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  1. First Partner Request... let's see how this goes... o_o I usually just pm people.

    Since these searches seem to have very mixed results, I made a checklist-thing detailing my style and preferences very clearly for you to inspect! Read the list. Read my RP resume. Ask questions!

    Someone told me that the list was a little scary - but I hope it doesn't come across too much as this. D: I am just giving you all I can so you can judge me fully to see if I match whatever you're looking for in a partner. I also don't expect to get 100% matches - that would be unrealistic. Tell me the differences and we will talk!

    Anyway, let's just see where this goes? ^_^;

    Dialogue Posts: (1) - (3) short paragraphs
    "Solo" Posts*: (3) - (8) paragraphs - depends on partner and moment

    *I consider a "solo post" to be when your character(s) go off and experience a scene on their own, without any other player's characters interfering. The entire scene is under your control.

    (x) I spend most of the post on my character's emotions.
    () I spend most of the post on my character's observations.
    () I spend most of the post on physical descriptions (character or setting)
    (x) I spend most of the post on actions and/or dialogue.
    (depends on post)

    () Love it!
    (x) Only the required details - I do not want to sift through flowers for content.
    () Minimalism all the way!

    (75)% Showing, (25)% Telling
    (x) I am trying to improve this ratio. (hopefully to 100% - 0%!)

    RP PHILOSOPHIES (checked only those that apply strongly)
    () It is a way to unwind and escape after a stressful or tiring day.
    () It is the creation of a collaborative story.
    () It is a game people play with each other.
    (x) It should be readable - consistency and good flow are key.
    () RPs exist for the players, not an audience.
    () Characters serve the story.
    (x) The story serves the characters.
    (x) I write my own fiction and sometimes I use RP to develop character and brainstorm plot.
    (x) I use it as practice to improve my writing skill.

    CHARACTER QUANTITY (checked all that applied)
    Main character = you play their thoughts and actions
    Side character = recurring, possibly important, but you write only their actions.
    NPC = usually insignificant, you play only their actions, and both/all rpers can control them.

    (x) I prefer only playing one main character.
    (x) I am comfortable playing 2-4 main characters. (the fewer the better; can handle up to 3)
    () I am comfortable playing more than 5 main characters.
    () I prefer no side characters.
    (x) I am comfortable playing 1-4 side characters.
    () I am comfortable playing more than 5 side characters.
    () I prefer as few npcs as possible.
    (x) I don't care how many npcs there are.

    (x) I am eager to receive all the criticism you can give me.
    () I will take criticsm to improve my writing, but please do not overdo it as I can be sensitive.
    () If I want criticism, I will ask for it.
    () I am here to roleplay just for fun. I do not want criticism.

    () Only for plot discussions.
    () At least daily correspondence.
    (x) Be my new friend! Let's chat!

    (x) I am busy but I am addicted to Iwaku so I will try anyway.
    (x) I am busy but I make an effort to drop by consistently.
    () I am busy and sometimes die for long periods of time, but I will come back.
    (x) Sometimes I lose my muse, but this is never permanent.
    () Sometimes I lose my muse, and this may be problematic.

    TENACITY / PATIENCE (check any that apply)
    (x) I very, very, rarely quit rps.
    () I try my best not to quit rps.
    () I appreciate patient partners that can wait.
    () I will quit rps that have been completely silent for (max) days/weeks/months.
    (x) I will wait indefinitely for the return of a good partner.
    () I sometimes regretfully quit rps due to real-life issues.

    () Required
    () Preferred
    (x) Only if Natural
    () No.

    () Required
    () Preferred
    (x) No NSFW (fade to black; brief/vague descriptions or summaries)
    () All my characters are asexual.


    Make a list of all your RP pet peeves:
    -Careless posts/oversimplified posts (there is a fine line between minimalism and carelessness... but I do like minimalism so things get finicky here....)
    -100% Passive characters
    -Passive Posts
    -Long disappearences without notice.
    -Reluctance to edit
    -Careless reading (people that encourage showing over telling - a perfectly valid writing tip that I love, fail to mention that sometimes in the context of RP, where each piece of writing is relatively short - that discreet showing is easily missed by a careless reader. >_< )
    - Guessing / assuming instead of asking when something unclear arises (doesn't matter whose fault it might have been - if IC communication is awkward, the story usually falls apart.)
    - Two characters having multiple conversations at the same time. I tolerate this but... ehhh can we not.
    - Godmodding, hijacking, etc

    Make a list of all your RP-buddy candies (not plot candies! RP buddy candies!)
    -Active OOC banter; possibly skype messages
    -Friendly Debates are always welcome!
    -PLOTTING! ALL THE PLOTTING! (adorned with a little bit of excited squealing >.>)
    -A delicate touch of creative sadism.
    -A willingness to teach and/or learn (I would absolutely love a mentor ^_^)

    Describe your ideal RP partner in less than 3 sentences.
    -Someone that needs to write in order to feel fully alive ; someone that feels their characters just as much as they analyse them ; someone that writes as a reader - and all this while fluttering playfully in the OOC. ;P

    LINKS TO MY PREVIOUS/CURRENT RPS (and can I have a few links to yours please? <3)
    https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/those-who-beat-the-flames-ic-closed.73543/ (my posts are not usually that long - it just sort of happened because there were weeks between posts.)

    So yes... there it is. As much about my personal RP style as I could think of. If there is anything else you would like to know, ask. We can have a conversation without starting an rp. ^_^

    Also, if you'd like the empty form for personal use, it's here: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/roleplay-resume-expansion.89496/ Will be edited as I get feedback.
  2. What genres/pairings/plots are you interested in doing?

    (*edit- just figured out how to get to the roleplay resumes. Sorry for the redundant question!)
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