A Debt

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  1. The city loomed tall, overshadowing many of the busy people during this cloudy blue morning. The humid warmth made people walk out of their homes in shorter sleeves and shorter skirts for work and such, the city being peppered heavily with commuting adults, the last remnants of children heading to school, and many others just stepping out to enjoy what they day has given them so far. Horns, yelling, and engines made a cacophony of sound through the city streets, everyone having more important things to do.

    All the more better for her to make her way through the crowd of busy people without keeping anyone's attention for too long. The hood to her black hoodie covered half her face as she shoved her way forward, hands in pockets and eyes down. There was no need to make eye contact and risk being noticed anywhere near her. It didn't matter if she practically stuck out like a sore thumb, being the only person dumb enough to cover up on a day where it was going to get hot, but just for her to keep moving so they wouldn't find her.

    Some debts could never be paid off, after all.
  2. Weren't there usually people for this sort of thing? More intimidating people. People that were good at investigations. People in the plural sense, even.

    But no. They had to send her for some reason. With no instructions or leads, to boot! It wasn't as if there wasn't anyone else that was more qualified. Still, it wasn't her place to complain about it even if she would have been more useful doing paperwork or... literally anything else.

    How was she even supposed to find this person, anyway? The city was bustling, the weather sucked, and there wasn't much information to even go on. Maybe this was just some elaborate prank. Whatever it was, it wasn't as if she could conveniently run into-

    Actually, that was exactly what happened. Literally, even, as she staggered back from the impact and fell flat on her back. "Ow ow ow... S-sorry! Are you alright...?l
  3. The girl wasn't looking where she was going. Shoving through people aggressively with a clouded mind put her thoughts in front of her instead of her path. At some point, she felt something hard run into her, jarring her movements for a moment from a mix of shock with a bit of pain. It only took a moment for her to realize that her hood fell off, exposing her dishwater blonde head and face to the world. She quickly flipped the hood back on and was going to move to leave, but she realized that someone else was involved in the little run in.

    "I... I'm fine," she muttered, her hand reaching out automatically to help. "I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going."
  4. The brunette's hands fumbled along the ground for a moment before bringing a pair of glasses back to her face, taking a moment to get her bearings straight. "Ah... No, no. It was my fault. I should have..."

    She trailed off as she got a better look at the stranger while taking her hand to stand back up, a blank stare appearing as something occurred to the brunette: this was the one she was looking for.

    Taking a deep breath to compose herself, she dusted off the back of her pants before offering the blonde a polite smile. She just needed to play it cool for now.

    "Is there anything I can help you with? If there's something bothering you, miss...?"
  5. The girl shook her head and brushed off her reply. "Let's agree that it's both of our faults," she murmured, offering a soft smile that quickly disappeared as she moved to go around the other female. She froze, though, when the girl spoke again. She sighed and turned her head slightly, her tone changing from polite to something a bit rougher.

    "Nothing is bothering me," she responded, turning back forward. "Maybe we'll meet again."

    Then she went forward, continuing on her trek, hoping she wouldn't be followed. Her nerves started to fray from the questions. There was too much of a pause there to begin with for it to be genuine concern. She didn't want to risk it.
  6. That definitely had to be her. Who else could she be with that sort of reaction? It certainly wasn't the reaction the brunette was hoping for, but at least the hard part was done.

    Now she just needed to actually finish the job. "I've actually got a few things..."

    Trailing off once again, the brunette picked up in her own pace to keep up with the blonde, although she tried not to get too close even as she trailed behind the other girl in trying not to collide with anyone else in between. "I just need a... To speak with you for a minute...!"
  7. She scoffed. Speak to her? Since when did anyone every just spoke to her without having something in their hand to threaten her with? She took a quick turn into an alleyway and walked far enough away to get out of passersby earshot, knowing the brunette was going to be following her still. Once pleased with the distance, she swiftly turned toward the clearly ignorant girl.

    "I don't know if you know, but I know where you're from and who you're supposed to represent. I've told a lot of your kind already and I'm going to say it again. Leave. Me. Alone," she sneered, clenching her fists at her sides. The thought to swing was there, but there wasn't a need unless she needed to defend herself.
  8. The Street Rat had been dozing in the heat of the day; it wasn't like she had anywhere to go or anything to do, after all. Her clothing--if you could call it that--was more holes than cloth, haphazardly thrown over a short, scrawny brown body pockmarked with scars, mementos of many past adventures both exciting and dull. She was pulled out of her semi-sleep by the sound of movement and an irritated voice--people in her alley. Red-shot eyes blinking, the Rat sat up straight and took notice, watching from the relative cool of the shadows, close enough to see the curled fingers of the woman nearest her, the woman dressed much too warmly. She didn't think the other women had spotted her yet, and she wasn't sure she wanted them to.
  9. On one hand, her target wasn't too difficult to follow into the alley. On the other hand, she didn't seem to be all that cooperative, this was probably the worst spot to be in, and the brunette was pretty sure this wasn't in her job description at all.

    Smiling somewhat awkwardly as she held her empty hands up, she stopped at just outside punching range without appearing to notice the spectator in the same area just yet. "N-now miss. I don't want any trouble, but if you would just take a moment to talk this out..."

    She was really starting to regret subbing in for the job and following the blonde here. Being dressed in office attire wouldn't do her any favors in some alley, nor would it help if it really came down to blows. "... then there wouldn't have been so many of us trying to find you in the first place. S-so wouldn't it be easier to just take care of it now?"
  10. A sneer slid past her lips, her glare getting angrier. "Talk it out?" she countered. "Talk... It out?" She raised her hands in there air, bringing them up to her head to grab her hair for a moment. "You're fucking driving me up the wall! All of you! You want to talk it out after all the crap you all had put me through? I can't go home anymore because you know where I lived, broke into my apartment, and trashed the place. I can't answer my phone anymore because it's full of threats! Now you think you can just come here and talk?"

    She shook her head and backed up, starting to turn around. "Just because I'm his daughter doesn't mean I inherit his debts, too. Leave me alone." Then she flipped up her hood again over her eyes and shoved her hands in her pockets. "Leave me alone because I will fight back."

    She didn't see the eyes that were watching them from the shadows, or the girl they belonged to. She just wanted to get away from this girl, fast.
  11. The Rat didn't think this was particularly her fight, and experience taught her to stay out of things that weren't her business. On the other hand, she had an uneasy feeling about what might happen if this argument blew up, and at the very least, she didn't want any kind of ruckus in her alley. She stood slowly, warily, stepped from the shadows. Her voice was dry and ragged. "Hello?"
  12. Maybe that could have gone better. Some better choice in words, not being so upfront about the whole thing. The damage was already done, though, and all the brunette could really do was try to do some damage control.

    "W-well... I can't really speak for the.. Erm. Methods of everyone else, but I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you in the past. Still, if you had paid earlier..." Shutting herself up shortly after that last bit, the brunette nudged her glasses back as she realized just how terrible that might have sounded. She couldn't just give up on the job here, however, and even the threat of violence wasn't enough to keep her from holding her ground.

    "Please understand, miss. I don't want any trouble, but I can't just go back empty handed." She chewed on her lower lip for a moment before taking a step towards the blonde, hesitating once she heard the voice of another in the alley. Was it a friend of the blonde's? If so, turning them both against her certainly wasn't going to help.

    "Ah.. Hello, miss. Is there something I can help you with?"
  13. She wanted to swing so bad at this stupid girl, but she couldn't. That girl was only a desk lacky for them, nothing more. She wasn't one of the people who tore up her home and found her number. She's probably ignorant to the entire amount and how it came to be and who it came from. Either way, though, she kept putting her own foot in her mouth and it was ticking her off.

    She was going to turn back toward the girl, give her two sense once again if it wasn't for a new voice that piped up in the alley. She stopped her actions and turned toward another girl, frowning.

    "Great... More people. Who are you?" she asked the girl, crossing her arms.
  14. "I'm no one," the Rat shrugged. "I'm just wondering what you two are up to, you know, in my alley."
  15. This could definitely be going better than it was. It was bad enough that the blonde took them into an alley, but having a spectator around wouldn't help matters any if things got messy. Still, there was the small chance that it'd be possible to avoid to avoid that problem if she was careful enough. Maybe.

    Turning to the one that identified herself as the Rat, the brunette continued smiling politely as she bowed her head lightly. "Ah. I'm sorry for the intrusion, miss. We were just talking about some... Er. Personal business." Chuckling awkwardly, she nudged her glasses back up before continuing in that same polite, yet clearly uncomfortable tone. "Would you mind giving us a few minutes to finish? We'll be leaving right away once we finish here."
  16. Kurureenu glared over toward the brunette, then turned a gaze back toward the rat girl. "No need to give us any time. We're already done. I already said what I have to say," she sneered, beginning to walk away from the two girls and back toward the street.

    "Hey, desk lacky, tell your boss I said this," she told the brunette, raising a hand with her middle finger standing straight up. "And to leave me the fuck alone."

    It was bad enough that she didn't feel safe anywhere. Even in public, they didn't seem to mind finding her to keep hounding her about the debt that her father accumulated. If her hate for that man wasn't bad enough, it was getting there.
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    The Rat cast a careful glance between the two women. She wasn't particularly excited about this sort of thing happening in her alley. The Rat didn't exactly have a clean record with the law, and it was common knowledge that this particular alley was where she made her home. More trouble was the last thing she needed; what she needed was to get these idiots to take their business elsewhere.

    "Wouldn't you ladies be more comfortable solving this somewhere a bit more, ah, professional?" She asked, displaying her most winning smile, though she was short a few teeth. "Like, perhaps, an office, a cafe, somewhere away from here . . . ?"