A Different Kind of Savior, In Search of Players

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  1. Its the year 2014 and life goes on as it always has, following its pattern of social norms. What society has neglected to recognize is that its government keeps it in the dark. Conspiracy theorists have been shunned as crazy, nuts, and no one has proven the true nature of Area 51. But most don't mind, they would rather stay in the dark, because the familiar is comfortable.

    Among the knowledge that stays secret with the elite, are the horrific things that people have attempted to on, not just world powers, but the planet itself. In 1935, the government came in close contact with an alien race. A ship had crashed in Acme, Oklahoma. Within it two children, despite their subtle differences in appearance, appeared human.

    At first, they were seen as threats, science projects and when nothing more could be learned of them, they were to be destroyed. A group of scientists deployed a different idea; If these toddlers could travel light years away to Earth, with no malice intent, what will stop those who do?

    So, I hope I caught your attention and thank you for taking the time to poke your head in and take a look. I'm attempting to come back from a hiatus of writing. xxDarkest_Assassinxx and I have created a role play based on two teenage aliens with abilities who have been assigned to save the world. We would love for some other players to join us. Some character ideas would be an antagonist, civilian friends, scientists and so on.

    I'd also like to note that we have some ideas of where the story might go, but this plot is developing like an episode of Iron Chef. *Pauses* I'm not sure if that analogy makes sense to anyone else, but myself. Its unplanned and off the cuff, we'd love for others to offer their creative juices.

    So if you've stuck with this post this long, I hope that means you're interested.

  2. Still in need of players! Come on down folks, we're newbie friendly (as I am pretty new to the site myself). I'm also open to positive criticism and looking for others are as well. This plot is helping to stretch my creative muscles from a long hiatus on writing, so if you need to stretch yours, I welcome you.
  3. Hi! This sounds pretty interesting, actually. You said you wanted some brainstorming?
  4. I did, unfortunately if fizzled out way before it even began.

    Thank you for your interest though.
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