A Different Kind of Romeo and Juliette

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  1. (Civial War period)

    Elliot stood gracefully in the tavern that night, her beautiful red and black dress perfect on her body. She had pale skin, wavy black hair and dark green eyes that missed nothing when they looked. And yet, for all her perfect beauty, she was alone, watching the men stumble about or sit at their tables, talking and drinking, an occasinal burst of laughter expldoing from their lungs. The tavern was filled with smoke from candles, pipes and cigarettes and the old stove for cooking meals. She longed to have a meal once again, to taste the sweet food once more. Elliot watched with preditory eyes, searching for her next unfortunet victim, knowing she could get any man she chose to drink their blood from.
  2. Tyler smirked at his father. "I am old enough to be alpha." he growled feeling his eyes go to slits.
    "You don't have a mate though so no." his father said calmly back looking at his son over the newspaper.
    "Just cause I'm single doesn't mean I'm ready!" he yelled fur creeping up his cheeks.
    "Nope. Go get a drink at the pub. Calm down." the dad ordered to him, and Tyler had to listen.
    So he went out the door looking at the trees around him. He shifted and ran full tilt.
  3. She decided to make her move, slowly and elgontantly she glided up to a man, making a point to avoid the men with bears and mustaches, preffering the clean shaven ones. The men stared at her as she walked and she smirked. She loved how the men were drawn to her and the ordinary house wife stared at her with jealous loathing and whispered about her fancy clothes and beautiful figure. "Hello tall dark and handsome." She said as she approached a man at the bar.
  4. Tyler grunted slightly as he shifted back with his clothes still on. A trick he learned from an old gypsy woman.
    The bar stood in front of him and he stalked in shoulders hunched, think black hair falling off his head in wisps, eyes still a violent yellow in anger.
    "One day." he muttered walking up to the bar. That's when this woman caught his eye. She was tall, and beautiful. To beautiful for a human.
    She was talking to somebody who looked just love drunk.
  5. As soon as Tyler walked into the bar, Elliot turned and looked right at him, instantly knowing what he was. But instead of hatred or fear, she simply turned away with an uninterested look, back to the man she was wooing over.
  6. Tyler smiled walking up to the girl. "Can I offer you a drink?" he asked his eyes going green now instead of yellow.
  7. She turned to Tyler once more and offered him a smile, though it was forced and uninterested. "Thank you but I don't drink alchoal." She looked him over from head-to-toe and then turned her attentions back to the man she had chosen to drink from tonight. She offered him her arm. "Care to go for a walk?" She asked him.
  8. "I know what you mean." he said with a smile. "My names Tyler." he said offering up his arm before anything else.
  9. She sighed but forced her social stature to remain friendly. "Elliot. Now if you'll excuse me." She mumbled as the human man she was with cast jealous and annoyed looks at Tyler.
  10. Tyler chuckled lightly seeing that he was helping with the wooing the human. "How bout I take you both for a walk?" he asked with a smirk.
  11. She shot the werewolf an annoyed look, but still she forced herself to remain friendly. "Of course." She agreed, and offered her arm for Tyler and let the two men walk her out of the pub and into the fresh night air.
  12. Tyler smiled looking at her than the man on her other arm. "How should I put this hon'? You're beautiful." he said honestly.
  13. "Thank you." She said, her dress fitting perfectly with her curves as she walked. She smiled, though instead of at the compliment, it was at the jealousy from the human.
  14. "So where would you two like to go?" he asked smiling broadly.
  15. "To be honest there really is no where in particular." Elliot answered.

    "I know a beautiful spot. It's no where near as beatiful as you but it is quite pretty." The human said suddenly, his attention on Elliot. "It's by a lake."
  16. "Than lets go to this lake." Tyler said with a smile leading them onwards.
  17. It was a fair way to the lake, but Elliot didn't mind. When they emerged, she looked around. "Very pretty." She agreed. There were weeping willows all around the edge of the lake, their branches so long they dipped into the water. Cricks and frogs made their songs as she sat down, smoothing the skirt of her dress.
  18. "So what brings you to think of this place?" Tyler asked the human noticing the fact that his eyes were blood shot.
  19. "Because it's peaceful and no one else comes here." He shrugged. "It's quite and it lets me think withought disturbances. And it's a good spot to fish." He seemed a bit embarssed as he explained.

    "I bet it is." Elliot said, and took the man's chin in her hands, pulling him to her as if for a kiss, but instead biting his throat and began to drink.
  20. "I knew it!" Tyler said with a laugh thinking about what the human had said about fishing.
    "Your a vampire!" he said pointing at her with a smile plastered on his face.