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  1. You're Charecter is dying, sitting on his death bed slowly dying. Obviously he dosent want to die though.

    To his advantage the reaper tasked in taking you're charecters life is board and wants some intertainment. The deal was, you would live a full, long healthy life, and most importantly you will meet you're true love. But the catch is, the reaper can take you're loves life at any given moment when he isn't with you, and even when he is weaker demons. Tend to attack him.

    You're true love is always foot steps away from death and he dosent know why. He dosent know that you have his life to a reaper, and you can't just go tell him that.

    You're charecter: The one that made the deal (Also, Dominate)
    Has somehow kept
    My Charecter: The victim of the deal (Submmisive) alive for a year. Without him knowing a reaper and his demons were after him. You're charecter is still bent on protecting my charecter. This means my charecter can never leave you're charecters sight.

    This is were this roleplay begins.

    Talk to Me here or Pm, me if you are interested.
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