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  1. I want to write one-liners with someone.

    Yes, you read that correctly. There is a reason I put it centered, bolded, in size seven lime green font. I want there to be no miscommunication between us. So, here's another one.

    I want this to be a prestige level roleplay.

    Confused? I suppose that is only reasonable. Let me explain further.

    I am a brand new college student. My life has changed a great deal in the past month and a half. I'm finding myself shorter and shorter on time. But, far more importantly, I'm finding myself less and less inclined to sit down and really dig into a good, long, detailed roleplay post. It exhausts me. And I hate that, because roleplaying is one of the only things I have to look forward to most days. I want to reclaim that lost love.

    That does not change the fact that I am exhausted and out of time. My only solution? Find a roleplay that can show me everything there is to love about a roleplay, without the 800 word expectation that goes along with most posts.

    My English teacher once told me, the shorter something is, the more meaning there has to be in every single word.

    I expect every word you give me to have meaning. I expect that, if one word were to be removed, our story would no longer be the same. And I feel perfectly reasonable in expecting this, because I only expect a single sentence or so per post.

    This may be very, very frustrating for both of us.

    That is why we are going to have to come up with a very, very good story. A story that doesn't have a post like "She walked down the stairs." A story that keeps us hanging on every word, desperately longing for the next perfect phrase, and willing to construct it. Here's the problem:

    Brevity is not my forte.

    Yes, I did that on purpose. It took me nearly a minute to come up with that sentence, because my normal inclination is to do this: "I am not good at writing with very few words, because I believe in describing things, and adding a flowery, grateful feel to everything simply because it is fun to read and fun to write. I add detail, and almost always manage to make it sound as though it is relevant, and not purple prose. I'm not good at writing briefly because I always feel like I've left out some important detail that can make the story richer."

    You see the difference? See why this is going to be hard for me?

    But that's ok. I can probably learn a lot from this. Hopefully you feel the same.

    As far as plots.

    I can always offer some up, if you want. But this story is going to need to engage both of us, and we are both going to need to be able to contribute to it in incredibly meaningful ways. For that reason, I think it would be very good for us to build it from scratch.

    That, and the interaction will give me a chance to make sure that you are really going to put your all into this. Which is also highly relevant. ;)

    One more thing.

    Be active. I expect multiple posts a day. At the very least, one post, or one message to me, if just to chat. Leave me hanging for a week, and we are done.

    That's it.
  2. This sounds very interesting; definitely a challenge, and something I might want to be involved in. I feel the same way, honestly - I want to do a well-plotted, engaging roleplay, but I don't have the desire to write out paragraphs at a time.
  3. Sure. Go ahead and send me a PM, and we can start working together.

    @ Everyone else. I am only looking for one partner for this, but I'm not doing it on a first come, first serve basis, for the most part. Please, continue to let me know if you are interested in this.
  4. This concept is wonderfully compelling, and I would love the chance to try my hand at it.
  5. Sure. Go ahead and send me a PM.
  6. I'm still looking for people. :)
    My explorations with previous partners have led me to the conclusion that these kinds of stories work best when there is only a single protagonist, and we both write for him or her. That's pretty much my expectation now, although it may change with the right persuasion.

    To pique your interest, I now have a potential plot. But I'm not telling you what it is unless you PM me. :tongue:
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