A dark beginning

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  1. The moon light penetrated through the dense forest trees and lit a small path guiding Victor to his destination, a small sleepy village of Romanik. Victor had heard that the neighboring king had a home there for the winter season. It was perfect for them because there were no real roads or paths. The legend goes that the surrounding forest was to much to tame by any invention to man and would grow back before they could create a road.

    The town was first built for the seclusion of the king and his family but over time other settlers opened up shop. They too wanted seclusion from the outside world. Victor had heard that the town folk were superstitious and were making outlandish stories about the forest sheltering a small cult of people who were practicing the illegal art of "black" magic. The town folk had spoke about the dead rising again and ghouls and the cult of the black moon. Victor had never heard of them but when they residence started disappearing he was a little suspicious himself.

    The retired soldier and now paid mercenary, Victor was heading towards the town of Romanik for the sole purpose of fame and glory. Word came to him about the king setting out a plea for anyone to help discover the truth behind the missing people. He knew he couldn't send his own soldiers into the forest because they were off with his general fighting a northern enemy. His guard were few and he would not dare have them sent in and leave his family unprotected. The only real solution was to get someone willing and insane to do this thought Victor, who was just the man for the job.

    The journey was a long and tiresome ordeal for Victor. His horse was also tired from
    navigating through the dense forest. He knew he was close and would not stop til he reached his destination so he pushed on through. He only carried the necessities which were his standard bow and quiver of arrows that wrapped around his built chest. His iron sword at his waist, a week supply of rations and a small purse of gold. The rest he would have to require when he arrived.

    The sounds of
    the living forest startled his horse and it froze. Victor too had heard the sounds of breaking branches and prepared for an attack but to n avail nothing appeared. He eased up and realized that it was all in his head. All that thinking about the town folks stories got the best of him. He lightly kicked the side of his horse. The horse neighed before moving forward again.

    Victor was a rational man and one who was a skeptic to most ideas of faith. He thought this whole wild goose hunt was almost laughable before hearing that the king himself had declared a reward. Victor wanted to be the first to get there and claim it so he kept on through the night til he saw a glimpse of civilization ahead. The lit torches at the south end of the town appeared behind the town and Victor had finally arrived.

    The town was mostly asleep as he traveled down the dirt path. He found a small inn not to far from the entrance and heard songs and conversation through the wooden doors. He tied up his horse at the nearby post and walked over to the doors. Victor would have to wait til morning to reach an audience with the king.
  2. Alytheri looked around as she walked through the castle with folded arms, she wore a white shirt with long sleeves that reached just below her ribs and it had a rather deep cleavage but she wore a black tank-top underneath the shirt which also only reached to her ribs. Her long blonde, almost white hair, hanged down her back, reaching to her hips. She wore pale beige leather pants with knee-high deep brown boots. A white tiara was resting around her forehead. She was the daughter of the King and Queen and she had been forbidden to leave the premises after the whole ordeal began with the townsfolk disappearing, after all, the King and Queen didn't want to lose their only child. Curious as she was, she was unable to find out more about what had happened to the townsfolk.
    "I have to get out of here somehow... I can't sleep while worrying..." She thought to herself and a heavy sigh escaped her lips while she brushed some hair from her face. She walked out on one of the balconies in the castle that overlooked the town and she glanced around as a gentle breeze played with her hair.
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  3. Pushing back the doors of the inn, Victor could not hear the sounds of small talk. The reason being because everyone who was at the tavern end of the inn was focusing their divided attention on the "outsider' who just walked through the door. Victor rolled his light brown eyes and walked over to the bar. The only sound were coming from his pitch black battalion issued boots he had attained years ago. He found the bartender to be at his own height of six feet and three inches cleaning a glass mug. Victor sat down in front of him and ordered himself a light ale, feeling the stares from the clientele inside. When the bartender came back with his order he asked if there would be anything else. Victor nodded and asked for a available room before pulling out a few gold coins and placing them on the wooden table in front of him. The bartender nodded and pointed to a door at the other end of the tavern. "That one is open." He finished saying before going back to his work cleaning the glass mug.

    The tavern began to speak again and Victor enjoyed the ale so much he ordered another. n his mind it was worth it because of the long journey he had endured. "May I ask why you are here?" Asked an old man who had his own glass filled with ale in his left hand. The old man sat beside Victor and waited patiently for his reply. Victor explained the situation and saw the reaction on the old mans face. It was pale, as if he had spoke about a ghost. "If you continue to go down this path you will surely find death itself." The old man warned before he was hushed off by the bartender leaving Victor to his thoughts. Maybe these people were more superstitious than he thought.

    One by one the patrons of the tavern paid their tab and left heading to their respective homes. Victor was still at the bar and had one last drink before stumbling to the room the bartender had pointed out to him earlier. The only furniture was a single bed and a window above it. Victor collapse on the bed and fell asleep.
  4. Alytheri sighed as she remained outside for several hours and then went back to her chambers. She laid down on her bed and it took her three hours before she could fall asleep. She was awakened by a servant once morning rolled in and she let out a small groan as she sat up in bed. "Lady Alytheri, you should not be dressed in that for today, your father has an audience and you need to look your finest." The servant said and Alytheri glared at him while she rubbed her forehead. She stood up and walked up to her wardrobe as the servant left the room, but when she didn't find anything that she wanted to wear, she decided to go with the outfit she had worn the day before. Judging on her facial features, she looked around sixteen years old which would explain why she couldn't just simply leave the castle despite her father forbidding her. She walked out to the throne room and she inclined her head towards her mother who sat on her throne.
    "Good morning, Mother." said Alytheri.
    "Alytheri..." Sighed her mother before she continued. "I really wish you would've chosen something more appropriate."
    "But a dress is nothing but a hindrance when you wield a blade!" protested Alytheri.
    "A princess should not even wield a weapon in the first place!" Her mother responded and Alytheri frowned as she then walked over to stand next to her mother's throne while she folded her arms and she mumbled something beneath her breath.
    "I wonder who it is my father has an audience with... it's been a long time since he had one." Alytheri thought to herself.
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  5. The morning light crept into the the room and shined brightly on Victor's face. He moaned and turned to his side before waking up from his drunken stoop. He grabbed his head because it felt like it had grown two sizes. Victor lied to himself that he would never drink again and slowly rose out of his bed. Wearing the same outfit he had the day before he walked out of his room and over to the bartender who seemed to have not moved from his previous location. He sat down and ordered himself a remedy for his hang over while fixing his clothes. He wore a brown leather shirt and black leather pants. There wasn't much to armor but he wore this outfit for his stealthy and fast ability. He would be caught easily if he wore some clunky brass or iron armor.

    The bartender came back with a local concoction and placed it on the table before stating it was on the house. When Victor asked why the bartender replied. "Because I know who you are and why your here. Besides, don't you have some place to be?" He was right but Victor would have loved to stay around for another drink but his better side got the best of him. He nodded and stood up feeling slightly better before making it to the door and opening it reveling a blinding light that seemed to have consumed him, or so he thought.

    Victor new he had an audience and would have to double step it before he was late. He found out that the castle was at the other end and t would not be more than ten minutes before he arrived at the gates. After a few words with the guard he was allowed entrance. One guard was his guide to the audience room where there were two thrones at the far end. There sat a women who Victor assumed was the queen and a beautiful young woman at her side. It was true Victor did not care for women but he could not keep his eyes off of this one. He bowed as he had done plenty of times before announcing that he was here to speak with the king.

  6. "Welcome." The Queen said while she inclined her head. "I'm sure that the King will be here soon. This is the Princess and my daughter, Lady Alytheri Wister." She said as she motioned towards Alytheri with her hand.

    Alytheri inclined her head in a polite manner towards the man and she raised an eyebrow when she noticed that he looked at her, she looked aside as she couldn't help but blush slightly and she looked at one of the pillars to her left, not that it was interesting, she just didn't want to blush more then she already did. She had two smaller belts that sat diagonally across her waist from her right hip and down her left hip and then a thicker belt over the two that sat diagonally across her waist from her left hip and down her right hip. She had a sword sheathed on her left hip and a pistol holstered on her right hip. She truly didn't look like an ordinary princess, more like a wandering mercenary or perhaps an adventurer, but that was the way she preferred it. Alytheri hated her life in the castle, she wanted danger, excitement! She wanted to help her people, not sit locked inside the castle, waiting for better days.
    Once her blush had settled, she turned back her gaze to the man that stood before them and she studied him closely.
  7. Victor studied the princess well. She was no ordinary one and opinions already formed about her in his head. He smiled before he smirked at her blush and turning her attention away from him. He had not been with a women for some time but he knew the laws of attraction and flirting quite well. He continued playing the polite and charming mercenary for hire. "It seems that your daughter has caught all of your highness' beauty." He said before a deeper voice replied beside him replied. "Be careful with who flirt with, she may believe it." Joked the king who made his way to his throne beside his family. "Ah now, do not be jealous dear. He was only being friendly. I can tell he already has an eye for our daughter." The queen cleverly said.

    Victor knew this would go on but he had to interrupt. It was time to get don to business. "You know why I am here. Now where should I begin?" The only question he needed. The king was shocked that he was stopped dead in his tracks by a young mercenary but he respected it. He nodded and agreed with Victor before replying. "You have heard the rumors I am sure. There s a man who you may seek out not far from town. He has...unique tastes. My daughter will guide you." The king now rested his hand on Alytheri's shoulder. Great thought Victor as he rolled his eyes. He had to babysit the princess a long the way. He brushed off his thought before bowing once again and turned around heading for the door. His head feeling much better now which was a sign for Victor that the day may turn out well.
  8. Alytheri raised an eyebrow as she heard her father's words, she was stunned to hear that she was actually allowed to leave the castle and she inclined her head towards the King. "Of course, I will guide him." She said and then looked towards the man. She felt a twitch in her eyebrow as she noticed him rolling his eyes and she walked past him and out towards the courtyard.
    "With those rolling eyes of yours, you better be able to keep up." She said as she then walked towards the stables. She saddled a muscular steed who was raven black and whose mane and tail was white as the purest snow. Alytheri grabbed the reins and then mounted the steed as she looked down at the man. "It's a bit of a travel, so make yourself comfortable." She said. She hated it when she thought that someone was undermining her abilities.
  9. Victor could do nothing more than let out a small laugh at her comment towards his rolling eyes. He saw her race pass him and assumed she would be more trouble than he thought. Please do not have something to prove here he thought as he saw his guide lead him to the stables. If he knew he was leaving town like this he would have gotten his own horse but there was no time for it. Victor wanted nothing more than to get this job over with and get back to drinking and song at the nearby tavern. Victor watched as his guide got on her beautiful stead. Second thought, it may not be as bad as he thought. He searched around to find that there was just one other horse and it looked sickly compared to Alytheri's but it would have to do. Victor got on and looked over to his guide.

    "After you my lady." He announced with a stretched hand, acting like one of her subjects before sitting straight u and letting out another laugh. He had to find humor for this quest because to Victor's mind this was nothing more than a bunch of stories. A simple job where he would not even lift a sword and get paid for it. His thought and the truth were far from one another.
  10. "You should not be laughing, once you see what we are up against. I can guarantee that you will regret it." Said Alytheri as she kicked her steed gently in the sides and the steed let out a neigh before he began to gallop out from the courtyard.
  11. Victor rolled his eyes again but made sure it was unseen by his guide. He followed Alytheri's lead and kicked the side of his own horse to fnid that it didn't move at first. Victor came to the conclusion that this one was not as trained as hers. He tried it again and kicked the horses side and it began to move forward. About time Victor thought before he took off and caught up with Alytheri. It wasn't long when they made it out of the town and into the forest. He was not sure where he was going and kept to himself instead he took to the beauty of the forest that was around them. The noise was the first thing that caught his attention, it was almost soothing and he wondered if there was any other place int he region that was closer to nature than where he was. It was true that the nation was going into the industrial age and there were more cities popping up but out here Victor felt at peace. There were no wars and crime, just the simple sounds of the trees and other life that revolved around them. Still, he thought. This organization was trying to disrupt the peace of the town folk. Even in paradise the devils presence was still there.
  12. Alytheri seemed uneasy as they rode through the forest and she held the reins to her steed in a tight grip as he slowed down to a trot once they had gotten a bit into the forest. She looked around slightly before she looked down at the ground, listening to every sound that appeared around them. Once they had reached their destination, she pulled her steed to a halt and then stepped down from the saddle. She gently patted her steed's neck and he gave out a small snort before he began to eat from the grass on the ground, several hours had passed and Alytheri stretched out her arms and back.
  13. Victor had followed his guide and mimic her. He jumped of his horse and allowed it to take on a meal as well before he stretched out himself. The journey was not as pleasing at he had hoped, in fact it was mostly quite between the two. Victor did not know how to proceed with friendly conversation all that well and just allowed the view to comfort his mind with its beauty. The cabin was in the middle of the grassy field as if the forest allowed it so. It was a strange sight to see but to Victor there would be some sort of explanation why it did so.

    The cabin was frail looking with chipped pieces missing and almost looked gloomy from the outside. Victor turned to his guide and asked. "You sure anyone still lives there? It looks rundown to me." He began walking over to the cabin door with his hand on his sword, just in case if anything did live there and would want to do him any harm. For some strange reason the forest became silent, the only sound was from a gush of wind that rolled through. "Is anyone home?"
  14. "Never judge a book by its cover, Mercenary. Around here, that kind of judgement may become your demise." Said Alytheri as she walked towards the cabin. She looked around a bit as the gush of wind passed by and she rested one hand on her hip.
  15. He rolled her eyes but he knew that she was telling the truth. In battle and war you never knew what would happen next but. Here though, he thought. It must have been a complete joke. Victor had traveled most of the known regions and has seen strange events but all of them were answered, not by superstition but by rational thought and reasoning. "Listen, I think you dd what you were told to do am I right? Now why don't you go back to the safety of your families stone walls and let me handle the rest." He replied with a smirk voice before reaching the cabins door. He placed his ear beside the door at first to see if he could hear anyone inside. There was nothing but the sound of the wind hitting the wooden cabin. He raised himself away from the door and reached out for its handle when a he heard a shriek from behind. He became very alert in time for an arrow that pierced his shadow at the door. His sword was already unsheathed before he was turned completely around and noticed that his attacker was using the forest as a cloak. "Crafty bastard.." He cursed under his tongue and turned to Alytheri. "Friends of yours!?"