A destroyed world

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  1. 17 Year old Lacey, ducks her head under a half-collapsed building as she wanders through a ruined city. She's been living alone for a while now and has handled it fine, but she knows she desperately needs a group, or she'll get killed. She keeps walking, pulling her hood on, resting her hand on the handle of her pistol that stuck out of its holster. She continues to walk, hoping desperately to find someone.

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  2. Logan Black crouched on the edge of building looking out. The wind would have tossed his white hair, had it not been for his hooded cloak. He didn't remember what happened to cause the event, but he also didn't remember the weather being this harsh. Twin pistols fully customized and a hunting knife were all the weapons he had. Coughing at the smell of ash in the air he knew he could not last long alone. People would net form groups leaders would be made. Outsiders wouldn't be welcomed until they proved themselves. If they survived.
  3. She continued her walk, tripping over a fallen telephone pole. The wind whipped up, blowing ash into her face she coughed, trying to be quiet about it. Then she heard a noise and scrambled to hide inside an over turned car.
  4. Logan turned back and headed inside the building. It was a pretty large two floored hardware store. although most of the shelves had been emptied long ago, he found what he needed. String and nails. This place would have to do as a shelter for the time being. Storms came and went and if you were left out in the open when they did, birds or what not would find you a meal in the aftermath. "Wish this place had water, or food. I remember the old days when stores carried everything just to make sales." He stopped talking when he realized it was only himself to listen. Too long without people.
  5. Lacey stayed hidden in the over turne car, as there were a group of people moving through. She made eye contact with one of them. "Crap." She muttered, scrambling to get out. She scraped her knees painfully on the side of the car, opening gashes which she had to ignore. But then someone grabbed her and she screamed, loudly.
  6. Logan heard something outside, and they a yell. He hurried as fast as his feet could take him vaulting over the tables scattered here and there. Finally he reached the front of the window and looked outside. More crumbled buildings destroyed cars, and of course ash. Then there was something else too. A group of people and a woman who was apparrently was struggling. "Well this can only end a couple of ways..." and maybe one day ill stop talking to myself. Logan kicked the stores front doors open. They flew open with a bang, dust flying everywhere. He knew the people outside couldnt see him clearly through the cloud, but that wouldnt last long. "We having a problem out here?" And to think I was looking for something to do just hope that storm dosent get here soon.
  7. The group didnt seem to hear, or at least acted like they didnt , and the one who held Lacey hit her in the face and she lashed out, scratching his face, drawing blood. She got a kick to the gut and was sent sprawling. Then one of the guys yanked a knife from his belt.
  8. Fine the hard way then. Logan drew his pistols and fired warning shots at the members feet. With his guns trained on them he faced the girl. "I don't know who you are or why your alone out here but if you need shelter Id like the help setting this place up. The rest of you one more step one more move to harm her and these guns will be drawing blood." What kind of people just attack a random woman like that?
  9. The group looked wary and actually backed off. Lacey was struggling to catch her breath, the kick had seriously knocked the wind out of her.
  10. As the group backed off Logan holstered his gun deep into their leather bindings. He knelt down before the girl and looked her over, then towards the distance. Finally he looked back at her again. "So my names Logan Black, Im alone and trying to set up for the coming storm and simply making it day by day. I can leave you out here and simply go about my bussiness, or you can join me and help out. Who know in time maybe there will be others. So what'll it be?"
  11. "Im Lacey. I'll join you. I've been alone for too long." She slowly sat up, rubbing where she'd gotten kicked. "I have barely survived. I have gotten beat up a whole lot worse simply over food."
  12. Logan reached out a hand to help her stand. "Well theres not much food or water left gonna have to hunt for that pretty soon. I have enough bullets left to protect us from folk like that, but you cant live off bullets. I wanted to get that old store fixed up as kinda a safe zone in case the storms came back and just general usage. Do you have anything on you? To help out is what I meant. I suppose we can talk more inside." the man in the hood gestured towards the building and started walking.
  13. She got up. "I keep getting jumped so I pretty much have almost nothing." She began to walk towards the building.
  14. Luna watched, perched up on one of the many fallen buildings. When she saw the girl getting jumped, she reached for her bow. As she heard the doors crash open, Luna crouched down and watched as someone came to the girl's rescue. Seeing the group disperse and the young man help the girl up, Luna took a look at the sun's position and decided that it was good to head in. The storm was on its way and she didn't want to be in the middle of it.

    Hopping down the building, she pulled her dark blue hood over her face while slinking away to her hide out. She had made a shelter for herself beneath another crumpled building. Judging by the way the building fell, it didn't look like the foundation itself was going to collapse any time soon. The wind picked up and she felt the breeze hit her face. It was going to be a cold night. Lighting a small, smoldering fire, Luna could keep warm without alerting anyone of her shelter. Silently, she opened the pouch she kept on her. The great thing about this old building is that somehow, no one thought of looting it. There were still cases of bottled water and boxes of canned food, it was quite the miracle. Of course, she has to give some to the wild life or else she would be in constant danger.

    Leaning against the wall, Luna thought what it would be like to have some good company around. Sure being secure with food and water is great--but being alone can be dangerous.
  15. Logan took on glance around. so many fallen buildings there could be plenty of people out here. Or no one at all. It was hard living alone. He had done it for longer then he could remember it was second nature to him. Yet people like this girl, were they really made for what the world had become. He suppossed only time would tell, and maybe he'd be there with her to find out.

    The ash coated the streets like the snow in the mountains, if they still had any. If only he could remember what happened? was it an earthquake, nukes,an asteriod, or something else? whatever caused this was curious but finding the answer would not help him, them survive the days ahead. People like those that attacked her only made things worse, why couldnt they see that? Hell they were out here too.
  16. Lacey remained silent, her hands tucked into her pockets. A small breeze picke up, blowing ash around.She pulled part of her shirt up over her mouth and nose. She couldnt afford to keep getting sick from the ash. Theres a dostance sound of thubder, so she started walking faster.
  17. Luna sat in silence, chewing on her food, as the wind kicked up. Some ash moved in a miniscule cyclone near the flame, but didn't come any closer. There was a sharp thump outside and she gently set down her bag and reached for her bow. Another thump. Loading the bow with an arrow, Luna pulled back on the string and pointed it towards the only opening in her shelter. She made sure to stay very much silent and listened...

    Sniff, sniff, sniff.

    Letting out a breath of relief, Luna stood up and walked over to her stash of food. Grabbing a can, she pulled the top off and brought over a small slab of concrete she used as a plate. Pouring the contents out of the can, Luna set down the slab in front of the small opening and watched as a small pack of wolves cautiously made their way towards the slab.

    "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you." Luna reassured them. "Never have."

    One looked at her for a moment. She assumed this was the alpha male and Luna kept the eye contact. After a moment, the wolf bent down his head and began to lap up the food--the rest following suit. The area she stayed in was vast. There was enough room to make a shelter for those who were stranded and then some. This building must have been massive. The pack made their way towards one of the far ends. Far away from Luna, but not too far that they couldn't see each other.

    Glancing out of the opening, Luna can see the small shop that the young man and woman were taking refuge. Hearing the thunder, Luna wasn't too sure that small building can take the storm. The foundation was falling on its own. After a few minutes, Luna sighed and stood up, arming herself with her bow and quiver of arrows along with her daggers.

    "Be good. You guys have been here before." She told the pack and the alpha male answered with a bark.

    With one final look, she ducked under the small hole and climbed on top of the falling buildings in front of her, while puling her goggles over her eyes. Pulling her hood up and wrapping her old torn up shirt around her mouth and nose, Luna made her way towards the small hardware store. Once she got there, she knocked on the door. A girl looked up quite startled and when the door opened, Luna pulled the fabric away from her face.

    "This building isn't going to last the storm, just warning you. I have a place that's relatively safe. There's food and water there too. You better hurry, the wind is going to kick up some debris soon and it doesn't look like you have much protection from it."

    Luna glanced around the store. There were a few things she could use. Quickly, Luna opened her bag and emptied the shelves of much of what they had left.

    "Come on. I'm not going to hurt you. Unlike you guys, I've been pretty good on my own."
  18. Lacey hesitated, she had a hard time with people just appearing. "I don't know." She stared at her hands then looked at Logan, then at Luna.
  19. Luna sighed and watched the storm.

    "I'm going to leave if you don't follow me."
  20. There was another boom of thunder. It was so powerful the entire building rattled. Lacey jumped to her feet. "Im coming."