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You're going to need a basic plot or concept before you can even think about posting an OOC, guys, especially if you're looking to attract more players.

I'm very happy to lend you all a hand, but given the number of RPs and projects I'm involved with right now I'm afraid I won't be able to play in this one, nevermind GM it. In my experience horror games work best when one person is appointed the GM and who describes how the environment and NPCs interact with the PCs, leaving the players free to run around/shit their pants at stuff/escape from space monsters. If one of you reckons you're up to this, I'll gladly sit down with you and we can talk plot/plot twists/how to mentally scar your players.

But yes, before OOC, we need plot. And before plot, we need GM. Any volunteers?

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hum id like to give a hand but i cant be the master mind