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History of Arx

Think of the Earth as we know it, now erase what you see of everything except for the landmasses and oceans. Now insert the same flora and fauna again. Add large city-states surrounded by huge iron walls. This is the basics to how the Earth progressed with the presence of Vampires. The humans built up their city-states with huge walls to defend from the viscious Vampire attacks. And for many many years this was how it worked. However, in many city-states the vampires found ways to sneak in. Some destroyed the entire populace and moved on, other snuck in and corrupted the local governments forcing the humans of the area to become a living blood bank. A constant source of nourishment.

However in the large city-state of Arx (located approximately where the modern day Vatican now resides) there was a different result. When the humans of the area became privy to the vampires entrance to the city, they immediately rallied behind their leaders to oppose the oncoming force. The vampire invading force, lacking any real structure and leadership, were driven back into one quarter of the city. The human leaders then came up with a plan. This was based mostly on the religious sector of the government that did not see the vampires as threats but as fellow inhabitants of the earth. So a truce was created. The humans would let the remaining vampires live, however, they would be walled into the section of the city, never to leave unless given permission by the government itself. Through the following days another law was set forth. Every month there would be sent into the Lamia (as the vampire quarter came to be known as) humans, those of the lowest rungs of society, beggars, homeless, orphans, and the worst of criminals, to feed the vampires and not kill them off. However, they would only provide one human for every three vampires according to the initial headcount of vampires.. This was enacted to both stem the population of the vampires, and to make them weak so they would not be able to try and over throw the city. Over time the population shrunk until that same amount of food, was sufficient to keep the population steady. However there was a small group of citizens who were strongly opposed to this manuever and wanted to see the vampires destroyed completely. They called themselves Humanitas Equitum.

Over the years as they passed things changed however. The general populace, as each generation went by became more and more ignorant of the vampires presence until they eventually forgot they existed. However the gvernment coninued its feeding of those in the Lamia according to the laws. Within the vampie community changes also arose. Instead of killing or turning the humans they were given they started keeping them alive. Drinking a little from each human so that the humans could recuperate and become a steady source of blood. The Humanitas Equitum still existed through out the city. They had passed down their hatred through the generations and retained their will to kill the vampires off. They were the few among the general citizens who still remembered the laws, and the treaty.

The time frame is approximately the same as the present day, only in this alternate reality earth scenario.
The vampires may have begun to sneak their corrupting tendrils into the government or Arx through The Mediator, a man assigned to pass between the two cultures and relay messages to and from.
The Humanitas Equitum are growing restless by the day, craving their final move against the abominations behind the wall.

Character Sheet (This is a basic sheet, feel free to add as you see fit)

Group: (Vampire, Humanitas, Government, Other)
Appearance: (If you include a picture, thats fine, but in this case a picture is not worth a thousand words, please explain via text as well)
Other Info: (Please include any other information you think is neccessary)
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Name: Axl Troy McGillian

Age: The tender age of twenty-five

Group: Human, with crazy freerunning skills beyond your imagination


Quite the giant gathering of red spikes, this is his natural hair color. His eyes are that of a copper shade, which shine greatly if he is in direct light, or if he simply pulls into a grin. Corny enough to match his clothes sometimes to the red in his hair, he wears a bright, short sleeved top, matching with a pair of black pants, with a orange-red strip going down the sides. A belt of old metallic material holds up his waistband, making sure he does not moon an innocent passerby. Tribal like, viney kind of black tattoos hug his left arm, as well as one little star which would be hidden beneath the attire on his right hipbone. The guy has 20/20 vision, though, being the fashion stud muffin he claims he is, Axel wears circular, funny looking orange specs on his head. Though, often, as pictured above, he will push them up and allow them a resting spot at the roots of his hair. Of course, he always wears a durable pair of running shoes, since that is what he does best. And, finally, silver hoops, bells and whistles adorn his ears and lobes. He always was one for the piercing look, and didn't mind the pain too much. The adrenaline always kept him as happy as a bee.

Personality: While naturally being a sort of laid-back bum with a high amount of testosterone to share, Axl is a collector of personality traits. Depending on his mood, and the day/night you find him, he can be many different kinds of a person. It is common for Mr. McGillian to show his teeth with bittersweet sarcastic remarks, grinning from ear to ear when trying to crack a horrible joke that could make any audience groan from a spleen injury. A mischievious little monkey, the young man enjoys drinking his heart to death in grungy, run down taverns, trying to pick up ladies at rare open opportunities. Once in a small while, however, he can turn into this odd little sweet boy, foolishly grinning as, gasp, a shade of pink may trace along his high cheekbones in a blush. Altogether, Axl is a nice kid, just with a bad attitude, and mostly rotten to the core manners.
On the topic of vampires, Axl doesn't show much concern, surprsingly. Of course he knows they are beyond that gigantic, eerie wall over yonder, and it is a tad creepy to know as a fact. Not much irks him, however, this being one of those things. Actually, he finds it kind of interesting, how he heard some people are sent as 'food' for those blood-suckers. His overly-curious ways just might bring him into trouble soon enough.

Other Info: A couple years back, Axl's eight-year-old sister, Bella, went missing. After searching for a year, with police still keeping her in mind and on the board of missing persons, the family had began to give up hope. It was hard to keep staying miserable, they had to focus and keep on with life, while keeping an eye open as well. Sometimes, even though Axl tries to stay go-lucky, full of glee, the pain stored inside of him bursts out. As an older brother, his sadness gradually inches higher every day, and in the back of his mind he still craves to know what happened to her. Walking through a normal agenda, one may notice his eyes wandering, scanning the area around him once in a while. Frequently, out of habit by now, he checks, and makes sure to not miss a person around him.
Ill have my character up by the time I go to bed tonight as well.
I'll play a double set. A vamp and a slave. Mainly cos I'm feeling the food/slave thing more than hunter right now. Have it up in the next couple hours probably. Only gotta do some cooking junk today.

And we're done.

Name: Lily Carmichael
Age: 19
Group: Human (Food).
Appearance: Long blonde hair and fair features with dark blue eyes. She wears a cropped top and miniskirt leaving a vast expanse of skin on display. The white clothes are accompanied by pink and gold accessories. It's not shown in the image, but her pale skin is covered with bitemarks in various stages of healing; her neck remains intact due to her gold collar, but wrists and what shows of her thighs are covered in bruises, gashes and hickeys from assorted vampire feedings.
Personality: A quiet girl who exists to follow orders, she's become one of the slaves to the vampire clan. She's been with them for at least a year and has developed severe masochistic tendencies as a result of the harsh treatment the humans are exposed to. She has a strong enough mind not to bend to just about every vampire's carnal desire for flesh, though she has no choice with regards to their need for blood.
Other Info: Family taken from her at the age of 16, though it had been rather a broken family since 2 years previously when her sister joined the ranks of the vampires and disappeared overnight.

Name: Angeline Carmichael, commonly known as Ruby.
Age: 27, blooded at 21 and retaining the age in body.
Group: Vampire
Appearance: Her black hair reaches roughly mid-back. Blue eyes stare hauntingly out of her face, making them instantly her most striking feature. She's even more scantily clad than her sister. Her breasts are barely covered in sheer red fabric, her private area by even less fabric in gold colour.
Personality: Now utterly comfortable with the life of a vampire, she likes nothing better than to play with her food. She can be quite vicious when she doesn't get her way and has a bit of a sadistic streak. She enjoys watching others abuse her sister almost as much as she enjoys doing it herself. She's playful with humans and relatively cold round her own kind.
Name: Jason Torren

Vampire Age: 112

Human Age:16

Group: Vampire, with excellent magic ability

Appearance: Spiked brown hair up to ear length, his hair can sometimes grow depending on his hunger. He has scarlet red eyes that install fear into those who gaze upon him.Standing about 6 foot 2 inches with 4 inch fangs. He has a necklace of a locket with a picture of his dead lover in it. A large black open coat with razors attached to the ends. World War II combat boots, an iron gauntlet with a forearm bladeon his right arm, and a clawed clad black gauntlet with a reddish glow in the cracks. Old tuxedo pants with right leg down, left leg up.

Personality: Jason remebers what it was like to be human so long ago. He spares those who deserve a second chance but will drain a murderer. He has a distict sense of right and wrong while keeping his wisdom up and rising. He never lived in fear as a human, and now as a vampire he fears not even death itself. A friend of Jason is well protected and will always have his aid. He can be very kind and intimidating, he has a savage sense of fighting and dangerous hunting tactics. In times of depression, he can be a real moral boost.

Other Info: Back when the humans ran out his kind, he was fleeing with his lover in among the crowd. In the mist of the chaos a man spotted the two and fired at them. Jason, being a vampire, endured the shots, but his lover took one shot to the head and died. He swore to kill same soldier that took his lover from him. He spent time training with a sword that was passed down to him by his father, learned destructive magic, and finally came to rest with the death of his beloved. When he finally killed the man, he went into hiding around the city keeping his eyes open for military and Humanitas, and feeding off of what ever is closest to him. On a personal level, he wishes to free humans that are forced to feed his people.

Name: Jeremy Shlo

Age: 23

Humanitas Equitum

Sacre Mercenaire. Third in command of Humanitas.

Standing approximately 5 foot 11 inches tall Sacre, as he is known in Humanitas as, sport a ruffled hairstyle to his long brown hair. At each hip he wears a saber, each one passed down from his father's before him. Superstes(Survivor) on his right and Victoris(Conqueror) on his left. As for clothing he prefers a loosefitting and light colored garment of any type. Usually however he can be seen in a loose robe wrapped around and tied with a red sash in the middle, the top let down so that it hangs over the sash leaving his muscled upper body exposed.

To his friends he is the mose loyal of friends, to those he is in charge of he is a fair and just leader, to the government he is an asshole, and to the vampires.. well they aren't usually alive long enough to make a character judgement about him.

Other Info:
Sacre was trained from a young age for his role in Humanitas. His father and grandfather before him were all members of the group. After his official initiation atthe age of 17, he quickly rose through the ranks proving himself on numerous occasions until he reached the position heholds now. Third in command, with its official title. Sacre Mecenaire.
Also, since I didnt mention it. All characters thus far approved.
I would like to see a couple more characters in here before we start....
Name: Leon Angeli

Age: Looks 19, is 290

Gender: Male
Species/Race: Vampire

Personality: He's very sadistic and sarcastic when he wants to be. He can also be kind, but those who have ever witnessed that are dead, except for his twin sister Allae


Name: Allae Anegeli

Age: looks 19, is 290

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Vampire

Personality: She is completely different from her brother. She is sweet in and kind, and they may be twins but they are very different.

Well aren't these two an awesome pair ;3
One of her boobs,
would equal the size of her waist.
Name: Dahvie Atsui (D-ah-V Ah-tsu-ee)
Age: 21
Group: Vampire
Appearance: He has spiky, black hair, one red eye, and one green eye. He wears all black, including his thin boots. He is 5'7, and has an athletic build under all his dark clothes. He has a huge burn on his side, hidden by his shirt.
Personality: He teases Neyo all the time, and uses the money she makes for himself. He has a joking personality, but is very lustful towards others. He is bisexual.
Other Info: Neyo is his twin sister, and he is the older one.

Name: Neyo Atsui (Nay-yo Ah-tsu-ee)
Age: 19
Group: Human slave
Appearance: She looks exactly like her brother, but her eyes are switched. She is also 5'4, and has an hourglass shape. She wears silver bracers on her wrists, and a bracer with a chain on her neck. Her clothes are always black, gold, or red.
Personality: She is trained to be seductive, but underneath she is sweet an kind. But once she is mad, she'll be sure to let anyone know it.
Other Info:
She's the younger sibling, and makes money by thieving or seducing men.

A picture of the two:

Dahvie Neyo.jpg
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one question though dark, how is Dahive's sister over 200 years old and she's a human 0_0