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  1. [video=youtube;1Ogv4AO3Fuk][/video]

    After seeing this I all of a sudden thought:

  2. O.O DAMN!!!! that was the quickest reaction i've got all day

    But you down, so am I, lets wait for some more reactions. I'd like to see who else is open to the idea.
  3. Watch 'Event Horizon' if you haven't already; it'll both scare the shite out of you and give you plenty of inspiration for such an RP.

    Think oppressive, enclosed industrial environments for this sort of game. Orbital facilities that smelt the raw materials the Planet Crackers harvest, a colony ship on-route to a new planet. Lots of gun-metal and grit; that's a real staple of series. Pacing will be important from the get-go as well; don't just have Necromorphs appear and then start plugging away at them, build the tension, the suspense, the feeling that there's something really fucking wrong with the environment you're in. The first game did this pretty well (remember stepping aboard the ship for the first time to find it deserted? The blood smeared across the walls? The emptiness?), and if you can pull this off you'll have yourself a good game. Horror RPs are awesome, after all.

    If you've got any issues/need someone to bounce ideas off of, throw me a PM; I'm always happy to help.
  4. Thanks Grumpy-sama, the ideas you have are pretty damn good :)
    And yeah, when I first played the original Dead Space I was like "This is gonna be easy" and when I saw the walls and shit iwas like,"...........I'm so Fucked O.O"
  5. hahah ive only played the first one and i couldent step out the ship....and when i did i got locked in that room with the neco's and i screamed out loud when it chaced me XD
  6. Hahaha i love this idea i really do. I have an idea for the start of the rp though. How about instead of starting off with the necromorphs raping everything into oblivion that we start off on a ship thats docking onto one of the refining colonies. The labs below have been reproducing the markers and not even an hour or so after we get off the people start to change we get a more fresh view of the necrmorphs changing. Just a thought
  7. Thats an idea.
  8. that sounds like a plan
    will we be playing as survivors untill a hero comes?
  10. HELL YEA >:})
  12. OMG Raiu that's an awesome idea >:D!!!!!!!!!!!
    its so awesomw i could just :

    I'm interested.
  14. soooo when we gona try this out?
  15. Hmmm :/
    Right now i can't think of a plot
    So... *pulls over grumpy*
    Grumpy, I want you to start up a plot :)
    I'll handle character sheets and stuff
    While the rest will help out with incoming ideas, recruits, or questions.
    So I'd like to say
    LETS DO THIS!!!! >:3
  16. Should we start this on a ship?
    A coloney station?
  17. Lets get up the OOC first, then talk about plot settings

    If we're gunna do this, we do it right :)