A Demons Contract

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  1. This is for Ciel and Phoenix.

    Sebastian sat out to get the morning ready before the young master woke up. First he made breakfast, there was raspberry scones and crumpets, along with different types of muffins. Unsure what the young master would want this morning. Then he sat out to preparing tea. Today he chose to make blueberry tea in a emerald green tea set on a sliver platter. After that he sent the other house works off to do their duties before heading up to the Ciel's bedroom. Sebastian entered his bedroom.

    "Young Master, it's time to get up. You have a very busy day ahead of you." He sat down the tea and went to get Ciel's clothes ready for the day.
  2. Young Ciel Phantomhive was sleeping pleasantly until he vaguely heard the opening of the door and his butlers voice. Time to get up? A long busy day? It all sounded tedious and the same as the day before. He rolls over face down on his bed, refusing to snap out of his half dreaming state. It seemed Sebastian hadn't opened the curtains yet, which made him sigh a bit sleepily in relief. That meant he wouldn't wake up so easily. He'd stayed up quite late the night before working on paperwork that had been stacking up on the edge of his large desk in his study.
  3. Sebastian pulled back the covers on Ciel. Before walking over to the curtains and pulling them open. "If you do not get up I will-" he set out the master's clothes- "you will leave me no choice but to force you." He smirked to himself, knowing that he won't have to. "What would you like for breakfast? We have scones, crumpets, and muffins. I, also, prepared some blueberry tea for the morning." He said standing near the window waiting for Ciel to get up. Fully knowing he was awake.
  4. Ciel lets out a sigh as the light streams in from the windows and slowly pushes himself up, opening his two different colored eyes, one holding the contract he made with the demon that now stood at his bedside silhoutted by the window behind him. He glances up slightly to the side, "The scones.." as he reaches over, picking up his black eyepatch, starting to put it on carefully.
  5. Sebastian smirked softly. "Good choice, My lord." He said bring his clothes to him and a scone. "What do you plan for the day, My Lord?" He grabbed Ciel's shoes and started to help him get dressed in his navy blue and black outfit. "The house is all cleaned and lunch is getting cooked and the garden is being taking care of." Sebastian said.
  6. Ciel sits on the edge of the bed, allowing the demon to dress him. He takes a small bite out of the well made scone, "Unfortunately, I must continue my paperwork. I have only managed a half of it. Do we have any guests coming today, Sebastian?" watching as he dresses him.
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  7. "None have arrived yet, My Lord." He said tying his boots than moving to tie his bow tie. "If any comes I will tell you." Sebastian said finishing dressing the young boy.
  8. "I see. Very well." Ciel stands up, walking to a small table near the large window in his room, sitting down in one of the high backed velvet chairs, crossing his legs. He glances up to the side as he puts his tea cup to his lips sipping it slightly, watching the butler. "Is anything in order of being replaced because of Mei Rins folly?"
  9. "Yes, My Lord. Everything is in order for replacement." Sebastian said standing behind Ciel for a moment. "I must get back to work, My Lord. If you need me just call me." Sebastian said as he left to get back to work around the house. He knew leaving house work to Mey-Rin, Bardroy, and Finnian would always end badly.
  10. Ciel remains in his room and moves his gaze out the window, watching the morning larks sing and dance with the early days dew sliding off petals of dark red rose vines outside his window. After a bit he stands, setting down his empty tea cup, leaving his room.
    The young boy walks down the halls of the large Phantomhive manor, his shoes clicking against the polished floor slightly. Hopefully he'd have no surprise visits from anyone today, needing his peace and quiet to focus on the stacks of paperwork he desperately wanted to ignore.
    He pushes open the door to his study, and settles down in his chair behind his magnificent desk that seemed a bit too large for a boy his size. Pulling a few stacks of the parchment toward him, he dips his feather pen into his ink well beginning the days work.
  11. An hour later Sebastian entered Ciel's study. "My Lord, Lizzy is-" Before he could finish Lizzy burst in and tackled Ciel. "Ciel! It's been awhile! I brought you gifts! Come try them on!" She exclaimed giving Ciel bags. "Out Sebastian!" "Yes, Miss Lizzy." Sebastian smirked before leaving Ciel to the torture of Miss Lizzy. Sebastian went to prepare some tea for his Lord and Miss Lizzy.
  12. Ciel looks up, eye widening, attempting to move the paperwork out of the way before he got tackled...Failing miserably at it unfortunately, "L-Lizzy?!" trying to keep his balance as she hangs on him, holding his hand out toward the door as Sebastian leaves, "Wait! No, don't go! Sebastian!" He tries to pry her off, "Nice to see you too Lizzy?" twitching a bit in a slight annoyed state. Visits from the blonde girl were always...what was the word...Unorthedox. So much with the plan of getting things done today.
  13. "I've missed you Ciel!" Lizzy smiled brightly at Ciel. "Here I got you an outfit. I saw it at the store and thought it was perfect for you. Try it on!" Lizzy said pushing the bags into Ciel's hands. "Put it all on." She said smiling to brightly for it not to be something bad. In the bag was a dark blue outfit with kitty ears and a matching kitty tail and paw gloves.
  14. He almost drops the bag, catching it quickly as she shoves it into his hands, looking into it slightly before his face pales slightly, "Y-you're kidding...I'm the lord of the Phantomhives, I refuse to wear something so humiliating as a cat outfit!" He pauses before sighing. He had to keep her happy otherwise she'd throw a fit...And that was something the Manor couldn't take one more time. "Fine..." turning walking into the next room shutting the door.

    Minutes pass before Ciel, grumbling the whole way, comes out dressed in the cat outfit. How horribly embarrassing. He could only hope none of the servants came in at this moment. He sits down on his desk slightly crossing his legs, "Happy now?"
  15. Lizzy smiled "You look adorable!" Lizzy screamed. At that moment Sebastian came in holding tea. "My Lord, I prepared tea fo-" He stopped talking and stares at Ciel dressed as a kitten. "Um... I prepared tea for you and Miss Lizzy." He said walking over to them and setting it on the desk. Sebastian leaned close to Ciel's ear and whispered "I like this outfit, My Lord." Chuckling softly to himself.
  16. Ciels cheeks turn a burning red with humiliation and annoyance glancing at the butler, "Of course you would, you cat obsessed moron. I'm doing this so Lizzy won't throw a fit. It's thoroughly and horrendously embarrassing, not for a lord of Phantomhive to be wearing." He shuts his eye, eyebrow twitching a bit, as he hisses back to Sebastian. "Find a way to send her on her way, wouldn't you."

    He reaches over picking up his cup and saucer of tea, sipping it, still sitting, legs crossed, on the edge of his large desk. Even with his cool slightly angry expression, his cheeks fail to turn back to their normal paled color. "You like it...Hmph."
  17. Sebastian chuckled. "Yes, My Lord." He said taking one more glance at Ciel before leaving the room to find a way to get Lizzy to leave. He hoped that Ciel would keep that outfit. Sebastian sent out a letter to Lizzy's Maid. Lizzy grabbed her cup and saucer of tea. "I like you in that. You look cute, Ciel." Lizzy said taking a sip of her tea.
  18. Ciel's eyebrow twitches once more, keeping his composure however, as he sips his tea. "What need would I have for such an outfit? I am the Queen's guard dog after all, not a lazy purring kitten." He sets down his saucer of tea, stepping off the desk walking around to the other side of it sitting down once more, organizing the slightly scattered pieces of paper. Was it only embarrassment when Sebastian mentioned how he liked the outfit that made him blush? Or was it more then that? Come now, Ciel, don't be stupid. It was humiliation and that's it. He sighs as he sees a few stray blots of ink on his papers.
  19. "Don't be such a grump." Lizzy said pouting. Sebastian came back with Paula. "Miss Lizzy, Miss Paula is here to take you home. I'm sorry to cut the visit short but the young master has much work to do. I promise we will schedule for you to visit very soon." Sebastian said winking at Ciel. Lizzy sighed and smiled at Ciel. "Bye Ciel!" She said leaving with miss Paula. Sebastian smiled. "Job done, My Lord."
  20. Ciel vaguely waves a bit at Lizzy without looking up from his paperwork in farewell.

    He glances up slightly at Sebastian, "Good, thank you." he looks back down at the paperwork, still in the kitten outfit, not bothering to change again for now. "She shows up unannounced, and somehow always manages to pick the worst timings as well. It's quite inconvienant." He signs a paper setting it to the side. "More tea." holding the empty cup up slightly without looking from the papers.