A Deadly Beauty

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Cassiel rushed down the stairs of her house, almost tripping over the bottom steps. Well...not almost. She DID trip over the last few steps, landing with a thud on the bottom floor.

"Ow..." she muttered, standing up and dusting herself off. She was in a rush because she had been napping in her room and had missed the bus that would take her downtown. Cassiel's favorite places were downtown. Of course...they didn't open 'til about 8:00 pm, which was when the sun would start setting. Not that that mattered. It was quite nice.

Because you see, Cassiel's a vampire.

Her biggest problem wasn't missing the bus, it was that she'd now have to ask to borrow her father's car. What a nuisance, She thought, going into her father's study. She knocked the door twice to announce her arrival. She peeked in.

"Uh...mind if I borrow the car?" she asked him.

He looked up from his work, "Go ahead. I'm busy, go on." He took the keys from his pocket and threw them to her. Surprisingly easy, Cassiel thought as she left the house. She'd expected a long lecture on how she should be studying instead of going off and messing around.

"Oh well," she said to herself, backing the car out of the driveway. And with that, Cassiel set off into the night-time in downtown.
A clear night sky was something very beautiful to behold. The gentle glistening of each star, so high up above to watch the world from a different kind of pedestal, it came as almost one of the wonders of the world to Axl. How could such items as stars and constellations, sprinklings of dust floating away to infinity and beyond, be available for the viewing of mortal eyes such as his? It didn't seem very fair to him, how the galaxy just bared itself for the world to gaze upon. Flashing It's stuff all over the place, could the sky not have some sort of decency once in a while? Clearly, it could not, as scum like himself were allowed the most public peek. Nevertheless, with a curve of the lips and a crinkle of the cheek, Axl took it all in like the selfish little brat he recalled his mother told him he was.
As his legs stretched out along the bench beneath him, the right limb decided to bend over the edge. A lanky figure, the sole of his shoe scraped the ground lightly, pushing back and forth in a carefree swinging motion. Arms lifting to place comfortably behind a head covered in bright red spiked up strands, it felt nice to relax in the open area of the city. The cool night air caressed his piercing cheekbones, sending the slightest of shudders down his spine, clinging to each angle of each little bone trailing down to his toes. Staring up at nothing in particular, soft copper eyes hid behind lids closing along them while a flat chest beneath some clothing material raised up high. Exhaling slowly, controlling the breathing pattern that was about to begin, the twenty-five-year-old male couldn't think of a better way to spend his night. Well, alright, maybe some vodka might not be too bad either. But, he was appreciating the moment, trying to treasure it no matter how quickly it might end.
Of course, Mr. Axl Troy McGillian was not here out of his own wanting. He did have purpose that night, as he waited on a call from a mate of his, letting his cell phone stay on vibrate on the inside of his left pocket, in case his ears didn't feel like picking apart each sound they heard in the busy life of the night. They were suppose to be hanging around the town, possibly hitting up a few bars, scoping out clubs, perhaps find a wall or two to tag up and admire from afar afterwards. Somehow, though, Axl was by himself, having been waiting already for close to half and hour. Unsure if he should give up by now or not, a sigh passed through his throat, contemplating the choices he should be making. Although..it was rather nice and simple to just lay here unbothered and uninterrupted. Shifting a little to face the back of the bench more, curling up slightly with his awkwardly tall body bending in every direction, his lungs filled with air once more as the taste of night was about him. How sweetly it lingered against his tongue, how perfect tonight felt thus far.. And still, the night had barely begun.
Aaron pulled his jacket around him and glared at his surroundings as though looking for trouble. Sitting in a special sleeve inside of his jacket sat two stakes. He was a Hunter of the Order, young and inexperienced but hoping to change that.

It would help if he could figure out how to distinguish a vampire from a normal human, but for some reason he was blind to such things. Huffing, he decided to step into a local nightclub. A strong shot of vodka would be great on a night like tonight, he thought.

Standing on top of an old water tower looking down what Jason consider nothing more than strange meat heads.It was one of his nights where its just him,his sword,his robes,and a city of excitement.

"Lets see whats new tonight.." he spoke,licking his fangs of anticipation,hoping for something fun to peak his interests.He scouted out the distance of the roof tops,viewing heart beats,body temperatures,and blood types as he leaps from building to building.He stops and hangs off the wing of an angel statue,his eyes fill with an intense red color when he spots and cold thermal signal.In the middle of the highway,radio blasting,he sees another vampire."What..the..hell?..." breached his teeth,standing confused,whether she was plum crazy or a human teenage with one hell of a frost bite.Three streets down,a human's signal peered up walking into a club.Jason focused on the boys facial expression,telling him everything he needed to know."The young blood is a hunter,but what about you little miss?"

He crossed his arms and contemplated,which one he wanted to investigate more than the other.Jason looked back and forth at the two the switched his vision to normal and leaped after the girl.When he came close enough,Jason forced his strength into his legs and jumped in the middle of traffic,"Here we go!" He landed dead on top of the hood of the car.He new it had been busted from the landing when he heard the sound of gears breaking,bolts popping out,and saw the front tires fall off.His robes opened up revealing his raiment and sword,without a single remorse for the car, he spoke....

"Hello young blood"
Cassiel slammed on the brakes as something hit the car. She was shocked to see a young man on the hood. Her busted hood. Her father's busted hood. MY FATHER'S CAR, her mind screamed, along with a string of profanities, but she didn't want to say those out loud.

This wasn't a normal guy, so she didn't hesitate in baring her fangs at him. "What the hell?!" she shouted. She got out of the car and glared at the man. "Are you going to pay for that mister, or do you just plain want me to kill you?"

"My father's going to kill me! So I might as well take someone with me!" she told the strange, car-damaging man.
Jason grinned when he saw her bare her fangs,he almost laughed at they way she insulted him.I mean really,car-damaging man.Jason stepped down from the hood of the car and greeted her again."My apologies but," he groans,looking around a listens to the sirens of paramedics charging the area,"i don't think this is the time to discuss this."

A feeling of desperation engulfed the area leaving Jason with a desperate or smart idea.He opened his ropes and wrapped the girl and himself into a shroud."Stay calm and try to focus" this wasn't the first time he'd escaped like this,but it was the first time with a partner. Jason's robes turned him and the girl into a cloud of bats,and transferred them to a roof-top not far from the broken vehicle. He looked at the girl and asked a simple question,"What bloodline do you originate from?" he then,pricked her finger with one of his claws and smelled the blood,"Cause you seem familiar."
She was going to argue. She wanted to yell at him and say 'It's the perfect time to talk about the destruction of my father's car.' Although, the sound of sirens suggested other-wise, how would they explain that a single man came and busted the hood of the car? It'd be extremely difficult, and her father would have to pull some strings just to get her out of the dilemma. Then again, all she had to say was 'That weird guy broke the car!' and then the man would have to fix it himself.

Before she could yell, however, the man had her wrapped in his robe. Cassiel was shocked and unable to function while her mind took in what was happening. She felt a sudden numbness, which ended in her standing on a roof-top.

"Hey! Yo--" Cassiel had been about to tell this guy off when he asked:

"What bloodline do you originate from?"

She glared at him angrily as he pricked her finger and sniffed at her blood. She was slightly confused by the question, but she was still angry. She pulled her hand away from him. "What do you mean?" she asked through clenched teeth.
"Calm down Cassiel and wait here."After getting a hold of a little of her blood he knew everything about her.From deep dark secrets,to the more embarrassing kind.Jason reached out his hand in the car's direction and covered it in bats.He tried to work fast before the sirens closed in to investigate the whole area.As soon as an ambulance breached around the corner of the building, The bats scattered like roaches to a light.The car was nearly fixed,the only part missing was the front bumper and a few bolts.

"That's one problem out of the way."He looked back at the girl and felt amazed,not because she was beautiful or the interesting fact of her attitude.But the fact that so far she is the only vampire he's seen in over one hundred years and she acts like those psycho teens you see in music videos. And yet at the same time..He felt a small sense of sanity and comfort.For the last few years he felt as if he'd be the last alive and would have to start his race all over.Jason took this moment to heart and introduced himself calmly."My name is Jason Alvadine Rogue,Vampire Paladin and Crusader,I'm sorry for my inappropriate action earlier and beg for your forgiveness."Jason dropped on one knee,crossed his left arm over his left leg and held his head low."I'm sorry."He could tell she'd still be pissed,but he apologized none-the-less.​
Now...Cassiel was more confused than angry. "How do you know my name? Was it from the blood?" She asked, curiousity taking over. She watched as bats engulfed the small area of her car.

She crossed her arms. "Yeah you better be sorry!" She told him, but a small smile had appeared on her face. "But there's no need to beg," she told him. She knelt beside him, "Gosh...the way you act, you would think you hadn't seen another vampire for years." Little did Cassiel know, that that was exactly the case.
For years Jason had aggrivated the hell out of his enemies, but was never forgiven so quickly.When she kneeled beside him he felt at home, knowing that he isn't alone."You show me mercy as if nothing happened...Amazing."He stood up to his feet and removed his charm,he placed it around her neck."You've done me a favor..and I'll return it,whenever you need me just close your eyes,grip the charm and I'll be right with you.

Jason took three steps back and opened a portal on the floor of the roof-top,the portal showed Cassiel's room.From the other side the portal was located inside her bathroom,coming from th walls of her shower.He wanted to spend more time knowing her father he'd want to ground her for what happened to the car, but also be scared to death."This should take you home..as soon as you walk through I'll close it behind you.I promise when we meet up we'll talk a little more."jason gave a short smile that revealed one of his fangs,he looked into Cassiel's eyes feeling inchanted by the happyness,the beauty,and relief.As much as he wanted her to stay..He knew he had to send her away, just until she needed him again.

"See you around..young blood."​
Cassiel examined the charm and thought about what he'd just said. "Wait... Don't you need your charm though?" she asked.

When she saw a her room appear in a portal, she looked at Jason. She didn't want to go home. She wanted to stay out and go to the club! Of course...she could always just leave again. However...there was still the matter of the car. But of course, after police arrived and read the license plates, her father would be called. Cassiel shuddered at the thought of what her father might do. She could be grounded. She wouldn't be able to leave her room again!

At that thought, Cassiel glared slightly at Jason. "I am going to be in SO much trouble," she said. After a moment she steped closer to the portal, preparing for her punishment. She could always sneak out of her house. With a sly smile, Cassiel stepped through the portal and into her bathroom.

She didn't plan on staying there though.

Almost immediately, Cassiel rushed to her window, opened it, and jumped out onto the ground below. Might as well enjoy the night, if she was already in trouble.
The club was packed. Aaron was surprised to see so many people crammed in one place. He was even certain that a couple of them were vampires, but there was no way to be certain. He wasn't able to distinguish them still. Cursing his luck, he ordered another shot of vodka. He would dull his senses. Perhaps then he would be able to tell the difference between human and monster. It was doubtful though; he's been trying to train that part of his senses for years. He still couldn't tell them apart, and it was going to get him in trouble if he wasn't careful.
After she left, Jason could sense that she didn't listen to him and stay home. He grinned out of both anger because she ran and happyness, knowing this was his oppurtunity to see her again. Atta girl Cassiel, he whispered in a state of excitement.Jason jumped from roof-top to roof-top following the sent of blood,smiling and hoping that this becomes the perfect night possible....That is...unless you're being hunted. Jason stopped and looked around the streets, noticing men and women dressed normal, but giving off a specific feeling that civilians didn't. He stared deep into the eyes of the specific people he noticed, they all had something similar about them. They all had a knight tattoo either on their arm or their neck.

"It can't be!They were supposed to be DEAD!" Jason grunted, sharpening his fangs against each other.The way they were grouped together revealed who they are and what they wanted. They wanted spill some blood....vampire's blood. From what Jason could, tell they knew some are in the area.He became enraged he remembered the only vampire he knew would be near and wasted no time. "Cassiel!!" he spoke in worry and followed her smell faster than sharks on an open wound. He jumped hard enough to crack the roof of the building as he'd land on them, sprinting, lunging, and at the same time..praying that he'd find her before they did. He thought to himself in his mind, his emotions controling his words, and his heart fueling his rage.

"Cassiel, hold on......."
Cassiel walked through the streets casually, not trying to attract attention. Soon though, she knew, her father would be calling her phone and/or hunting her down.

However, for some reason, she already felt as though someone were looking for her. Hunting her even. Cassiel turned back several times to look around, only to find that nothing was out of the ordinary. Trying to shrug away the feeling, she finally made it to her favorite club and she entered. She swore she could hear someone calling out to her, but she figured it was her imagination.

Still feeling rather uneasy, Cassiel went to the back of the club and stood, leaning against the wall.
Jason crashed his feet ontop of a roof and took a moment to lock on Cassiel's sent.When he noticed the trail lead to the club,he looked inside for heat signatures. "Thank God," he mumbled in relief.But started up when two armed men stumbled inside.Their signatures broke through the crowd,pushing people aside making their way towards her and passing up the young hunter inside."Dammit no time!!"

Jason teleported into the club and made his way to the two adversarries.Almost through the crowd the two draw out hand guns and aimed directly at her. Jason barked like an enraged demon and puntured his hand through one of the men.The other tried to escape, but Jason reacted quick and grabbed his throat, digging his claws through his adams-apple.While people paniced and the crowed began to depart, he placed a mask over his mouth and nose to hide his identaty.He gave Cassiel his robes and placed the hood over her head.He didn't have enough time to explain now but later,with the sense of the enemy closing in he brought her over to a door in the back and whispered...

"Cassiel run!"​
Cassiel had been deep in thought as she leaned against the wall. When people began to panic, her head snapped up and she looked through the crowd. "What the...?" she muttered as she saw the man named Jason beating up, more like murdering, two other men. Her senses told her that the men were hunters. Upon this conclusion, Cassiel stiffened, someone had been hunting for her. Both Jason and the hunters had been trying to get to her.

She was wrapped up in his robe again and ushered to the back door. "Cassiel run!" he told her through his mask.

"But..." sighing, Cassiel realized she had nothing to ask. She turned and started running, not entirely sure where she was running to.
When Cassiel ran the club emptied of civies and flushed full of knights. Numbering into 16 whole enemies, all searching for an easy vampire to kill. If only they new who they're dealing with. The knights drew cattle prods from their clothes and sparked the tips of them. "Wheres the girl" asked one of them, Jason gave no answer and glared at the enemies begining to surround him. Jason balled his hands into a fist to crack his knuckles and slowly leanded his head side to side to crack his neck. This was going to be the most fun he's had in ages.
Aaron couldn't avoid the fight he could hear from outside the club, and he quickly ran outside.


He saw the skirt tail of one getting away, and he turned the other way, going to head it off at the other side of the alley. No one it would outrun him.

When he got to the other side though, he ran into a girl.

"Ah, excuse me," he said, helping her up.
Jason quickly disposed of the knights in the club, his body was bloodied and reaked of the dead. He was a killer of mercy but never showed it to those who'd stoop so low.Some were hung on the walls and others, disembowlled or torn apart. In his moment of brutality he shook of any damge that was done to him and ran after Cassiel, His body felt exosted a bit from the electricutions, but no pain was enough to keep him from her.Any strain that struck his body he'd shake off as much as possible.

Jason turned his hands into fists and summond a pair of forearm blades, for any future enemies in the area.Slowly closing in on her position Jason thought to himself, "Cassiel..be strong.." and felt his charm,around Cassiel's neck, react to his thoughts.
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Cassiel clenched her teeth as she bumped into someone and fell to the ground. Ready to fight, she looked up angrily, about to kick the guy's ass. But when the guy reached down to help her up, her face softened.

On her feet now, she nodded to the man. "It's alright." She walked past him, walking quickly to get away.

Once again, as she walked away, she began wondering where she would go. Where could she go? There could/would be hunters all over the place. They'd be on alert, looking for her or Jason. "Hurry up Jason," she whispered quietly, not knowing if he could hear her or not. She wanted to go home now. Cassiel would rather be grounded than get killed by hunters. But...she'd been walking with so many things running through her head, that...she'd gotten lost in the city.