A Day at the Fair

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  1. It was the day of the fair. A myriad of booths filled the center of the midsized town of Bedrod laden with every sort of food, trinket, or textile imaginable. There were a few other entertainers as well. Lark had wandered through the maze of commerce earlier, inspecting the competition. A puppet theater had set up in the largest open area by the fountain. A sickly looking juggler tossed scarves into the air. Lark swung her lute around her shoulders and tuned it carefully. She had placed herself near the richest looking textile merchants. Customers always lingered over the piles of beautiful fabrics, and hopefully the fine quality of the cloth was going to attract rich clientele who dropped gold coins into the hats of very feminine looking performers.
    Lark was a woman, but she usually traveled alone and she found it best to travel as a man in order to avoid the harassment and raised eyebrows that a woman alone tended to attract. Women were generally more generous with their coins, anyway. Once she had found a good corner, Lark put her hat down and began to play, weaving a complex and beautiful melody with each pluck of a string.
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  2. Allegretto watched the puppets bully one another at the mini booth, he laughed and cheered with the other children who were gathered there.

    Except...Allegretto wasn't a child, he was a fox. An Assassin fox at that.

    He wore the robes of an assassin but he would only kill those he was ordered to kill.

    Having grown bored the small fox stood and walked away, that's when his black ears twitched at the sound of music. He followed his ears as they lead him to a human playing a song.
  3. Lark smiled at the little fox that seemed to be listening to her play. She fought the urge to sing, since that would give away her gender, and she did not quite feel safe enough in the strange town. She kept very still so as not to startle him.
  4. Allegretto smiled as he listened to the music "You play very well! You're very talented!" He said and reached his paw into the small sack on his hip withdrawing a handful (or is pawful in his case) of gold coins and placed them into the hat. " 'ave a lovely day." He said dipping his head as he continued on humming the tune he had just heard as he walked away.
  5. Lark continued to play as she observed the passersby and tried to catch anyone's eye as she played a lively, yet haunting tune. A small smile lingered on her lips, and she nodded to anyone who met her large brown eyes. She knew that with her long limbed shape that she made an attractive boy, but the constraining clothes that altered her appearance did make it a little hard to breath.
  6. Lark jumped, and looked down at the coin dropped by the fox into her hat. She jumped up and followed him a bit.

    "Thank you."

    She slipped the coin in her pocket, and the hat on her head, and slinging the lute over her back. It was all with such a practiced motion that she hardly had to think. "Wait, Sir Fox."

    She admired him with her curiosity peaked. She had never seen anyone quite like him before . . . and he spoke! She could already ready imagine the showers of gold a dancing, singing fox could add to her meager fortune. "Sir . . . do you dance?"
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