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  1. Long term, please. PM me if you are interested.

    Looking for an older sibling for the RP. Read the setting and plot for more info on the character.

    I feel that I can put a strong effort into my writing skills to keep the RP alive and well for quite some time, and of course introduce new elements to keep it from going stale. My requirements are only that you match the effort that I put into the RP.

    Expectations for Roleplaying

    Check my profile for how much effort should be put in to the responses.

    World History - Setting - Theme

    History/Theme - Blog Entry
    Death of Parents/Hometown - Blog Entry

    Panthon's, my character, profile.

    A blog link to the races I've designed so far. Races

    The story I have (started...) is of a young boy (aged 12, my character) and his sibling (M or F, 15-18, your character). They live in a world of magic. Faeries, demons, monsters, elves, all kinds of creatures infest the land with their terror and hunger, their desire to feed on anything that steps in their path. Unfortunately, the most dangerous creature of this land are the Humans. With self-righteousness and superiority-complexes lifting their egos beyond all levels of sanity, they rule the land despising all other beings who are different from them. The ones they hate the most, the monsters that are the biggest insult to their pride, are half breeds. The thought their own blood blended together with the essence of an impure, non-human creature coursing through the veins of a living being is sickening. The pair of siblings happen to be half breeds. Both share their roots with Faeries and Humans. Under constant oppression by society, the pair of faeries run across the lands, stealing, fighting, surviving the world of the humans while their own race is slowly being eradicated from the realm. Their parents are dead, a guild of demon hunters actively pursue them, and they are lost, hungry, and scared.

    Faeries in this world aren't like our common folklore. They are horned, have large bird-like wings, are just as tall as average sized people, and magical. However, those born with some human blood are tainted. These creatures don't have wings, but are horned like goats, have ominous luminescent eyes, have hooked prehensile tails, and their hands and feet have dangerous claws. Of course, each person's attributes are different and can be very subtle, or extremely grotesque. The characters are based loosely off of the D&D race Tieflings. The magic in the two characters here are only starting to surface at such a young age. We can talk about the rules of magic and what abilities they should or shouldn't have.

    *Basic Starting Point

    Two young faeries struggle to scurry across a thick blanket of mud covering the ground of a dense bog. Daylight was long gone and only a silent darkness filled the air. The two creatures stuck close together as they plowed forward, the taller of the two up front leading the smaller boy along. The small boy in the back looked to be young, not much older than twelve, while the leader seemed to be older, at least by a few years.

    Their breaths were heavy, scratching their throats and shriveling their lungs. Their mouths gnawed at the thinned air around them as they skipped over low branches, weaved through thorn bushes, and yanked their feet from the maw of the sludgy mud that had engulfed them at every step. But they weren't just running through the swamp without reason, not in these deepest hours of the night, when creatures of all kinds would come out who ruled by the light of the moon. Fear was plastered across their faces with their eyes widened and pupils thinned. They were running from something in pursuit of them. Perhaps it was a hungry creature lucky enough to stumble upon two warmed treats pumping with the delicious flow of adrenaline. No, that couldn't be right. These faeries had spent many months in the wilderness surrounded by starving, desperate monsters. They knew how to take care of themselves, to fight against the creatures that stood to devour them and hide from the ones that were big enough to do so. Whatever was chasing them was far worse, bad enough to drive the two youths to run carelessly through the openness of the swamp and attract the very monsters that they would take care to avoid.

    Their trotting continued. Not once did they slow their pace, not even to look back, but made sure to stay attentive to the sounds that followed them. Only when they were absolutely certain that the pursuers had given up did they come to a halt. The small boy at the rear collapsing under his heavy wheezing, his arms wrapping around his belly. For the moment, they were safe. The oldest of the two turned and reached down into his/her side satchel. What s/he pulled out brought a smile to both of their sullen faces: a pair of big, red, juicy apples. The small boy quickly snatched one of them, cooing a silent appreciation before paying no mind to etiquette as his pointed teeth tore into the flesh of the fruit. He gulped the large bites almost as heavily as he had just been gasping for air. It was the first meal they had had in days, and he couldn't even remember how many it had been. The older sibling smiled, ruffled his/her little brother's hair and bit into his/her own sweet morsel. But that moment of safety had ended. Before his/her teeth could rip away at the doomed fruit, s/he glared over the small boy's shoulder just in front of him, deep into the swamp behind him. A pair of glowing red eyes, narrow and hungry, stared back at them. S/he stood still, foolishly hoping that if s/he didn't move, it wouldn't pounce from its sheltering shrubbery. But the small boy standing opposite of him/her had begun to catch on. He stopped mid-bite, letting the half-eaten apple fall from his juice stained fingers and lose itself in the mud pool below. He locked eyes with his older sibling's, studying the reflections he saw in them. He noticed right away that they weren't focused on him, but beyond him. He saw that it wasn't his own blue eyes that were shining in the reflective glisten of his sibling's eyes; the glow he saw was red. These were fierce. These were hungry. These were deadly

    With this story, I'd like to see:

    • Development of main characters, as well as secondary characters who are introduced through the RP
    • Dark themes, grungy settings, difficult situations, and intricate story elements.
    • The two siblings struggle to survive the harsh world with barely anything covering their hides, only hoping that one day they will find a place that accepts them for what they are.
    • There will be battles and struggles to the death. The main characters wont die, but others might.
    • I'd like to see a plot develop, to see the characters show mental growth as they survive the world.
    • Push the characters to do drastic things. They are trying to survive.
    • Form political devices in the story that act as another challenge to the two siblings, so that they aren't just chased around all the time and have to survive urban interactions as well.
    • Introduction of new characters that play minor or major roles in the siblings lives, evil or good.
    • Create conflict, but also try to resolve conflict too so that the story continues. Treat your characters like living, breathing creatures.
    • Branch the story into a new one if the previous concludes. Let's keep it going. I'll enjoy this, and I hope you will too
    • I want this to develop into a huge world, with loads of plots and themes, filled with all kinds of characters to meet during the journey.
  2. I would love to do this RP with you, if it's still open.
  3. I'm voicing my interest, but still have a bit to read from your blog. And not sure if you're still in need of a partner. ;) Either way though, thought I'd say great effort put into the story so far. Looks like it'd be really fun going.
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