A Dark Guardian

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  1. This is a vague plot involving an assassin that can be either male or female, though for simplicity I'll describe it as female in the description. Anyway, if any part of this (or if you have an entirely different idea) please feel free to contact me.

    Once upon a time there was an assassin. This certain someone was brilliant at her job, and as such found work as what was effectively the personal hitman of an extremely rich family. But this person did not feel that killing was a noble profession, leading to extreme feelings of guilt and the need to repent sins at any church or temple that would open its doors.

    Finally it became too much, and our assassin humbly resigned their post.

    This is where we can go one of two ways.

    Option 1. The assassin was put down by her employers, finding herself placed in a purgatory. She has the opportunity to make amends for her crimes in life, but only if she submits to an exorcists orders. These two will form a team of ghost hunters and face the constant pull of evil that continues to try and claim the assasins' soul, and of course corrupt the exorcist.

    Option 2. The assassin escapes the employers, but perhaps one member of the family is sympathetic and wants to leave too. Understandably they'd be hunted down, and keeping a low profile would be tricky for two such notorious citizens.
  2. Oh I would be very much interested in the first option!
  3. I'd be up for either, send me a PM? :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.