A Desire For Love

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  1. Urion Kyks
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    The sun broke through the trees and emitted a gentle light through the forest. The day was calm and quiet with a sincere tranquility. the birds sung to a melody in which Urion played softly on his harp. The beautiful music rang out with harmony and he closed his eyes as he played. Urion hummed gently and smiled as the melody increased and the birds sung louder. Urion could feel himself drifting off into a daydream.

    A daydream about a woman, who danced to his melody with such grace, such beauty. Seeming as if she floated on air as she danced. He could see himself looking down at his figure as he played. He opened his eyes and looked up and into the woman's eyes. Such beauty her eyes held. But, although his dream form could see the woman, he could not see it from his perspective.

    Soon, the vision faded as he opened his eyes. The beautiful song had been finished and he looked down at the birds. They looked back up to him and tilted their heads in either direction, as to surprise that the beautiful music was over. He closed his eyes and tilted his head to the left and maintained his smile, until he straightened his head once more. "That is all for now, my friends. Please return home to your families now. I shall play another melody for you another day." He said in a gentle tone.

    Urion stood up and tucked his harp underneath his right arm. It had been three years since he was sent to the Village of Sake from his home of Quasior. He was now twenty-six. He was sent to the village in order to help rebuild it. There had been many disasters that occurred within the city. Things ranging from fires up to snow storms.

    As he made his way back into the village, he was greeted by one of the elders. She had notified him that a hut needed to be rebuilt. Urion smiled and agreed to help, seeing the elder off and then making his way to the hut to help. The hut was located in the center of the village. It was the villages headquarters and heart.

    Urion could see all the younger members of the village helping out. He placed his harp on a rock next to a man who was eating, and then began helping rebuild the hut. But, as he helped, he just couldn't help but wonder, about the woman he always dreamed and daydreamed about, so many nights and days.
  2. Marina was riding a horse towards the village. She had gotten the message that she was supposed to meet Urion to help work, but she had some problems before the trip to Sake. She looked around as she rode. The path to the village was pretty with all the wildflowers about the grass. She had loved the pale purple ones especially. She never knew what kind of flowers they were though. They were like four leaf clovers except they looked like an actual flower. Either way, she enjoyed them very much.

    Her horse, Cocoa, neighed a bit and Marina looked to where Cocoa was galloping. They were nearing the village. Instructing Cocoa to stop once they got near the entrance, she looked around and noticed the hut that needed repairing. She smiled and hopped off Cocoa and towards the hut. This was the place she would help out, and stay here helping out from now on.
  3. The hut was starting to look like its former glory once again. But there was still much left to do. The sun only made it much more harder to do. He wiped his forehead and took a deep breath. Rebuilding a hut took a great amount of energy and the sun soaked up most of it. He shielded his eyes as he looked up, slightly at the sun. A little flock of birds passed by and blocked out the sun in bits.

    It was such a beautiful day. Even with the sun flaring in the sky. He could see someone out the corner of his left eye, approaching from the left side, near the gates entrance. The person walked towards them and he was anxious to know who it was. When the person came close, he smiled. "Hey Marina, its good to see you again. What are you doing here in this village?" He asked, with a bit of curiousness.
  4. Marina smiled and pushed her chestnut bangs away from her face. "Hello, Urion!" she walked up closer. "I was asked to help with rebuilding the hut as well," She was surprised to see Urion here. But, nonetheless, happy. It was good knowing she had someone she knew working along side her. "Where do I start?"
  5. Urion smiled at Marina. "Well, it it always good to have a helping hand around." He looked back at the hut and all the hard workers. Urion pointed to a spot next to the spot, in which he worked. "You can work next to me." He said, smiling. It was good to see his friend again. After they finished work, he could catch up on old times with her.
  6. "Heh, all right!" Marina looked to the spot and walked to it. She picked up a few tools and looked to Urion for further instruction. She wanted to get this over with soon. Marina didn't know she was going to see an old friend of her's and she wanted to get her job done quick so they could talk together. Maybe he would even play his harp for her. Marina really loved it when she heard Urion's music. But, work before play as usual.

    "So what do we do?"
  7. Urion walked to the left of her and picked up his tools. "Alright, we need to rebuild the sides and front. After that, we need to patch it up." He looked at the hut and smiled. Although it was run down, it still had a beauty to it. Urion began working on the hut again. He took glances in between at his surroundings. The village was a lively one. All the women and children were busy picking crops and planting new ones.

    They all chattered loudly and some even laughed.
  8. "Ok!" Marina helped Urion fix up the hut. She smiled, having not been in a village so vivid and lively. She knew she was going to love it here and love working here. Heck, everyone seemed like they were enjoying what they were doing and not treating it like a chore. That really pleased the little temporary carpenter. Marina stopped gazing and the scenery and focused on the task at hand, doing so while working along side Urion.
  9. Finally, after a couple of hours, the hut was completely fixed. Urion stood up and placed his hands on his hips. He scanned the hut and smiled widely. The job had been completed and there was satisfaction in seeing the fully restored hut. The people who were talking around the village, came to take a look. Urion looked over at Marina with a huge smile."We make a great team, Marina." He said, looking back up at the hut.
  10. Marina looked back to Urion with the same grin, loving how the hut came out. She highfived him. "Indeed we do!" she replied. Once releasing the high five, she slid off the roof and landed on her feet. Low to the ground, but on her feet. It didn't feel as easy as she thought it would. "Oh goodness..." she said a bit pained.
  11. "Marina!" Urion exclaimed as he quickly slid of the roof. He landed on his left knee and placed his palms on the ground. This in return, softened his landing. He quickly made it next to Marina's left side and grasped her shoulders firmly. "Marina, are you alright?" He looked away from Marina and then up at the hut. It was pretty high up, since the hut was pretty tall. He didn't have time to worry about that right now. Marina needed to be attended to.
  12. Marina shuddered a little bit, the wave of pain passing through. She jumped a bit from the firm grip. She wasn't hurt from that, however it did shock her a bit. "A-Ahh...Yeah...Just a little bit shook up is all," Marina said with a gentle laugh. Her laugh slowly dissolved into a bit of groan as she flopped on the ground, trying to calm herself down. "Ah....ehehehe" she chuckled a bit shyly.
  13. He gave Marina a slightly angry look, but maintained his calm composure. He was surprised at how lightly she took the situation. She could have been seriously injured from a jump that high. The way that she had landed was reckless. Urion knelled down and rubbed her legs for any source of the pain. "Marina, you must be more cautious when doing things like this. You could seriously get hurt or injured f you keep this up." He said, in a calm voice. His face showing signs of relaxation now.
  14. Marina blinked a bit, catching a glimpse of Urion's expression. "Hm?" she looked up at him and then jolted a bit. Marina didn't expect him to start rubbing her legs and kind of blushed from surprise. "Oh...uh...I'm sorry..." she said, looking apologetic to him.
  15. "Its fine, Marina." He stopped rubbing her legs and stood up. He was relieved that nothing was broken and he smiled. "Nothing is broken, its just a slight sprain. Other than that, you will be fine," the sun was flaring down on them. He looked upward and shielded his eyes with his left hand. "Lets get out of this sun shall we? Can you walk?" He asked, looking down at her.
  16. "Ok," Marina smiled back to Urion and nodded at what his diagnosis was. She also winced at the sun right in her eyes. "Agh...yes yes." Marina agreed. When prompted to walk, she got up and took a few steps. "Hm...A little sore, but I think it'll go away soon, little bit of a limp," she said, half to herself half to Urion. Marina looked up to him and smiled, showing she was all right.
  17. When she had spoken and given him a smile, Urion sighed in relief. He was glad that she hadn't injured herself too badly, but he was still a little upset that she did something so careless. Urion shook his head, closing his eyes in the process. "Just what am I going to do with you, Marina?" He said, with a slight chuckle. Now that he thought about it, he wanted to play a special song for Marina.

    He turned away from Marina for a moment. "Excuse me, Marina." He said, walking over to the rock, left of him, where he had sat his harp.
  18. Marina grinned and chuckled as well. Her laughter stopped when she saw him walk away for a bit. "...Hm?" Marina was curious as to what he was doing, she looked over at where Urion was. She caught a glimpse of the harp and smiled widely. "Hmmm~?"
  19. Urion turned to face Marina. He smiled at her as he held his harp. He loved performing for Marina and the people of the village. It was relaxing for them when they had a long day at work. the wind sways his hair to the left as he walked into the center of town and began to play his song, stopping just in front of the hut. He dat on a bench behind him and began to play.


    All the villagers began to sway to the melodious sound and all became quiet. Urion continued to play and smile, feeling the music flow through him. He strung smoothly and let the music take him away. Only a few seconds after, he opened his eyes and looked towards Marina, slanting them slightly and maintaining his smile.

  20. Immediately noticing the harp, she followed in silence to the town square and sat on the bench next to him. Marina loved to hear Urion play as much as he loved to play for her. Marina was smiling warmly, watching Urion play his harp. Marina loved how smooth he could play it, and knew he was going to be quite the musician. Heh, he probably was considering how time had passed before they had met up today.

    But there was something that made her heart skip when Urion had opened his eyes towards her. Marina's cheeks turned a little rosy and she looked a bit curious. And soon, her face lit up and made a wide, elated smile back.