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  1. - In a world where supernatural creatures are a common occurrence, a group of hunters have begun utilizing a certain demographic of these creatures to help them hunt their own brethren and others. Perhaps these creatures were captured and turned against their own kind unwillingly in a way, or maybe even tamed and domesticated over centuries of training. I haven't really decided what kind of beings of want them to be; werewolves, demons, etc. All I had in mind was that these things were supposed to be animalistic in some regard, to warrant using them like bloodhounds in the hunt. It doesn't even have to be limited to just one kind of creature; there could be more than one species that the hunters employ for different purposes.

    - Admittedly, I don't have an EXACT idea planned out -- in terms of a world setting and how it works. I do want it to have a dark-fantasy type feel to it though (kind of akin to Bloodborne). It seems only fair that the world should be built between me and my partner, so it will be an environment that we can both operate in without having to rely on directions from whoever's leading the plot. Go ahead and construct your own cast of characters, pile on your own sub-plots, add detours to the story so it doesn't feel like a linear march towards an artificial conclusion. I'd like that.

    - I was hoping to double up on this idea. I thought it'd be interesting for us both to play a creature under the command of the each other's hunter. So my hunter commands your creature, and you hunter commands mine. Plus our hunters will probably pair up on missions together also.

    - I'm open to romance, plus more "mature" content if you wish, but make sure pure smut isn't the sole focus of the story. On the other hand, if you prefer for our relationship to be strictly platonic, please let me know in advance. Post length isn't a problem, so long as the content is sufficient to the scene. Remember, even short posts are appropriate at certain times; quality over quantity. MxF, MxM, FxF all welcome. PM's preferred.
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  2. This sounds interesting, not too dissimilar from an idea or two I've had running around the back of my head. PM if still open? If not, hope all goes well!
  3. I'm interested in this.
  4. To everyone who has expressed interest in this idea; thank you. I'm not longer looking for any new applicants at the moment.
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