A (Desperate) Search for an Angel <3

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    posting expectations: adept - prestige
    posting length requirements: 3-4 paragraph minimum - full out novel
    posting speed requirements: few posts a day - one post a week

    “Make it dark, make it grim, make it tough, but then, for the love of God, tell a joke.”

    *makes room in my trash pile*
    welcome, you can call me angel! or whatever you want baby ;) *gets shot*
    i don't like making search threads very often, so prepare to see this being recycled over and over. without further ado, hello, nice to meet you! grab a sweater and a kitten <3​
    if you are interested, i would prefer you not express interest in the thread, but pm me as soon as you can!
    • i like to joke a lot and talk with my partners ooc even if they do not have time to post.​
    • SPEAKING OF TALKING, i ramble and like to talk about my personal life.​
    • i'm still in school, so yeah. i have exams, all that "good" stuff.​
    • english is not my first language. it's actually my third, but i would say i do a decent enough job posing as if i was speaking english my whole life. though, i do make mistakes sometimes. if it's more of a constant grammar thing, let me know!
    • i do anime or realistic faceclaims, it all depends on the genre or a partner's preferences.​
    • even if you're not interested in any of my plots, you can still pm me with whatever ideas you have!​
    • i like being aggressive and having my partner and i lead the plot equally. i do love me some plot. <3​
    • i don't have a preference what gender i play, but i like having multiple npcs/characters if necessary. my character sheets are rather simple, but i can flesh them out if anyone needs me to. i like playing gals just as much as i love playing guys.​
    • i normally respond within 1-3 days or even multiple times a day. the minimum is at least once a week. any less than that is not normal for me unless i say so beforehand.​
    • my most comfortable writing range is around 5ish paragraphs, but if the situation calls for it, i will most certainly bust out a novel.​
    • i will roleplay just about any genre. if it's not on my no-list, it's on my maybe or yes-list.​
    • totally okay with cussing and darker/sexual themes.
    • i'm also okay with fxf and mxf. mxm i have not had experience with, but i'm not against. ^-^​
    other than the description above, i'm looking for:
    • drama (romance is optional in this case)
    • lots of plot twists and action.
    • interesting characters. male or female does not matter.
    • the right dose of comedy. i like a post that will make me laugh!
    • a long term partner. i think this is key to having a successful roleplay is communication. tell me if you're going to be away or if you're dropping. it really does not take a minute to do. as for posting, post at least once a week (ideally more) and i'll be very happy!
    • if you do tell me you're dropping because of lack of interest, tell me in advance if you would like to try out another plot!
    • lots of detail! i prefer at least a 3-4 paragraph minimum.
    • a friend! who doesn't love friends?
    okay. you're here. welcome back! if you want anything in depth or just want to see a writing sample, check my roleplay resume ^-^


    the true meat and potatoes of this search thread! if you're still interested, pick a genre and a plot and get going! i have a lot of them, so pm me with your own ideas, add onto or omit some aspects. check my rp wishlist or plot candies/favourite genres to get a feel for things. any gender pronouns can easily be switched around. i did make them a bit vague, with lots of legroom to work with. ^-^

    • [​IMG]
      note: these might tie into other genres!

      the old world and the new - apocalyptic, dystopian, survival horror, darker themes.
      an apocalypse, be it zombie or not. this could be due to a virus or a nuclear disaster. like this is a genre that can be totally expanded on in the future. lots of places we can go with this one. they could be scientists trying to discover a cure amidst the madness and lack of working technology. maybe they're fighting against radical bioterrorists that want to establish a new world order by wiping out an entire population. perhaps, nothing is left of the wreckage and it's more of a personal journey of self-recovery and trying to build a new world from scratch.

      the nights without god - tragedy, mystery, supernatural horror and angst. dark themes ahead.
      maybe these zombies aren't all that harmful. maybe they're zombies made from spirits. the gods have abandoned the world as we know it. the world still functions relatively normally, of course, but that leaves the souls of the dead behind to rot on earth. these souls all have something in common, that is, they have not found rest. people with special abilities to travel through memories are tasked with the job of making sure their spirits and their zombie body move onto another plane of existence. some of them cause harm while others might just haunt a specific area.

      the midnight cafe - supernatural, crime, noir, very slight slice of life
      oh, the midnight cafe is located in the busiest streets and alleyways of new york. posh and elegant, jazz music plays out the ass all the time. in the daytime, it's a lighthearted date spot with pastries and light piano music. during the night, strange supernatural creatures frequent the restaurant for a nice taste of human flesh like vampires, the wendigo, witches, fairies, you name it. human flesh, and the jazz band. it's always the jazz. listen to jazz music from around the 1930 - 1950s for the true effect. jazz. during other times in the day, most tend to have magical glamours, but what if a human with a gift of seeing past glamours is discovered? or what if a supernatural crime ring demands more of their fair share of human flesh?

      move your body - dancing, music, rivalry, slice of life
      okay, i love dancing. i love winning things with my dancing and so do the people in the classical dance academy! they teach a variety of dance forms in the heart of the city noted for being the best in the world. but competition can get a little intense. it's a big no-no to get into relationships with another fellow dancer due to the cutthroat nature of the academy. especially if they major in a more urban form of dance. what if one of the members gets suspected of rigging the judge's odds? what if a suspicious force in the school has been purposefully injuring the school's best dancers? prepare for a lot of playlists.

      the brothers grimm - organized crime, fairy tale characters, gritty, violence, debauchery
      imagine fairy tale characters in an organized crime ring called the brothers grimm that encompasses all of the fairy tale characters working together. led by the two brothers grimm, multiple characters, regardless of grimm or not (so alice in wonderland is okay, so are most disney princesses, etc.) are led to kill, smuggle drugs and seduce their way around the underground crime scene. what if the brothers split up their gang after a bloody fight? this tears the large empire apart as every fairy tale character must take a side. the sides become increasingly difficult to choose between as each brother offers something different in return...

      phantom of the... broadway musical? - ghosts, supernatural, musical, romance, darker themes
      loosely based on the phantom of the opera. a ghost with an unfortunate past has haunted the stage for hundreds of years. the broadway musical of the year is no exception. somehow, a poor and simple janitor finds themselves singing on the stage to herself with the ghost catching them. infatuated with her voice, the ghost has killed multiple singers that have tried out for the lead role until eventually the janitor catches on to what the ghost is attempting to do. trying to communicate, can the simple girl ever help the phantom move on while trying to balance the lead? how will the theatre cope with the deaths?

    • [​IMG]
      note: these might tie into other genres!

      the witch's daughter - magic, witches, assassination attempts, royalty, adventure
      a witch's magically proficient daughter has been sent out to tend to her dying mother. she's not the most... morally right character and will do the most arcane to make sure that her mother lives for another thousand years. what if her ingredients are a bit hard to obtain? perhaps the precious jewel of a king or a melted metal from a legendary knight's sword (with his blood, of course), what will the witch do? what if the knight's men have guarded the entrance to the sacred mountain of immortality? glamouring herself as an alluring princess, the witch tricks her target into letting her pass and accompanying her on the journey, she finds that she is trapped between choosing love and the moral good or her mother's own life. is escaping death all that's cracked up to be?

      the search for the royals - fighting, bounty hunters, escaped royalty, magic
      bounty hunting in the world of mercenaries is a dangerous job. with magic rampant and competition intense, this is far from an idyllic world. dangerous monsters roam about, necromancy is a big taboo and there's even a royal family that's come a long way from warriors. in fact, the bounty hunter descends from such a family and possesses their own form of magical gifts. their biggest target this far? a member of the royal family whom has run away from their duties as heir with their own magical abilities in store. whether they form a bond or begins to contribute with other targets is up to you. soon, the bounty hunter begins to ask themselves if the bounty is worth it at all.

      the dragonslayer - magic, dragons, knights, shapeshifting witches, necromancy
      an arrogant knight is famed for his strength all around the realm. he's gained the love of kings and the hatred of just about everyone else. he's asked to do what no man has ever been able to accomplish, to slay the dragon on top of the mountain. without hesitation, he agrees. all alone, he manages to make it through most of the obstacles, but what is he greeted with when approaching the famous cavern? a shapeshifting witch. a powerful shapeshifting witch. he ends up with his ass handed back to him and a strange attraction to the mysterious woman. turns out the witch protects the magical forest from necromancers who might have more to do with the task at hand than the knight would expect.

      the power of memories - amnesia, criminals, magic, knights, dark, necromancy
      after an successful attempt at spotting a necromancer, things don't go too well for a knight. after destroying his home and family in an uncontrollable rampage, they kidnap him. turns out that from shock of the accident and of previous attacks, the knight has developed a severe case of amnesia. this amnesia causes the knight to think that the necromancer is his dead lover. how the necromancer feels about this is up to you. even if the knight starts interfering with the necromancer's plans, he begins to become the reason she has not been caught by authorities. though, it does not spell good for the necromancer once his memory begins to come back to him.

    • [​IMG]
      note: these might tie into other genres!

      the institution - prison, government conspiracies, criminals and guards
      the institution is the world's biggest and highest security prison. locked in an ocean in the middle of nowhere, only the worst of the worst are locked in this building. so far, there have been zero escapes and most are sent to life, dying in their cells. what if you were arrested for absolutely no reason and sent to this building? what if the poor guy was trapped for an unknowing government conspiracy? who knows, man. a guard ends up being a bit too close with the poor prisoner and knows a bit more about his situation than one would think. together, will they reveal whatever truth lies behind barred doors or succumb to the institution?

      the meaning of humanity - transhumanism, aliens and space battles, existential, technology, adventure
      on the bleeding edge of technology, humanity has arguably turned itself above diseases or any genetic abnormalities. however, despite the prosperity of practically the whole solar system, old values still exist... right? many years have gone by with various scientists and powerful figures debating over the ethics of mixing man and metal to create something beyond human. when an alien race from another galaxy threatens attack, cybernetic humans might just be the secret weapon to save this earth. when a fellow scientist volunteers, his world and the people around him all have something to say. he begins to question the world around him and what it means to be human.

      code red - SCP influences, viruses, cyberpunk, rebellion, dystopian
      the government is kind of a joke in this new world. corporations are taking over and raking in the cash while no one seems to be there to stop it. cybernetic enhancements are becoming the norm and almost everything is reliant on computers or technology. most crimes are those over the internet and anonymous scams while the rest of society are corporal slaves. hacking is a lucrative business and so is antivirus software. credits, underground enhancements over the dark web, and mechs are all fair game here. aristocracy turn to drugs to feel the least bit human and... life just kind of sucks. oh, and did i mention there's a virus floating around that is able to kill and do physical damage through technology? stakes are high, and what will our characters do to get their freedom?

      xenogen travels: for all your inter-galactic needs! - lighthearted, space travel, aliens, adventure, slightly comedic
      after many years of war and silly little inter-planetary conflicts, the UGC, or the united galactic confederation, tries to govern the observable universe to the best of their abilities. any sentient alien is fair game and frequent earth and its neighboring stars/galaxies quite often. sure, it's not perfect, but it's pretty damn close. society has gone a long way, but one thing will never change. vacation and travel. i'm totally serious. what better to travel to the vacation planet of helios 679? meet the staff as they go on some dumb adventures and spew some dry comments about the insignificance of human existence back and forth. though, with strange alien planets, there are fights, space battles as well as new sights to see! loosely based off of futurama.

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    i feel lied to ;(

  3. The brothers grimm one sounds really interesting. I've never tried doing an rp about the criminal side of things but everything has a first :D
  4. Midnight cafe sounds really nice. Also Search for the royals ^-^
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