked at her wristwatch and realized how late it was. "We should hurry up, the principal doesn't like to wait." She said and hurried up the tour. They went threw all the music rooms, there were rooms with guitars and cellos and violins. Wind instruments though was every students responsibility to get themselves, which wasn't anything weird. The most students already had their own instrument from the first day they came to the school. Except for those who played the piano of course. It would be hard to take a giant piano to school and then take it home during vacations.

    As the tour was finished they went to the principals office. "Okay the first impression is the most important one. The human mind decides if they will like another person within the five first seconds of their first meeting. After those five seconds it's hard to make them change their mind. So try to at least smile or else you will get sent here a lot." She warned him. That was the only thing she had remembered from her psychology class from the previous year, her teacher had been too boring so she hadn't been able to concentrate much threw the course. But she could remember some things.
  12. "Wow," he said, letting out a low whistle. "That's a lot of instruments. You're like a one man band. Woman. One woman band. I bet you could teach me a thing or two." He was largely self taught, as far as music went. A natural. But he didn't know anything about reading music, or how to write it out. It wasn't that he didn't compose his own things, but he hadn't learned a way to share his compositions in any other form except a cassette tape recording, or playing it live. That and he rarely shared such things with anyone else. He had to admit, at least a small part of him, that he was eager to learn the things about music he knew nothing about. As the pair walked through the other rooms, Matt took particular interest in the guitars, tracing his fingers over their wood as he walked. "Aren't there any pwoper rock and roll guitars?" he asked, turning to her. "You know, electric...?"

    It was almost time to meet the principle. Matt had already deciphered that he was a complete hard ass, judging from the way Samantha spoke of him and Matt set his features stonily. "I'm not about to suck up to some old foggy. If he can't wespect me for who I am too, then he's a bastard. I'll give him wespect as long as he gives me wespect. First impressions go both ways," he said, refusing to move from his spot in the hallway until he'd stepped off his soapbox. He gave a determined nod, before stepping into the office. There was one thing that Matt was already fairly sure of. Things were already stacked against him if this principal judged off of previous records the way it sounded like he did. He had the reputation of a troublemaker. And Matt figured going in appearing as a suck up was probably going to make the situation worse, if anything. At least, he would be suspicious of a supposed troublemaker making buddies with the Principal.

    He played with the sleeves of his too big jumper as he waited for the Principal.
  13. There were no such things as rock instruments on the school, since they wanted students to do classical music or jazz. But there were still students that had their own electric instruments and amplifiers to them and they used some empty rooms to practice after school. This she told Matt as he asked her about it.

    She wasn't that fond of his attitude when they were outside the principals office. Even though that was true it was still important when going to a meeting with a higher person. Like when a person were going to get a job and was meeting the boss for the first time. How were they supposed to make it if they didn't try to make a good expression at the first moment? Samantha almost held her breath as Matt went into the room and she walked after him.

    The principal sat in his chair and looked up from his papers. "So you are the new transfer student?" He asked and immediately he started to wrinkle his eyebrows when he saw Matt. He already had a picture of the troublemaker made up in his head. "Well, I hope you won't make any trouble at my school. We have hard punishments for people that doesn't follow the rules and a five points policy." He told Matt.

    "The five points policy is that if you get five points with other word, you do something bad five times then you get kicked out of the school." Samantha explained. "If you have four points then you have to do work for the teachers to erase the points. One week with helping the teachers with different shores will erase four points." She continued and the principal nodded.

    "Hopefully you will behave enough to not let it go that far." The principal then said.
  14. Matt stood as tall as his small frame would allow him to when the principal entered the room. Matt immediately caught the wrinkle in the man's forehead the moment they locked eyes.

    what bullshit. you don't even know anything about me and you're already pegging me up. arse.

    "Can I work? Can I do extra jobs to earn money?" Matt asked, thinking about what Samantha had said about other students who had brought their own electric guitars and amps to school with him. He didnt have anything like that but he wanted something like that.

    When the principal and Samantha explained the points system of the school Matt couldn't help but glare a little at the principal. The man ran this school with fear, not reward. Accomplishments weren't celebrated. The only thing that seemed to matter was staying out of trouble. Matt felt no incentive to try. So be it then, if he got kicked out. He didn't want to be in a place where people saw him as a burden instead of a person. Especially before they knew him at all.
  15. The principal left the two since he didn't feel like he had something else to discuss with the new student. "Remember, behave." He said as he turned his back to the two and walked out of there.

    "The dining hall is opening any minute so since we don't have anything more to do here I can show you there." Samantha told him. "And about the thing you asked with work, you can do extra jobs in town as long as you make sure that you can get back before curfew at nine in the evening, eleven at weekends, and that it doesn't collide with studies." She said before remembering that she hadn't told him about the curfew yet.

    "And about the curfew, if you aren't back before the time is out then you will be locked out from the school for the night. It has happened a few students before, the most just knock on a window to a friends room and walk in that way. Just don't get caught by a night guard if you are late and are searching after someones window to knock at. If they see you outside too late then you'll get detention."
  16. "Well at least they let you get a job..." Matt murmured as he followed her to the dining hall. It would be the first thing he did, the moment he got a chance. He wanted a proper guitar. It sounded like studies were fairly intense though. He'd never had good grades though, usually putting in just enough effort to get by. He usually preferred to place his effort in the things that interested him. He was actually quite smart-if he put his mind to it. But right now the only thing he wanted to put his mind toward at all was finding a job, earning a guitar and learning to play it.

    As they entered the dining hall Matt gasped a little bit. The place was fancier than he'd expected. It was big, with high ceilings and the odd low humming sound he'd heard in his dorm wing existed here too. He would have to explore that at some later time. It wasn't anything he was overly curious about, since it was the sort of thing he was used to, however he was aware that it made him different from others and it was never something he talked about.

    "I suppose you probably want to go sit with your friends now, yeah?"
  17. As they walked into the dining hall she suddenly got a small vision, it mostly came as a flash and disappeared pretty fast. But it was there long enough to make her a bit disoriented. Someone fell but suddenly no one had fallen, such things confused her if she weren't ready for the vision to come. Sometimes she felt them coming while other times they surprised her.

    "What?" She asked confused even though she had heard his question, a second later she came to her senses again. "No, it's okay. I can sit with you. You're new here and it doesn't feel right to just leave you all alone." She told him but the real reason was that she didn't really have any people she could call friends. She had people she could talk to, Anya for example, but no one really understood her and a lot of people thought she were weird because she spaced out so often. Of course it was her visions but she couldn't tell them that, they would think she were crazy.

    If Anya had been in the dining hall then she could have thought about sitting with her but Anya usually went there to eat in the last minute so Samantha would probably not find her in there at the moment. She didn't really think it would be better to sit with a person that she didn't know than to sit with people that she did know and thought she were nuts, but at least it would take some hours before he realized that she were weird. So she could feel normal for a little time if she stayed with him. Plus the reason that she didn't want to confess that she didn't have any real friends, if she left him then she would probably go and sit alone as she usually did when she didn't eat with Anya.
  18. "You alright?" Matt asked looking briefly concerned. "You looked a bit unwell there for a moment..." He shrugged and went to get in line for food.

    "There's something wrong with your microwave," Matt told the cook who was serving him. "It's making a weird noise." The woman only gave him a strange look and told him it was working just fine. But as they progressed through the line there became a commotion and one of the cooks started complaining that the microwave wasn't cooking anything. Matt glanced back at Samantha giving her a look that said 'I told them so'.

    Once he'd gotten his tray, Matt made his way to an unclaimed table in the back corner of the dining halls. A lot of people stared at him. Probably because he was new. Maybe because of his clothes, which were all too big on him.

    "Am I supposed to attend classes this afternoon?" Matt asked Samantha when she joined him. "I haven't got a timetable yet..."
  19. "It's fine, I just felt dizzy for a moment." Samantha told him as they walked to the line. As they waited in line Matt said something about the microwave making a weird sound. She looked up at him with a raised eyebrow, how could he hear anything else than all the people talking around them? She tried to hear anything from the microwave but there was no noticeable sound. But suddenly the microwave actually stopped working. She felt like asking how the heck he had known that but she tried to hold it to herself.

    They walked to a table after getting their food, many people starred at Matt. It wasn't such a surprise, he was new, everyone liked or disliked new students. Half the school would probably throw themselves at him and ask stuff while the other half would be suspicious towards him and think he would be some kind of gangster. It was always like that.

    "You will get you schedule sometime during the day, they haven't been able to print it out yet. You don't have to attend any classes today but you can if you want to. We can always check on the schools computer which classes you have. But most transfer students prefers to unpack their things when they arrive at the school, so you can always go back to your room and make sure to get everything in order." She told him.

    Just as she finished her sentence she heard a crash behind her and as she turned her head she saw that someone had fallen as he were going to sit down. The person beside him had pulled away the chair before the guy had been able to notice it. "So immature." She mumbled and shook her head a bit. So that was what her vision had shown her earlier.
  20. "I'll go unpack," Matt said quickly. He didn't want to go to classes, ever, if he had the choice. But obviously, he didn't. Only today. So he would take as much time as he needed. If he would get his timetable later that day, maybe he could unpack and even have time to find a way into town to see about getting some kind of job to help earn money for the guitar he wanted.

    There was a commotion behind them and Matt turned to see what Samantha was looking at. A student had pulled another's chair away from him and he'd fallen as he'd tried to sit down. Matt laughed, and met eyes with the kid who had pulled the chair away, sharing a friendly smile. He turned around and went back to his food, glancing sidewise at Samantha and grinning a little bit.

    "What courses do you take?" he asked, after taking a few bites of his food.