A Dead Space Idea

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  1. Back in CBox I was thinking about all the fan-based RPs made, while watching old game trailers. I stumbled upon Dead Space trailers and it came to me. Maybe I could plot one up, but I don't have the capability alone. To make it work I'd need more than just frightening settings and horrid encounters, I'd need professional plotting. A friend of mine(Pheonix) gave me advice on keeping things for a survival/horror RP a float. Finding a way to capture horror in it's futuristic habbitat isn't impossible, and neither is a Dead Space RP. However close to that it may appear.

    So far the farthest in plot is below:

    Three months after the incident on Tideman Station, bits and pieces of the Marker have been scattered around space. A planet cracker by the name of USG: Promethius was earching along the linigns of space for another planet to... well... crack. Instead they found a pod sized piece of the Marker floating around in space. The scientists ordered for it to be brought aboard immediately after discovery to be stidied and harvested if possible. For three days and three nights, they performed tests to see what lied inside the Marker... Discovering horro's true face. Attatched to the fragment was a parasite that murdered three of the crew, then infected them. So far no one has noticed(Which will be explained further on) the incident and four death dealers are on the loose.

    Feedback will be loved! :D
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    and im interested in the dead space survivor horror
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