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  1. This takes place in a world a lot like Earth but with a few differences; the first being a slightly more futuristic technology but a more fantasy look to it, and the second major difference being the existence of what's known as a Goddess Gene that gives girls (women included) with the gene magical powers. At first these powers were used to help others, but then obviously governments realized one very important rule of combat; enemy soldiers that aren't magical girls lose to a trained magical girl with a 99.999998% certainty. At first they made use of only a few volunteer magical girls, but things quickly turned into an arms race where normal armies became completely obsolete in favor of getting the most magical girls of the highest quality and the highest level of training. This mirrors both the Cold War weapons of mass destruction and World War 2, with Hitler trying for a perfect race and having genetics play a huge role in this. Scientists here are hoping for the perfect "breed" and will go to great lengths to achieve this. Human cloning will also take place, as well as attempts to transplant a Goddess Gene into male soldiers, which goes horribly wrong for everyone involved. Horribly...
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    So anyways, a very large island that was once many countries was formed together under the power of a single queen who has the Goddess Gene, who united them all after the bloody conflict saw a lot of their normal soldiers being obliterated, a fact they still haven't recovered from, mentally or as a species who just lost roughly 10% of their men to war. Tensions and discrimination still ran high even though they're now supposedly all one nation. Problems exist not only between the newly joined nations, but also between magical girls and normal humans; some of them despising what they've done in the war. Not only this, but there's still threats from outside nations. Luckily things are getting better. A school to train the best magical girls from all of the different countries helped ease the tensions by having them all work together and restore the prestige that magical girls once had among the populace in the past. In some ways they failed, but in other ways they did surprisingly well. Most people eventually forgave what they had done in the war, as who could blame them for fighting for their countries. With the newfound power that they'd bring, the Queen promised a peace that no enemy country would dare hope to break. However, on the graduation ceremony of the first years, the A wing of the school was destroyed by a magical girl from a country to the east, as news reports say, and this helped all of the nations that got grouped together to rally against this new threat rather then remain bickering amongst themselves. There were a lot of causalities in the attack, unfortunately, but a counterattack was still able to quickly be made and damage to the school was rebuilt. It's been 4 years since the war began, and after a stalemate, this nation is coming out with a new class that's supposed to be the best one; one that will break the stalemate and bring their nation to victory against this eastern empire.
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    So...yeah. That's the main idea of this roleplay. It's not only about the magical action scenes, but also stuff outside of the battlefield about how they're coping with the situation they've practically been forced into at a young age, and wondering if anyone is even on the right side of this war. Then there's all the stuff the scientists are doing. It all sounds quite dark, but we can also have some lighthearted moments in it as well. P.S. It's possible to have male characters on the same level of magic girls in combat, being among the stated 0.000002 percent. Is anyone interested in this?ea?
  2. This rp sounds VERY interesting. It'd be interesting to try but alas, I just joined so I'm getting used to coming on a lot.. >...<
  3. Thanks for the interest, but with only us two it would be hard for this to work as good unless you have an idea.
  4. I would be interested in trying this idea!
  5. Yay! Could some hope for this roleplay still exist?!
  6. There's always hope!
  7. Maybe once I make the plot discussion thread, which will be way better and more detailed, hopefully even more people will join.
  8. I hope I'll just be able to post, I'm super nervous, lawl.
  9. Nervous about what? Make a mistake and nobody gets hurt...I would hope.
  10. It's not that I'm just learning to be more social.
  11. I'm working on the thread now. There may be some changes here and there, but the over all idea is the same.
  12. Sweet. I'm excited to try it!
  13. I'll be busy with a bunch of school work tomorrow, but I'll see if I can finish it all up and have time to post it tomorrow, but I'm not sure.
  14. It's just a roleplay, don't spread yourself too thin. If you don't have time you don't have time. ^^
  15. I'd be totally up for this! >w< It sounds like awesome fun!
  16. Sweet! New person : D
  17. Heck yes! I am very much on board for this! :33
  18. Awesomesauce. ^^
  19. Indeed! This kind of story is right up my alley. :3 I have a feeling the characters in this are going to be great! >w<
  20. Oyus, gonna be a great rp!
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