A day in the life of a high schooler

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  1. Blake's father is the owner of a large company. He wants Blake to become the next head of the business, meaning he wanted to send her to a good school. Lee High academy was her fathers choice, the only problem was this was an all boys school. Blake didn't want to do this but her father made her dress as a guy and attend the academy as a male student. The funny thing is just as she got accepted the school became co-ed. However, instead of dressing as a girl her father decided that it was better for people to think he had a male heir, not a girl. Blake now has to attend high school with everyone believing she is a guy.

    It's the first day of the new school year. Also the first day that they are officially allow girls to attend the school. Blake held onto the strap of her bag, heading towards the school. She could see others pass by, girls and guys. So, they saw her as a guy. She didn't know how this was going to turn out. What if someone learned her secret? Would her father be upset? Considering it was high school, what was she going to do about friendships and relationships. She was going to have to go through high school not how she wanted to. Blake stepped into the front doors of the school and took a deep breath, letting it out with a sigh.

    -Basically, a normal high school RP.
    -Think of Japanese anime style high school.
    -I like romance so that's allowed, fights, anything that can happen in high school really
    -I would appreciate a picture of your character or a description of how they look

    Blake Anderson: Although it's not shown in the picture, she actually has a low ponytail in the back. She didn't want to cut off her hair. She wears it down at home.
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  2. "H.. Hey!.. S-stop that!"

    "HAHA, Lookat da' pipsqueak flail! NERRRRD!!"

    Laughter ensued as a small commotion occurred in the high school hallways, one of many, naturally. A few students raised on their tip-toes to see what was going on, some just stood by their lockers ignoring what was going on across the way. And then there were the two bullies that were actually the brains for once behind something (but also the brawn). Two brutes threw a panda-shaped backpack back and forth to each other while a smaller figure frantically tried to retrieve it. It was a cruel game of monkey-in-the-middle, but the athletic duo found some joy in teasing the less-muscular one who was currently backpack-less.

    Rikaru jumped as high as she could, which was pretty impressive for being in a pair of black mary jane shoes. But, alas, she could not grab her backpack, teasing her with just a couple inches between her outstretched fingertips and the straps that flew through the air.

    "Give it back! Stop! P.. Please!"

    She pleaded and whimpered, but it was no use. And as if it could not get any worse, well, of course it did. It was unfortunate that the sixteen-year-old girl had to trip and fall on her face just then, left only to groan with sounds of laughter in the background. Peeling her pale face from the tiles, her long straightened chestnut hair was just all over the place. Great, hours of work on her hair for school and this was what became of it. Aimless hands began to feel around blindly as the laughter faded away, hearing a thump on the ground nearby. Rikaru assumed this was her backpack that was given up to her, perhaps because of how pathetic and helpless she was. At least she had that going for her..

    "Darn it.. Where are my glasses?.."

    She searched and patted on the ground, squinting with such a silly expression on her face as her knees scrambled on the floor, shielded by black tights.
    Yeah, this was not a great start to the day. Nope. Nuh uh.

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  3. Upon hearing some commotion down the hall, Blake made her way towards the crowd of people. She pushed through them to catch the end of the bullies little monkey in the middle game. It was ashame, why did people always have to act like that. Blake had the thought of cutting in but as soon as she went to act they left, dropping the panda bag onto the ground. Blake walked up slowly and bent down to where she saw a pair of glasses. "These are must be what you're looking for." She said, trying to keep her voice from sounding too girly. She had to keep up the act no matter what. She reached out her hand to give the girl on the ground the glasses. "Here." She smiled.
  4. "Hmm?"

    The blurred image before her seemed trust-worthy enough as Rikaru reached out to feel a familiar set of lenses. A sigh of relief helped ease her anxiety as she slipped her other pair of eyes onto her nose and ears, seeing everything so much more clear now. Brushing her front self off as she stood she gave a polite smile and small bow to the boy who had come to her aid.

    "Thank you.. I'm glad there is at least one nice person in this school so far."

    Her eyes averted down as she found her bag behind her slumped along a locker. With a grunt she swung the bag onto her shoulder, clutching the strap with one hand and slowly offering the other out to the stranger. Her head tilted to the side a little, hair falling along her cheek back into place as she began to speak again.

    "My name is Rikaru, second year student."
  5. "I'm also a second year, the names Blake." She said, continuing to smile at the girl. She reached out her head and grasped Rikaru's, giving it a small shake. She let go and let her arm fall to the side of her. "Though, this is the first time I've been into this school, just transferred this year. Don't worry, I'm sure there are a lot of nice people around. I bet more nice than of jerks. They probably just don't know how to act, since their used to an all guys school, you know." Blake laughed a bit with she spoke.
  6. "Hah.. Yeah, perhaps that is it."

    The girl pondered this before she snapped back to attention and turned to the locker that was just a step to the right. Fidgeting with the lock until it communicated a satisfying click, she opened the metallic door, peering off at the neatly organized books, pencils and pens in a cylindrical holder and only a few photos tacked to the back wall of the space of what seemed to be a particular kitten.
    Rikaru became distracted as she pulled book out from her bag and filled it with other ones from the locker, looking to be as if she was wrapped up in her own specific agenda. Truth was she really did enjoy structure and plans, time was something she found to be precious and well, as much of a goody-two-shoes as she must seemed, she didn't schedule to change any time soon. And if she was to schedule that event, well, it would have to be on a Monday.. but not this Monday because that is dinner with the neighbors..

    Trailing off into her thoughts with her hair covering a good portion of her face, Rikaru snapped her head up to search out the hallway clock.

    "Oh! Look at the time!" she exclaimed, zipping up her bag with a quick sharp gesture and looking over to Blake. "It's nice to meet you. What is your first class?"
    Her words came out rushed as she let her own stress get the best of her once again. While waiting for a response, Rikaru pushed up the glasses on her nose with her index finger, able to muster up a semi-calm smile. It was always much easier for her to be around guys instead of girls, for some reason. Probably because girls were so.. catty and air-headed. She was certainly not one to spend her time blabbing about "that-one-hot-guy-on-TV" or "that-other-one-hot-guy-on-TV". Rubbish, all such rubbish.
  7. Soul had heard the commotion and had went to investigate. Rather then getting involved he had stayed back and simply watched. Once the crowd had gone he approached. He walked up behind Rikaru and looked at Blake, smiling slightly. He tapped Rikaru lightly on the shoulder and stepped back a little, he had no bag with him and had put his hands in his pockets. "Hi" Soul half smiled at the girl he had tapped on the shoulder.

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  8. "Oh, I have math. In the morning, probably not going to end well for me." Blake replied. She was going to say it was nice to meet her too when someone else appeared behind Rikaru. "Uh hey." Blake said to him once he was finished tapping Rikaru on the shoulder. Blake figured they knew each other, who else would act so casual with someone. Unless he was just that type of person, though Rikaru probably wasn't the best person to act like that with.
  9. "Ah!"
    Rikaru nearly jumped out of her shoes as a shiver crawled down her back, not expecting to be tapped on the shoulder at that moment. After twirling around to face the unknown student she had to blink a few times just to make sure she was correct in not knowing this person. Yep, don't know him.
    "Oh!.. Hello, there!" Offering a polite, small smile, she gave a nod of acknowledgment as her fingers worked at flattening down her skirt. As a moment of awkward silence passed on by her gaze switched up to the clock, watching it as every second felt precious. She could be heading to class by now! They all could! Oh, dear, oh dear, she thought. I can't be late.

    "Math, oh, how exciting for you!" Rikaru's eyes sparkled as she wished she could have a math class first thing in the morn. Numbers were magic, she believed, and no one could sway her to think otherwise. "I do hope you enjoy it, even if it is difficult sometimes." She smiled to Blake in a sweet manner before gripping the straps of her backpack again. "I have History.. Too bad we can't switch places, like the Prince and the Pauper.." At first Rikaru began to chuckle at the notion, but then her eyes became cloudy, staring off in thought at the possibility of switching places with someone.
  10. Soul looked at the clock as well. "Dam...I'm gonn be late!" He exlaimed, looking around. "I don't even know what lesson I have... Where ever that is.." He wiped a hand accross his nose, wiping a little blood away and looked around. "Hmm..." Soul blink and yawned, turning around in a circle. "Right.. where to start"
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  11. Blake laughed a little to Rikaru's talk of switching places. "Maybe." She said. After hearing the boy who came up behind them was going to be late Blake looked at the time herself. "Oh, yeah we should get to class." Looking back at Soul there seemed to be something wrong with him. "Are you okay? Just look on your schedule." Blake mentioned to him.
  12. Once there was blood in sight, well, that just left Rikaru with her mouth hanging wide open.
    She pointed at the strange student who had come up to her, her dark eyes widening with the gasp that closed her lips. "You're.. bleeding.." For a pause there was nothing. Once she snapped back to a solution, the girl began to ruffle around in her panda bag's side pocket. Her fingers emerged again as she uttered, "A-ha!" Resourceful and proud, she shoved a tissue and a few band-aids at the boy. "That should do it. Venture to the nurse's office, quickly!"

    Abruptly, she spun around and tugged at Blake's sleeve, tossing a hurried smile in his direction.
    "Let's go find our classes, then!" And, to be polite, Rikaru added in a wave to the bleeding boy. "Good luck to you!" was called out in his direction before she turned completely away again, heading down the hall.
  13. Mark blinked from his class schedule to the class room names. Was he looking for 1-A? Maybe 3-C? Maybe going abroad wasn't Mark's greatest idea ever. But he was here now and wasn't going back. His Father always did complain that he was into sports to much, never thinking about his future. But why did Mark need to think of his future? He was still in high school and plenty of years to follow!
    Mark saw the students in the halls began to disappear no doubt class was beginning soon.

    "Umm... Anyone, please can you help me?" He semi-shouted a bit flustered."

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  14. Blake thought that it might have been a good idea to take the guy to the nurse but it seemed Rikaru wanted to go. She slowly turned away from the guy. "I believe the nurse is down the hall." She said to him as she began to walk away. She looked over at Rikaru then back ahead of them, she felt like she should say something to her. "I hope he'll be alright."

    Moments after Blake could see and hear ahead of them a guy in need of some assistance. Being the kind of person who always helped and considering he was in the direction they were going Blake stopped at him. "What do you need help with?" She asked with a smile. Sometimes Blake worried that her smiled would give her secret away but she just couldn't help it.
  15. Mark saw the smile that came with the offering of help. What a pretty guy. he thought, Eww dude you totally just thought a guy was pretty. Mark gave his head a good shake.

    "Umm, I'm looking for this class..." Mark points at the spot on the paper to the friendly student, "... Can you tell me where this is by any chance?"

    Mark saw in the corner of his eye the girl standing behind the student.
    Her glasses reminded him of his mother, and for that he smiled slightly.
  16. Blake took a look at the paper then brought her head back up to face him. "I believe that's down the hall and to the right." She said. "The class rooms are marked on a sign above the door." She continued to smile. "I'm Blake and this is Rikaru." She said. She put her hand out to show the girl just behind her. "We're looking for our classes too so don't be upset about not knowing where to go."
  17. Peeking over Blake's shoulder, the quiet girl held on to her panda bag's straps tightly as her new comrade spoke with this confused, lost boy. It was kind of amusing to see him so frazzled, and she could not help but stifle a giggle behind her hand.
    Oh, right, they were still looking for their classes as well.
    Rikaru turned left and right, peering at each set of room numbers to make sure she would not pass up any of her classes. Spacing out into her own little world, she was pulled away once she heard her name being referenced.

    "Hmm? Oh, yes, you're not alone in finding classes."
    Pushing her glasses up a little, she offered a comforting smile to the blonde-haired boy.
  18. resizedIMG_2877.jpg

    Aria decided to skip class and go to the roof, taking her things with her, she managed to leave the classroom unnoticed. As she slipped out of her classroom, she noticed a group of people that looked lost, but someone came up to them and offered to help. Taking a step towards them, she stopped and was reluctant as to whether she should go to the roof or not since they were blocking her way. Although she could just ask them move out of the way, she didn't want to deal with them. Debating on what she should do, she just silently walked towards them, hoping that they wouldn't notice her and that they would ignore her like most people usually did. That being said, she couldn't really get past them. To most people, she wasn't particularly important and she had a weak presence, so no one would bother to notice her. Her classmates and teachers wouldn't even notice her if she was absent or not. What makes them any different, they'll probably just treat her the same way as everyone else. Standing behind the group of people, she stood there silently and waited for them to get out of her way.
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  19. Blake laughed, it was only the first day and she was meeting all these interesting people. Not to mention, another person seemed to appear. Blake turned away from Rikaru and the new guy and looked at the girl standing by them. "Oh hi, are we in your way?" She asked the girl, she looked like she wanted to get somewhere. She wondered why the girl just didn't ask them to move but perhaps she was a shy person. Blake was never a shy person, she liked talking to everyone. This was pretty obvious considering she's already began trying to make friends with people.

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  20. Mark felt a bit embarrassed when the boy told him it was just down the hall and to the right.

    "Really? Thanks bunches I'm in both your debt!" The boy then continued to introduce himself, and his companion to Mark.

    "Well nice to meet you Blake and... Riku? No, Ri-Ri-Rikaru! Sorry If I'm messing up your name, I'm still learning." He gave a big cheesy grin.
    "Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to take up your time, I hope you find your classes soon." Blake seemed only half listening to Mark, and then greeted someone behind him. He looked over at the girl quietly standing there. There was a melancholy look to her eyes thought Mark. The girl's long black hair surprised him. Not many people in the states have hair like that, and none as long as her's.

    "Woah, your hair is pretty..." Mark said a bit out of whack and staring. After a second or two, which felt like minutes to Mark, he cleared his throat looking up and away from the unknown girl. A slight pinkness flushed his cheeks.

    Today was definitely going to be an interesting one. Mark never felt so exposed, must be the new environment. He had hoped he'd find people in this school and so far he's had Blake as a buddy. Blake was just a "Cute" guy, and accepting it seemed. Mark hasn't decided what he's going to do with this weird idea of a man being cute, but for now he would push this thought aside. Mark wasn't sure what to think about Rikaru and the girl in front of him. He felt like Rikaru was a bit innocent and possibly Naive which isn't necessarily a bad quality. And the girl with the pretty hair... She was not an openly bright person as far as Mark knew. Maybe she's guarded? He thought. Then again Mark knows he's not an expert at figuring out people's personalities.

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